Royal Rajasthan conquered in Royal Enfield!!!


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Day–3 | Surat by pass–Udaipur | 1–Nov–2010 | 533 Kms | 1837 Kms

Day started with the fear of my bike being safe as I had parked it beside main road without any security. After seeing my baby waiting for me, got ready to move when the sun light had just hit the earth. As it was supposed to be my last long riding day, thought covering up as much as possible in fist few sessions would be really handy later on.

“Baroda???” IOC guy asked curiously as I opened my tank cover to fill the petrol.

“Rajasthan! Full tank bhardo bhai saab!!” I said. He shook his head with a big Colgate smile on his face :grin:. Mean while 2 other locals were closely observing my bike & talking to themselves.

Reached Vadodara with a short photo break & lot of zigzag stretches. Not cause of the road but in effort to overtake loaded lengthy trucks.

Mega size toll booth​

Initial look around nearing Vadodara revealed that city has very good infrastructure. I hardly took around 15-20 mins to bypass the well planned city.

Way to Vadodara township​

Was hungry by the time I was out of Vadodara & as I dint find any good eating places around, had to manage with Buns I had packed from Bangalore. Yeah! Even I was shocked to realize that it was still in eatable condition.

Break for breakfast​

‘Udaipur ↑ 302’ said the distance board & was really happy to see Rajasthan near & continued happily in busy 2 lane NH-8 after taking a photo of it.

Am very close now...​

Next break was at ‘Red Chilli’ nearing Ahmedabad to get my lunch done. With a heavy loaded tummy, took Sardar Patel Ring Road to skip the city & I was on Udaipur highway soon.

Decent lunch at Red Chilli​

As the time passed, the number to reach Udaipur too was getting decreased. It was just few kms ahead of Ahmedabad that I stopped to buy some Guavas on road side. Soon a car stopped in front of me with GJ number plate. 2 oldies & a young chap got down to get some Guavas for themselves & as I had expected:

“Kaha se aye ho?” one of them asked.

“Bangalore”.... “Kya karte ho? Business?” indicating Gujju’s are born to do business.

“Software Engineer!”... “Aage kaha???”

“Rajasthan! Chalo milte hain!!!” I said & moved ahead with 4 Guavas.

This will be common for next 2 weeks...​

After covering 100+ kms of good distance, we both landed under a shade for some time. Again an oldie stopped his discover beside mine & said something in Gujarathi.

“Kya??” I asked. Again he spoke in Gujarathi & again “Kya??” from my side followed his words.

“Indian??” was his next mind blowing question :twisted:. “West Indian!” my mind popped out the answer but my mouth kept quite.

Idiot! Cant me make out from my complexion. He continued the questions & said he recently did a bike trip towards Bangalore, Chennai, Vizag, Orissa, Bengal & back in Pulsar sponsored by Bajaj. “Amazing for his age!!!” Admired him in myself. He spoke nonstop about various routes & also offered me to have coffee with him. I politely denied saying I have reach Udaipur before dusk.

“Nice meeting you Mr. Karan Dixit!” I said & moved ahead with few photo breaks on the way.

Shiva idol at Shamlaji!!!​

As soon as I was welcomed by Rajasthan, along with state name, there was also drastic change in vista around. Straight roads with plains around vanished & it was full of smooth curvy roads with hills all around. Thought Rajasthan welcomed me its own style & enjoyed riding.

Rajasthan welcomes me...​

It was just 55 more kms to cover where I took my last butt break for the day. As I was resting, kids from a lonely house on other side of highway were staring at me as though they have found an alien & donno what to do next. After cooling for some time, geared up for last part of my 3 days long journey. Made it to Udaipur by 7:00 PM.

Rest before last part of the day!!!​

“Aage jao! Milega” a local responded on enquiring him about the lodge to stay. Unloaded my bike at ‘Hotel Magan Palace’ though it was little irritating as I dint had any double room for today & have to manage with large 4 bed room for one day paying 1000 bux. Tomorrow they would shift me to double room with 800 bux/day. Room service guys were acting proactive in making me very comfortable taking my entire luggage’s & treating me like a king. When I came to negotiate the price,

He said “Aapko acha offer me dunga!” easily.

“Kitna kum karoge??” I asked smelling something fishy at the deal.

“Kareeb 600 ayega! Agar koi bhi puche to bolna 500 mein diya hai!!!”

