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Greetings to all on here. I have put money down for a Himalayan and am researching to ensure I do a proper inspection of the bike before taking delivery. Apart from all the standard things, here are some which I jotted down as specific to the Himalayan. Would like to hear your thoughts on anything I should add/modify

- All "caps" fixed properly (unlikely to fall off)

- Clutch cable routing

- fuel tank breather hose routing

- ABS hose routing

- Spoke tension

- fuel gauge check

There are some parts on the Himalayan which I feel are either insufficiently reliable or altogether too flimsy to last if the bike is ridden like it should. Feedback / replacement suggestions requested.

- Saree guard : looks like it will take the chain cover mounts with it if left on.

- Indicators : very thin plastic and the lens will likely get tossed off. Would prefer robust LED replacements if I can find one but I also don't know if the flasher is compatible.

- Steering head bearing : want to replace with tapered roller units but not sure of replacement part numbers.

- Continental GT heel plates

- Avenger mirrors (not a fan of the stock units)

- Handle bar? Not sure what I want as replacement.

- Knuckle guards? Again not sure what options to consider.

This is what I have for now. Appreciate your time and attention.



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Joined the Himi brigade today-bye bye my Blor Betty Duke390 and hello black beauty Himalayan whom i have named "SAFEENA"-first impressions-docile as Labrador and plush as a sofa-ridden straight from the showroom to office-pray the journey with the Himi goes long and well.
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