Royal Rajasthan conquered in Royal Enfield!!!


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Day–19 | Daman–Mumbai | 17–Nov–2010 | 207 Kms | 5409 Kms

Since the check out time was 11:00 AM, thought to do maximum utilization of AC which I have paid for;). Relaxed watching TV till 10:00 AM although AC was off for some time due to power cut. Grabbed South Indian Buffet breakfast for 59 bux at Nani Daman & came back to make full use of AC till the check out time. By 11:00 AM, checked out keeping my luggage at the counter.


Daman welcomes U...​
Since the days deadline was to reach Mumbai which was just 200+ kms, thought to kill time in Daman till evening & rode towards Devka Beach. Riding in coastal roads was reminding me of Udupi & Goa. For some reason, I just love to ride around the coastal roads might be due to the greens & landscape they offer I thought:mrgreen:.


First view the beach in this trip... :)

Coastal greens!!!​
On my way to Devka Beach, traffic police caught me for not wearing helmet but holding it in hand instead.
“Helmet kaha hain??? Pehna kyon nahi???”... “Idhar helmet compulsory hai kya??? (Though I knew it was :p)” “License dikao” which I showed him...
“Yaha helmet zaroori hain... Isiliye humlog yaha khade hain....” “Teek hain saab. Mujhe patha nahi tha....” “Waha sau rupai ka chalan barke jao...” “Kya saab.. Mujhe patha nahi tha... Aage pehen loonga...” “Kaha ka gaadi hain???” “Bangalore!!!” “Idhar kaise??” “Tour main hoon saab!!!” “Teek hain! Helmet pehen ke jao!!!”... :rolleyes:

Thanked him for letting me go without any fee & reached Devka Beach which had zero magnetism & no crowd at all. Sat for a while in Devka Garden which was on the way to beach as I was getting affected with humid climate.


Devka Garden!!!​

Devka Beach​

Beach Hangouts​
Next in the list was Nani Daman Fort & what else could I expect apart from boredom??? :( Yes! This fort had just the walls & nothing else. All that I found little eye catching was the view of Moti Daman Fort on the other side of river.


Nani Daman Fort entrance​

Few stuffs inside the fort...​

Bridge connectivity between Nani & Moti!!!​

Moti Daman Fort as seen from Nani Daman Fort​
With nothing much to do in Nani Daman, rode towards Moti Daman Fort which was just like a huge compound wall surrounding a locality. But the streets inside the fort were pretty clean & calm reminding me of Pondicherry. Since there was ample amount of time & nothing else to explore, took a beautiful nap in a park adjacent to the fort :p.


Mati Daman Fort entrance​

Bom Jesus church inside the fort...​

Inside the church now!!!​
Got back to Nani Daman to have lunch & geared up to Mumbai by evening tea time.

Day’s journey was just the continuation from where I had left yesterday including diversions & traffic. If my counting has not gone wrong, I had taken 30 diversions altogether from Surat to Mumbai :chain:. With few beautiful sunset shots captured, reached Vasai & called Bipin for the route to his house.


Beautiful hills between Vapi & Mumbai​

Had missed all these on my forward journey...​
He gave the directions & said he is still on his way & will reach home soon. Rode across the directions he gave & after waiting for a while, I was glad to meet him after a long time :D. Placed the bike in parking without removing luggage’s from boxes as he said if nothing valuable is present, then no need to take it out unless it’s essential.

Got fresh under a shower & then it was all about chit chat on various topics like my itinerary, office work, day to day life, recollecting old memories & so on. While he prepared the tasty self cooked food, I took backup of all the snaps till date. After pumping in the food till neck, he switched on the AC & I went to heaven in no time:).


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Day–20 | Mumbai–Kolhapur | 18–Nov–2010 | 416 Kms | 5825 Kms

“Namaskarappa!!!” Bipin greeted while I was trying my best to open the eye shutter completely . Bipin’s driver gave me the rough idea to bypass Mumbai. While taking out bike from parking, observed that the air pressure in rear tyre is very low. I was in qualm but wanted to check out after covering some distance. After thanking Bipin for the hospitality, bid byes to him & rode ahead towards Mumbai in NH-8 which was complete patch up road & traffic to the core. As I was getting closer to the city, there were proper sign boards to bypass towards Pune & followed every sign board.


Nasik road one has to take to skip Mumbai city!!!​

That's Nasik NH running...​

Mumbra by pass road...​
Just within an hour, I was out of Mumbai with the help of pathetic Mumbra bypass road.