Fixed the deal & got into mega size large 4 bed room for one day. Got fresh & informed all my closed ones about me making it to Lake City without any hurdle. “Great work Krishna!” I said to myself for riding 1837 kms in 3 days =D>. Closed my eyes with a big relief that no more long ride for next few days.


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Day–4 | Udaipur Sightseeing | 2–Nov–2010 | 56 Kms | 1893 Kms

First task for the day was to clean my trusted partner as he had gone complete dusty. With Gobi Paratha & Veg Sandwich completely filling my stomach, was on move towards City Palace. Got the direction from lodge guys & reached City Palace with my wallet full of fresh notes from ATM. As I moved closer to City Palace, the street got narrower & narrower.


Narrow streets enroute City Palace​
In addition, street is packed with tourist vehicles & my panniers consuming a space of car. After a little mess, landed my bike in parking & got an entry to City Palace with all the tickets required to enter.


Palace entrance​
4 to 5 floor tall standing City Palace was gigantic to look at a glance. After 3 days of my bikes heavy duty, it was time for my camera to get into act & got busy clicking from whatever angle I saw the palace.


Nice crafts at display​

City Palace from a corner​

Found this on the Palace entrance​

Loved this angle too...​
Also got few shots from Armour room & few paintings after which I had to deposit my camera in a counter to move ahead.


Complete body cover​

Collection of Rifles​

Antique one but also could be found in Bollywood​

Few more armours​

Painting on the Palace wall​

Designer lamp found at Palace​
From there onwards, it was completely about the life style of various Rajput rulers in specific about Maharana Pratap Singh. All rulers had their name starting from ‘Maharana’ & ending with ‘Singhji’. The palace consisted of various places of interest like ‘Kanch-Ki-Burj’, ‘Moti Mahal’, ‘Manek Mahal’, ‘Zanana Mahal’, ‘Mewar Gallary’ & so on. There was a place where complete armour set of Maharana Pratap was at display & I overheard guide saying it weighs 25 kg altogether & these are still being worshipped during Navaratri Festival. Few places were worth a click but I was helpless. View of Lake Pichola was marvellous with 2 palaces in it.
“Lake Palace mein pacheese hazaar se ek lakh tak ki karma milta hain!!! Aur ye sab gareeb logo ke liye hain!!!” :shock: I overheard a guide say. “Dude! You stand nowhere in the race!!!” my mind said it confidently.

While moving ahead, came across a place where bunch was school children were peeing inside a small door. On curiously checking, it turned out be toilet room of rulers which had cushion covered western toilet with back rest :p. “What luxurious days these kings would have had??” was wondering. There was also a wooden model of ‘Chetak’ favourite horse of Maharana Pratap which died in the battle field against Akber (Damn! I overheard again;)). Altogether I spent around 2.5 hrs exploring the palace in detail.

‘Udaipur Govt. Museum’ saw the board when I came out but no one entering to it. Thought to check it out & was in with 5 bux entry ticket. It was all about weapons, animal skins & ancient sculptures at display. But worth was the view of Lake Pichola that I could not click inside the palace.


Lake Palace view​

Dancer Babe at a pose​
‘Vikram Singh’ a friendly security at the palace gate guided me with route to Lake Pichola.
“Boatingpe jaana hain??” person asked at ticket counter. “Nahi! Sirf dekhna hain!!!” I said. He also said that the ticket has full day validity.
Initially, I wasn’t allowed to click snaps of a building which belonged to present king but security said...
“Waha Jao! Darbaar hall hai. Uska photo keech sakte ho!!!”
Me nodding my head went in & was spell bound with the interiors.


Royal Durbar hall​
Absolute royal ambience it had. With few quick shots, was out towards Lake Pichola to get my share of snaps.


Pichola Lake​
On my way out from City Palace Street, the traffic congestion got to worst with tourist vehicles. In between these vehicles, local young guys were riding their bikes as if they are in Moto GP track with only difference being these idiots have stylish sun glass instead of helmet. It wasn’t anything less with local babes too. They too were riding their machines with entire face fully covered with scarfs & racing as if they are shooting for Hindi version of Angelina Julie’s action flick. Damn! No riding sense at all.


These are much needed ones...​
Sustaining all these, managed to move out the mess & next in the list was Saheliyon-Ki-Bari which was quite near to City Palace.


Some info for visitors​
Somehow for me, the place wasn’t too exciting as it had nothing but park with few fountains. Walked out with bunch of shots for memory.



