Royal Rajasthan conquered in Royal Enfield!!!


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I lekd the last pic. most of all.
A slight correction, The pics. are not at M K Gandhi's House, but at Sabarmati Ashram .
It is good that you get a chance to take photo there, some time back they not allow to take photo at Hriday Kund.
Thanks Dev!!! Yeah! It was M K Gandhi's house in Sabarmati Ashram...

Man O Man..These are some lovely teasers.
This is gonna be epic :) :)

Thanks Biru Bhai :)


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Ever since I had done my North India trip a year back which consisted of Pink City as one of the prime destinations, there was something real uneasiness running inside me implying that the Rajasthan cannot be just what I got to see in Jaipur. For some reason, I was quite confident that I have not explored the core of Rajasthan yet. I was questioning myself

“Where are the sand dunes??? Where are the camels???”

One fine day, when I was speaking to someone, I got to know that the true Rajasthan exists behind Jaipur. Since that day, there was an urge to do entire Rajasthan trip to see core Rajput culture.

I was so excited to explore Rajasthan that I wanted to make this happen last year end but was also sure that my 16 days vacation will not be sufficient enough to explore Thar. That’s when I consoled myself saying

“Buddy!!! Don’t worry... Keep 2010 reserved to Rajasthan :cool:

Applied 3 weeks leaves well ahead of time in February & got it approved without any hurdles. March went just between office & home without much activity. April had a small trip around Nilgiries for 5 days. May, June, July & August passed by with nothing special other than being happy on last of week of every month :p. Also had to visit home town for few family functions. When the calendar heading showed as September, I was quite curious for 2 months to roll over & D-day to come. But still had 50 + days to sail through for my day to come.

Now it was time for me to get things in place & first thing I had to do was to visit Google Maps and have a prototype of the route & destinations in place. Whenever I open Google I feel I am one of the important idiots behind their stock prices standing high today ;). Also glanced through the pages of Lonely Planet India & Eicher India Road Atlas repeatedly to be sure of where all I will be visiting. At the other end, I had also got customized boxes done for my panniers as I was not ok in tying my bags every time. These boxes would help me reduce my time to tie the bags & also were more secured. With the help of Lonely Planet India, Eicher India Road Atlas, Google Maps & BCM, my draft document was on its way to get the final shape. Day by day it got filled with contents & the final plan seemed executable. Also googled out for stay options in various places & booked over the phone as I was little worried since it’s a Diwali season & it might be difficult for me to hunt one going there.
It was in October that I started the countdown to hit the road. As the numbers would decrease, the glow on my colleagues face was increasing day by day. It was readable form their face that they were fed up with my travel talk whole day :twisted:.

“Krishna! How many days more???” with blush on their face.
“Last x day’s man!!! Eager for it...” with joyful face. It was an ideal scenario for a win-win situation.

Although my friends were aware of the trip, my family was not. So I had to intimate them about my vacation plans. When I went to my home town 2 weeks before the trip, I informed them about it.

Me: “Listen everybody!!! From 30th October to 20th November, I am on leave & will be going for a trip!”
Mom: “Where???”
Me: “Rajasthan!!!”
Mom: “How many people???”
Me: “All alone....”
Mom: “Alone???? Mode of transport???”
Me: Dint speak a word but lifted my hands as if I am holding handle bar of my RedBull...
Mom: #@$*^@!*&^[email protected]#&#@!&%......................
Dad: Dint even utter a word & straight away went to his room with rolling eyes. His face clearly read “It’s useless telling you anything!!!!”Bro: “Is the bike ready for ride???”
Me: “Yes! I will be giving it for service next week & make sure things are in place before I depart...”
Bro: “Be very careful & you better call us once a day & strictly no riding in night.... Got it???”
Me: “Sure & it’s my duty!!!” nodding my head.
Mom: Finally she had to break her silence & questioned “Where all will you be going in Rajasthan???”
Me: “Udaipur-Mt Abu-Jodhpur-Jaisalmer-Bikaner-Ajmer/Pushkar-Chittaurgarh”
Dad: I guess he too felt the plan interesting & pitched into discussion. “How far is one place from other???”
Me: “Not more than 250-280 Kms. It’s a half day ride”
Dad: “You have leaves for your crazy bike trips!!! But not leave to come home is it???”
Me: Thought no point getting back to track one & kept silent. Even he knew he is saying for the heck of it. I also had to deliver some convincing statements just for the heck of it. “Don’t worry! I won’t be riding continuously. In every place, will be taking 2-3 days break!!!”
Mom & Bro: “Do take good care of yourself. Don’t eat much of unhygienic food. Drink lot of water as it’s a dry state! Also eat fruits on a daily basis...”
Me: “Done... Sure... Of course... I will....”