“Going to Bangalore???” A fatty middle aged person asked scanning the number plate at a fuel station.
“Yes!!!”... “How many days would you take???” “Might be 3 days...” “3 days????” “Yeah! I have time till Saturday... So don’t want to hurry up things!!!” “Ok!!! Me to going to Belgaum (referring to his KA-22 number plate)” “Ok!!! Bye Catch you on the way....”

As the air pressure was less & had seen the outcome of it once before, climbed Khandala Ghat carefully without speeding up.


Khandala Ghats nearing by​

Yupee!!! Distance to my home spotted...:finga:

Traffic Jam at Express way​
After filling my tummy in RK’s with delicious Dosa’s, moved ahead in search of any fuel pump so that I can check the air pressure. Filled air again as it was very less which confirmed that there is a puncture :confused: & rode ahead only to stop again as I saw big Wax Museum board. Got an entry ticket of 75 bux & captured all the wax models present wearing my riding gear which was quite disgusting. Few models were duplicate of the original piece I could say :rolleyes:.


Bapu to start with!!!​

Rajiv close by​

Namaste madam...​

Hitler too was there!!!​

Vivekananda spotted​

Micky posing..​

Happy grabbing oscars :)
Got back on my punctured bike & road towards Pune as air was slowly going out & there were still some air left in the tyre. After crossing Pune, got it checked with road side puncture shop but he advised to find one ahead as he does not have tools required to remove bullet tyre. On the next village junction, enquired with another guy & he said,

“Ho jayega!! Lekin tyre nikalna thoda mushkil hai iss box ke vajeh se...” “Are kuch tho karo bhai saab... Mujhe aage jaana hain!!!” “Pachaas rupai extra lagega!” “Puncture a kitna???” “Chalees!!!” “Theek hain... Jaldi kardo...”


My Partner without rear tire...​
After a detailed examination, he caught the culprit. The tyre already had one puncture which was worn out. He fixed it confirming it will not come out at any cost. Thanked him & rode to Kolhapur with few breaks to call it a day with a satisfaction of covering good distance in spite of a puncture & “Hurry!!! Tomorrow back to my state =D>


Damn! Could not capture it in single frame... :mad:

Tarmac NH-4​

Sunset shot​

It is not a snow covered mountain... :p

Kolhapur near by now...​

Last pic of the day!!!!​


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Day–21 | Kolhapur–Chitradurga | 19–Nov–2010 | 443 Kms | 6268 Kms

“Chai lau??” The restaurant staff asked while loading the bike.
“Meesal Pav hain kya??” I enquired while sipping tea as I was eager to eat something spicy to start the day with.


Oh!!! Was GQ a dream project???:confused:
After a tasty Meesal Pav (Bread rather) got onto tarmac NH-4 & soon was in my state :rock::rock:. Was very happy to see the greens of my state after more than 2 weeks.


Toll as soon as I step in my state!!!​

Greens of Karnataka​
May be I was too pleased; that I wasn’t feeling tired & road continuously without any butt breaks to Hubli before NOON. “Wow wow wow!! I am much ahead of time today... Why not make it to home than to rest in between??? Moreover I can play with Sathvik (Nephew) which will be much more relaxing....” I thought :-k & rode in full enthusiasm. The thrust in me to reach Bangalore increased at the speed in which the number to reach Bangalore reduced :D. The things I can enjoy reaching home were getting increased with time. After filling my tummy at Kamath Upachar with North Karnataka meals, continued with the dream of being at Bangalore by end of the day.


Size of it was thrice the truck​

Break at Kamath Upachar​

Spotted this on the fields!!!​
Nearing Davanagere, Gear Lever started to make some rough sound keeping me wondered about “What might be wrong???” But with Bangalore being the new deadline, did not want to check it out & continued ahead.


Work in progress for ever :grin:

Nice cloud formation!!!​
Nearing Chitradurga, the problem got irresistible & Gear Lever was getting jammed. “Damn!!! What the hell is this when it’s just 200 more????” I was not able to shift the Gear at any cost :evil::evil::evil:. Decided not be rude with the fear of breaking something crucial.

