Royal Enfield Himalayan - Ownership experience


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the replacement of the gearshfter with that of the pulsar seems to be very effective the shifting of gears have become effortless, the only defect being that the tip of my foot touches the shifters end

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Sunday morning-had a blast barreling down empty roads to office-the bike touches down really fast leaning into left hand corners -and if if corners is bumpy you better watch out:rolleyes: -the wallowing suspension in a bumpy corner can cause the mainstand parts to dig into the roads with questionable consequences:snakeman:-was lucky today with a save.
And with the last oil change at 5800kms on the ODO,in just 3400kms(9200kms run now) the bike has started to feel a little rough-so much for the OE Total 10W50 full synthetic -in a dilemma whether to run it more or change the oil-guess will change it at 10K km mark-but i really can't comprehend how RE suggests 10000kms oil change intervals with semi-synthetic Liquid Gun.
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