A week before D-Day, got the bike serviced & had a post service test ride done on NICE road. Test revealed that bull as excited as I am & now with everything in place for both of us; I had to do just one thing.... Wait for D-Day!!!!!!

The route map of my Itenarary:


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Day–1 | Bangalore–Satara | 30–Oct–2010 | 769 Kms | 769 Kms

Try till you succeed' is what I was following to catch up some sleep before I kick off! But effort is absolutely going in vein. Was able to see hours rolling one after the other but not even catching up a small nap. Added to that, I was fully in fear to start the itinerary with lot of negative thoughts like “Will I be able to complete it??? What would happen if some major break down happens in remote place??? If some fatal incident takes place what to do???” & lot more of them. But after some time, other side of my brain asked a tremendous question:

What worst can happen you DUMBO??? :p

Gosh! Finally some relief to start it off I thought & kick started my machine having a fully loaded look at 3:50 AM :D.


Kick off moment!​

Initial few kms of ride was real painful as all major roads of silicon city were fully dug up to get the metro pillars. After around 40 mins of irritating ride, we both landed in smooth NH-4 a sigh of relief. It was just 63 kms from my sweet home when my sleep went to wild state. Damn! “How will I continue day’s journey???” But sleep was of very high priority for me at the moment. Saw a purple colour board beside NH & rubbed my eyes to make sure I read it properly as “Coffee Day”.
Boss! I want to sleep for some time & then I would take something. Please don’t mind” I said with a great effort to keep my eyes open.
No problem sir!” the reply came from CCD super visor.


Break for a nap at CCD​

Removed all my gear & went to heaven in no time. Moved out after an hour paying 72 bux for a veg sand witch. CCD helped me a lot to ride the next part in full attention with my speedo needle playing between 80’s & 90’s. Took proper breaks to get some rest for both of us with some fruits packed getting in to my stomach.


Man, Machine & Milestone!​

Crossed Dharward by 2:30 PM & refilled my machine. Enquired Suneeth about newly opened Kamath Hotel after Belgaum. Rode ahead for around 30 kms crossing Belgaum but Kamath Hotel was not seen at all. Thought I have already missed it & ate Apple & Buns packed cursing my negligence at a break.


Butter smooth Golden Quadrelateral​


Standing all alone​


Macro at median...​

After continuing for a Km, found Kamath Hotel on left side service road. Like a lost idiot, moved ahead bidding byes to Karnataka for 2 weeks. It was almost dark when I had just crossed Tawandi Ghat near Nippani & had lot to cover up for the big day.


View from Tawandi Ghat​

Called my cousin for a cup of tea at Peth Vadgaon by pass & geared up for the last leg of the day.


Sunset nearing Kolhapur​

With high beam lights hitting my eyes, it was troublesome for me to keep the steady speed. Within few mins, my bikes ever problematic horn went dumb. “Gosh!!! It’s just the first day” I thought & continued to reach next big town to settle. Reached Satara by 8:30 PM & got into Smile Deluxe beside NH for 550 bux. Was desperate to move ahead & break myself record of ‘highest in a day’ but at the same time, dint want to cross the line set by parents
No riding in night!
Shit! Was short by just 8 kms to break it :cry:” I said to myself cursing my morning nap in CCD & crashed in cosy bed.


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Day–2 | Satara–Surat by pass | 31–Oct–2010 | 535 Kms | 1304 Kms

“Which ******* invented a machine that rings at the pre-set time??? This machine really sucks!!!” :twisted:

Got out of my bed with such a great thought for another long day. Got fresh in a jiffy & said good bye to Satara by early morning tea time. Mental stress had already hit me in few mins as I was riding on busy NH-4 without horn. Took my first break nearing Pune at vithal Kamath for breakfast.