Garden around​
Security guy handed a local tourist map when I asked him the route to Sajjangarh Palace. On the way, got into decent looking ’24 carrat pure veg restaurant’ for lunch & got a bomb of 190 bux for super oily Pulav & Raitha :mad:. The climb to Sajjangarh Palace was very steep with super narrow roads which I enjoyed riding on.


Narrow climb begins​

View from top of the hill​
“Karnatak??” a guy asked as I parked my bike. “Ha!!” I said. After few questions about my bike trip,
“Avo, tumhe kuch history bata tahoon!!!” He said & started with it. Few facts which guide told me are,
  • Sajjangarh is second highest peak in Rajasthan after Mt Abu.
  • Udaipur has 6 lakes & all are interlinked with huge canals.
  • Udaipur is fully surrounded by Aravali hills.
  • Raveena Tandon got married in Jagmandir Palace in Lake Pichola.
  • There are plenty of Leopards around Sajjangarh.
  • Sajjangarh Palace has 3 huge water tanks with each around 2 lakh ltr pacity.
  • Sajjangarh was initially planned to build as 19 storey building but plan got cancelled after the sudden death of ruling king.
  • After Great Wall of China, Kumbalgarh Fort has longest wall stretching up to 36 kms.


Sajjangarh Palace​

Huge water tank in the Palace​
After going through the tour of Palace with its history, handed him 50 bux & came back to Udaipur city. With ample rest in lodge, went to Lake Pichola late evening to get some night shots of the palaces. As I wasn’t allowed to enter the lake from City Palace side, took the other route & experienced a real cool ambience on the banks of Lake. Sat silently on a bench for around an hour gazing at illuminated Jagmandir Palace with romantic music my DJ’s (IPod & Mobile) playing for me.

“Tu jo mili... ek din muje, main kahi hogaya la pathaaaa... ” my DJ was singing & was thinking “Yeah! I have really lost myself ever since that day...”


Jagmandir Palace at night​
After being in my own world for a while, looked around to see what others are up to & found that young ones are in deep discussion about their love life, babes lost in their own world as I was few mins back, an oldie his loving wife & beautiful daughter busy capturing self portraits with palace at back. Also heard an amazing rhyming phrase one little kid say to other... “Champak Lal, Gadhe ki Baal!!!!”

With quality time being spent on the bank of Lake Pichola, came back to lodge & closed days account with Kumbalgarh Fort & Ranakpur Jain Temples in mind for tomorrow.
Excellent, and most informative T log; very good pics.
Having been in Gujarat ( and I can speak the language as any local) I have seen large number of people who are friendly with unknown people, and start a chat!
At the same time, on these roads I would advise not 2 give out the true route and desti. to every body,( especially at Petro stations) this is more for personal safety, if travelling with ladies.


Abeer Aulakh
Excellent travelogue! I've been wanting to visit Rajasthan for a while now. Your T'logue is going to help a lot! "Champak Lal, Gaddhe ke Baal" :D:lol:
Hey...great log and beautiful pics.
Will be eagerly waiting for the rest of it.:)

Thanks for all the information you provided to my questions earlier and your log is also very useful towards it.

Now, I will have to find out a way to bypass Mumbai without getting on the road you took.:confused:


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Awesome trip. Loved the route map pic especially! :)
Thanks Sripurna!!! Had touf time getting it done... :)

Nice little conversation. Good going Krishna !!
Thanks Amit... Thought placing some of the conversation couplets would be more interesting...

Excellent, and most informative T log; very good pics.
Having been in Gujarat ( and I can speak the language as any local) I have seen large number of people who are friendly with unknown people, and start a chat!
At the same time, on these roads I would advise not 2 give out the true route and desti. to every body,( especially at Petro stations) this is more for personal safety, if travelling with ladies.
Thanks for the comments Occasionaltraveller & also for your advice... Would keep in mind next time though it dint harm me this time... :)

Excellent travelogue! I've been wanting to visit Rajasthan for a while now. Your T'logue is going to help a lot! "Champak Lal, Gaddhe ke Baal" :D:lol:
Thanks abeer... Yeah even i was amazed to hear a small kid say it... :shock:

Hey...great log and beautiful pics.
Will be eagerly waiting for the rest of it.:)

Thanks for all the information you provided to my questions earlier and your log is also very useful towards it.

Now, I will have to find out a way to bypass Mumbai without getting on the road you took.:confused:
Thanks Praful!!! Rest would come soon... By passing Mumbai as not difficult is what i realized after i crossed mumbai on my way back.. :)

you need to excatly follow opposite of what is written here...


