Royal Rajasthan conquered in Royal Enfield!!!


Amit Goda
Rajsamand Lake was built by Maharana Raj Singh in 1660. It was Imperial Airways during Second World War. You might miss Eklingji Temple


Amit Goda
Day–22 | In Chitradurga | 20–Nov–2010 | 0 Kms | 6268 Kms

Day started with desperation to reach Bangalore & fear of getting my bike in riding condition :(. For the well known reason, could not catch up sleep from 5:00 AM. Came out after freshening up to bid byes to Krishna as his bike was in a condition to reach Bangalore & was eagerly waiting for Sathish for turn up. After few calls, he made it at 8:00 AM & got on my bike. With lot of challenges, observation & patience, he removed the Gear Box completely & showed me the worn out pair of bearings.

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The culprit!!!
With a bunch of corques, shafts & levers lying on the floor, my mental condition was getting worst. Solid food was not possible to pass through my lungs at this time & was managing with tea & coffee:cry:.

“Togoli!!! Idanna hidkondu spare parts angadili vicharsi... Ee thara bearing sigatta anta... (Take it!! You enquire in spare parts shop whether they have same bearing...)” Sathish said handing me the worn out bearings.

After a request, I took his 1970’s scooter which had enough mechanism just to move ahead to enquire for the parts filling 30 bux petrol :p. Though the scene looked very funny, the tension in me was much above anything else at the moment. After a scooter tour of Chitradurga came back with negative response to the shop.

“Ond kelsa madri... Bega Davanagere bus hidiri!!! Alli Bullet showroom nalli vicharsi... Sikke sigutte (Do one thing.. Catch a bus to Davanagere right now.. There is a Bullet showroom where you can enquire & you will get it for sure)”
he said confidently...
“Yestu hottige vapas barbahudu?? (What time can I be back)” I asked Sathish with the hope of getting my bike ready today itself. He said I can be back by 4:00 PM worst case & soon he will start re assembling the Gear Box which would take max 2 hrs.

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Sathish oberving the stuffs in Gear Box
As per his instructions, caught a bus to Davanagere & reached there by 1:00 PM. Throughout the journey of 60 kms in KSRTC bus which never dares to go beyond 60 kms/hr, I was completely occupied biting my nails which at the end looked as worst as my current situation :twisted:. Reached Bullet showroom after calling them (Bangalore Bullet showroom guys helped with the number) & detailed them with the issue. The very first response came from Naseer a manager of the showroom was,
“Ee parts sigodu tumba kashta sir!!! Idella moving parts alla. Tumba rare idu!!! (These parts are difficult to get sir!!! These are not moving parts & very rare!!!)” Thereby bombarding second successive bomb on me :shock::shock:.
“Enadru madi sir!!! Nodi swalpa vicharsi... (Do something sir!!! Enquire a bit...)” Was my pleading response.

He told if we can get the number on the bearing, it would be much easy for them to find it. Now the high priority task for me was to get the number at any cost. Initially thought it won’t be difficult to get it & called Bangalore Showroom service centre. But ended up getting no response. “Damn! No one is ready to pick the call at all... :snipe: Tried nearly 100 times with the hope of help but no one turned around. Thought to kick everyone’s ass in Bangalore showroom but first I should be able to make it to Bangalore to do that I realized in no time. At last, Anand picked up the call & soon turned out be helpless as he too dint had the measurement number of the required bearing.

With only Naseer in mind now, pleaded him to help me to the best briefing my entire journey. He told will try out & went in search of the bearing with his subordinate. Meanwhile I went to a restaurant nearby to have something solid but came out with less than half Rava Idli getting in :vom:. It was a confirmation that, without seeing my bike in condition, my body can’t accept anything solid for sure. Came back to showroom & was early waiting for Naseer’s arrival. After some time, he turned up with single bearing to check if it will fit fine to the shaft. He said if this fits fine, he will try another.

“Correct ide sir!!! (This is correct sir)” said his subordinate & my face glowed like a shining star. “Oh Man!!! What a relief...” :rolleyes:
“Sari! Hagadre innondu togondu bartivi” Naseer said & vanished again in his Bullet leaving me in doubt again.

This time, waiting was getting stretched longer & longer. Mean while I just checked if Bangalore showroom has any service of taking the vehicle from here but again I got negative response. My mental stability had reached to such an extent that I had lost the hopes of riding to Bangalore & was thinking of taking my bike in a carrier :(. After more than 2 hours, sipping 2 cups of coffee, Naseer turned up at around 5:15 PM with 2 bearings lathed inside the shaft which is what I required. He said he went somewhere else to get the second bearing as I wanted it at any cost. Along with 300 bux which I gave, I also wanted to give him ‘Jadoo Ki Jappi’ for helping me to the best :prayer:.

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Bearing lathed inside the shaft!!!
Came back to Chitradurga in same KSRTC Bangalore bus which doesn’t touch 60 kms/hr speed. But this time, with a confidence & hope of riding back to Bangalore. Handed the shaft with bearing lathed inside it to Sathish but she insisted to do tomorrow as it was almost dark. On my request, he sat in front of Gear Box to fix as much as he can today. Sathish, I & few of his friends nearby tried our best to fix the Gear Box till 10 but things dint work out as it should have been #-o.

“Fix madakke agattalva (Is it possible to fix)???” Asked in doubt again with fear attacking both my mind & heart.
“Tension togolbedri... Naale madhyanna olagade ready madtini nodi... aaramagi nidde madi!!! (Dont get tensed... See by tomorrow afternoon I will get it ready... sleep tension free)” were Satish’s confident statements.
With nothing else to take back, took his assurance & slept tight grabbing few banana’s!!! “Oh! Something solid went in at last”... :)[/QUOT


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Yes, that was an epic voyage indeed. Enjoyed tremendously reading the whole blog, particularly your sense of humour. But in the process you have done one disservice to me. I was thinking of doing a Rajasthan trip by road from Kolkata in December 2020, but I didn't like Rajasthan one bit after reading your blog. Now I am thinking to chenge my destination to somewhere else.
Wish you many many such wonderful voyages in the coming days. God bless!!