Royal Enfield Machismo 500 under the microscope


This thread might have been quiet old, but need some queries to be answered. The new 500 Classic has recently been launched. Has the old problem with bike been resolved. Its been long since i had driven bike. The mountain trips on bikes is really making me think again to shift from the 4leg to a 2leg one. With the amount of travel i do on the hills unnecessarily under the hood, is creating a thread in my head to go back to the 2legged monsters, they are more thrilling. Guys let me know your expert opinions about the new 500 classic. Would love to hear from some DBR members..
it was launched 10 days ago,so i think we need to wait a bit before issues come up:grin:


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I have had a Machismo 350, Electra 350 and now my favourity Machismo 500... To me, this is the best Indian made bike on the road.

Great balance, therefore maneuverability... Everybody anyway has said a lot about the torque and the pull... what I want to mention about the sheer 'no-problemness' of this bike...

I have heard of self start problems, but I have surprisingly found it even better than R15... In a cold morning, one press was enough.

Its a bike that will always keep you smiling, happy and proud. You wont be able to drive any other bike, even another bullet.

I have driven the CE 500, but believe me, AVL 500 is still the best. Ya, I liked the look of the upward slanted exhaust but thats it.

Its completely worth the money.


+1 to that. I too own a LB 500 and have never faced any problems till sprag clutch or oil leak issues. i just love the riding position, the handlebar and the lovely feel of the bike not to mention the envious looks!! All in all a great bike.


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Thanks Madhu for bringing this thread back to life. Not many Mach 500LB owners here?

I just did a ~4500KMs Bangalore - Ladakh trip on this bike w/o a single break down. Whats more, I got a mileage of 32 kmpl in Ladakh!!


Its a great bike. Probably one of the best from the Enfield stable.

Torquey, powerful, fast, fuel efficient, reliable and good looking.

Killed off way way before its time by the geniuses who run the company. 20,000 kms and not even a small niggle. Of course like all RE products, pathetic pathetic spares situation.


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Of course like all RE products, pathetic pathetic spares situation.
What spares are you not able to find? Given the fact that the bike doesn't break down much, you do not need a lot of spares, except for the usual cables, bulbs and the like.


In Pune the cylinder kit is not available. When I had a fall a couple of years ago, the tank took a month to get. Try getting anything engine-side in a hurry and you will know the true meaning of pain. Granted you will not be needing much in that direction too soon or too regularly ..... but everything has a life, and wear and tear items need replacement. Tried getting the block and head packing in a hurry? I have. Forget exotic stuff. Tried getting a simple spark plug for the LB? I have. Its like pulling teeth.