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Day–5 | Udaipur–Kumbalgarh–Ranakpur–Udaipur | 3–Nov–2010 | 234 Kms | 2127 Kms

‘Army Jawans on morning jog with their guns in shoulder, road side habitants heating themselves burning tyres, auto drivers busy glancing daily news papers’ is what I got to see when I stepped out for a walk early morning. After freshening myself, wanted to try out something different for morning bite & got potato sandwich. Yuk! It was very bad decision I realized after looking at it :vom:. Somehow put it into my stomach & geared up to explore Kumbalgarh Fort.

As soon as I got into country side road, vista got very nice with core rural look all around. It is really difficult to put those scenes in words. As I moved ahead, width of the road got decreased. Was riding very slow so that I can witness the surroundings.


Super narrow road running between rural vista!!!​

Tourists enjoying village work!​
As & when I crossed any village, everyone was looking at me as if Gubbar had entered their village to take Basanti out :grin:. At one such village, took my camera out to capture innocent kids walking on opposite direction. As soon as they saw me with cam, donno what happened to them: scratched their ass & ran out with fearful face at a super speed just like they are being transferred in 10MBPS line :grin:. “Do I really look like Gabbar???” I wondered.


At last these dudes gave me a pose!!!​
With enjoying every km of ride between Aravalis, reached Kumbalgarh Fort by NOON. As I was walking towards the view point,
“Were you the one on bike???” Nancy – foreign tourist asked curiously. “Yes! I was the one...” said with a smile.


Kumbalgarh as seen from view point!!!​
After capturing few shots from view point, got inside the fort with entry ticket. Very first sight inside the fort made it very clear that I can’t see the whole fort at any cost. As I had heard yesterday, the fort walls just goes on & on over hills after hills. Fewer crowds made my expedition even more interesting.


Massive fort walls!!!​

Main entrance to the fort!​

Map of the fort​

Have got to walk up there...​
Went to the top most part of the fort to get beautiful panoramic view. It was also birth place of Maharana Pratap Singh. Lonely Planet says ‘Kumbalgarh Fort was captured only once by Akbar with the help of other rulers only for 2 days!’ Thought this must be true looking at the vastness of this massive fort.


Some ruins inside fort...​

Fort walls running all over...​

They were lot in number​

View from fort window​

Road to reach the fort​
Fort consisted of few beautiful ancient temple complexes as well. With everything captured in my camera, was out towards Ranakpur Jain Temples around 1:30 PM.


Temple complex inside fort​

These were pretty close by​

Loved this view of the fort​
Riding another 50+ kms which initially had thought just 5+ kms was not boring at all with the fact that I was once again passing through rural vista. With kids waving ‘Tata’ & selling Custard Apple at most of the villages, I was in deep love with the route. Reached Ranakpur by 3:00 PM with last few kms of ride in twisties & forest area. Parked my partner & was walking towards entrance without knowing where it is.

“Where is the entrance???” an old foreigner asked widening his arms.
“I donno! Will check with the guard & let you know!!”
“Bhai saab! Entry kidar hain??” I asked the guard at the gate.
“Idhar se! Udhar camera ka ticket le lo!!!” he said pointing to ticket counter.


Temple ticket counter​

Temple complex looks nothing special from outside​
Informed the same to white man & removed my shoes to get in with ticket in my pocket.

“Oh My God!!!” was the 3 words I uttered as I was witnessing one of the best sculptures till today. Had lost myself looking at those marvellous works done on marbles. Any word I write would fall short explain how beautiful it was & hence thought capturing them as much as I can would be good alternative. Got too busy with clicks. “This temple has 1444 pillars & no 2 pillars are same in design” Lonely Planet says which I had to agree being there.



Made of single marble​

This is at the roof...​

Only few pillars together...​

This is what each pillar contains...​

How can they do something like this????​
After good collection of pictures, came out & there were 3 more temples in which gave visit to 2 of them which was in no way to compete with first main temple.


Found at other temples nearby...​
With all the expedition done for the day, sipped a cup of tea at canteen & geared up for return journey to Udaipur. On the way gave a break to fill my stomach at Aranyawas Restaurant. Ended up paying 230 bux for ultra oily Veg Chowmin & Sprite.

“Gosh! Why do I end up paying more for oily food???”:chain: my mind triggered out a question. With little time left to get dark, got back on my wheels & reached Udaipur well before dinner time with an excellent one day excursion :). With some packing done, crashed little early on my last night at Udaipur.