Partner waiting while I fill my stomach!​

Post breakfast, Pune welcomed me with macros on either side of the road. Tried capturing a video of me crossing some tunnel & also got few captures of beautiful Katraj vally. The video dint come good but not bad either.


New Katraj Tunnel welcomes me...​


Viaduct before I hit Pune traffic!​

After refilling my bike, I was very much involved in experiencing beautiful surroundings as I pass by & dint come to know when I reached Lonavala.
Being at Lonavala, it was truly illegal for my stomach to pass without stop at Hotel Rama Krishna (RK). Hotel was as expected crowded with babes & their boys :cool:. Till when I was in RK, I dint find anyone who dint stare at me with all my gear lying in flanking chairs. Items in menu showed high prices but were worth a deal for ‘Plain Dosa, Masala Dosa & Juice’. It was near to NOON when we both flew off with repeated breaks to capture scenic Khandala Ghat.


From a view point at Khandala!​


Express way passing below​

Weather change was very much recognizable as I descended from ghat. After applying needed facial creams to keep my ever charming face glowing :p, reached close to Mumbai & enquired about the route to Surat. But the response I got was not reliable. With my mind running completely blank, road further with the hope of help from locals & after few kms, got to see a sign board which showed....
‘Thane ← & Ahmedabad, Surat ↑’. “Lucky you Krishna!!!” I thought & took the road pointing to Ahmedabad.


Dont take this road ever! Its terrible...

After few kms of city traffic, the road got narrow but later on damn! It’s not just bad but horrible. Road was full messy with potholes, dust & lengthy trucks pouring enough on me. For a while I was wondering...

“Am I playing Holi here with dust??? Why the hell did to choose to take this route???” This road doesn’t seem to end at all. It’s going & going. The mile stone said “Bhiwadi–Wada Road” but actually dint know what the heck is this road.

“Bhai saab! Surat highway Kaise Jaana hain???” “Seeda jao! Abhi bahut dhoor hain!!!” reply I got.

Oh no!!! Rode ahead with no hope to reach NH-8 today. It was by 4:00 PM, when I saw fast moving vehicles running at a distance which energized & gave a new hope to continue further. As soon as I reached NH-8, took long break. Mean while, beside from eating my packed buns & fruits, turned back to see how far have I come from Mumbai & milestone said “Mumbai 104 Kms:). Good distance I thought & geared up for day’s last leg. The surroundings turned out to be very scenic in terms of hills of varying types & greens but I had no time to capture them. “On the way back for sure!!!” I convinced myself. With difference in nature, was wondering if I have already stepped to Gujarat.


These are common when you enter Gujarath!

After a while, Gujarat welcomes me huge chimneys, industries standing tall & long trucks crowded in NH-8. Sunny was already planning to close his account for the day but I still had lot to cover. Somewhere I got to see a mile stone which said “Surat–169 Kms” which also confirmed me to drop the plan of reaching Vadodara today. Decided to cover as much as I can & rode with good speed without any breaks in my horn less machine. But the time I could have consumed taking breaks was being eaten by lot & lot of diversions to construct fly over :mad:. Bearing all these, I made to Surat by pass by 8:00 PM but dint know where to settle. Can’t read anything as everything is neatly written in Gujarathi. Enquired a local guy & he pointed to Hotel Rasal nearby. Went to 4th floor to check the room & asked the price which he said in Hindi.

“English main batao!” I requested. “Two Phipty!!!” he responded loudly.

Got down to get the luggage & mean time guy who showed me the hotel came close by & took a task of reporter flooding curious questions. Questions went to a level where he asked...

“Koi mission pe ho kya???” It was my turn to ask his name for which he responded “xxx Patel, local cable operator” holding his shirt neck.

As I was getting my bags out, locals were staring as if I have just come out molesting a girl. “One more day! Tomorrow I will be in the land of Rajputs” I thought lying in bed & closed my account after my tummy fill activity.
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