Got it checked in Chitradurga & mechanic Sathish got into his first encounter with bullet. As the time progressed, he opened complete Clutch box to find the root cause. Meanwhile met another avid biker Krishna on his way to Bangalore in his new RE Classic 500. He too had some problem with his rear tyre & had come here to get it checked. We shared our journey so far & was spell bound by his tour. He has been travelling since more than 4 months now & had been to highest motor able road in the world. He has quit his job for this dream trip & enjoying it to the core. Since it was Sathish’s first experiment with Bullet, lot of surrounding guys accumulated eagerly waiting for the outcome. My bullet had already made name by then & me too I guess with my complete geared up look. After some time, Sathish confirm that,
“Gear Box olagade bearing irutte!!! Adu hogirbeku... Naale nodona bidi. Eega kathlalli agalla nodoke!!! (There will be a bearing inside the Gear Box which might have worn out. Let’s check out tomorrow as it’s already dark now & we can’t examine properly.)”
“Parts sigutta (Are the parts available)???” I asked Sathish killing my days deadline.
“Check madbeku!!! Illi siglilla andre Davanagere nalli sigutte. Alli Bullet showroom ide... (We have to check it!!! In case if we don’t get it here, we will surely get it in Davanagere as there is a Bullet showroom)”
The bomb exploded inside me burning my dream completely :shock::shock:. Was cursing my fate to the core & also wanted to kick my machine. But couldn’t do so since it had bought me this close without any issue.


Machine partially dismantled​
As it was not a problem to be resolved today, unloaded my luggage to a room adjacent to mechanic shop for 150 bux/day :cry:. Krishna was very curious about trying new food items every time & hence got as his pillion to explore the various tastes of Chitradurga before I ended up in pathetic bed hoping to reach home tomorrow at least [-o<.


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Day–22 | In Chitradurga | 20–Nov–2010 | 0 Kms | 6268 Kms

Day started with desperation to reach Bangalore & fear of getting my bike in riding condition :(. For the well known reason, could not catch up sleep from 5:00 AM. Came out after freshening up to bid byes to Krishna as his bike was in a condition to reach Bangalore & was eagerly waiting for Sathish for turn up. After few calls, he made it at 8:00 AM & got on my bike. With lot of challenges, observation & patience, he removed the Gear Box completely & showed me the worn out pair of bearings.


The culprit!!!​
With a bunch of corques, shafts & levers lying on the floor, my mental condition was getting worst. Solid food was not possible to pass through my lungs at this time & was managing with tea & coffee:cry:.

“Togoli!!! Idanna hidkondu spare parts angadili vicharsi... Ee thara bearing sigatta anta... (Take it!! You enquire in spare parts shop whether they have same bearing...)” Sathish said handing me the worn out bearings.

After a request, I took his 1970’s scooter which had enough mechanism just to move ahead to enquire for the parts filling 30 bux petrol :p. Though the scene looked very funny, the tension in me was much above anything else at the moment. After a scooter tour of Chitradurga came back with negative response to the shop.

“Ond kelsa madri... Bega Davanagere bus hidiri!!! Alli Bullet showroom nalli vicharsi... Sikke sigutte (Do one thing.. Catch a bus to Davanagere right now.. There is a Bullet showroom where you can enquire & you will get it for sure)”
he said confidently...
“Yestu hottige vapas barbahudu?? (What time can I be back)” I asked Sathish with the hope of getting my bike ready today itself. He said I can be back by 4:00 PM worst case & soon he will start re assembling the Gear Box which would take max 2 hrs.


Sathish oberving the stuffs in Gear Box​
As per his instructions, caught a bus to Davanagere & reached there by 1:00 PM. Throughout the journey of 60 kms in KSRTC bus which never dares to go beyond 60 kms/hr, I was completely occupied biting my nails which at the end looked as worst as my current situation :twisted:. Reached Bullet showroom after calling them (Bangalore Bullet showroom guys helped with the number) & detailed them with the issue. The very first response came from Naseer a manager of the showroom was,
“Ee parts sigodu tumba kashta sir!!! Idella moving parts alla. Tumba rare idu!!! (These parts are difficult to get sir!!! These are not moving parts & very rare!!!)” Thereby bombarding second successive bomb on me :shock::shock:.
“Enadru madi sir!!! Nodi swalpa vicharsi... (Do something sir!!! Enquire a bit...)” Was my pleading response.

He told if we can get the number on the bearing, it would be much easy for them to find it. Now the high priority task for me was to get the number at any cost. Initially thought it won’t be difficult to get it & called Bangalore Showroom service centre. But ended up getting no response. “Damn! No one is ready to pick the call at all... :snipe: Tried nearly 100 times with the hope of help but no one turned around. Thought to kick everyone’s ass in Bangalore showroom but first I should be able to make it to Bangalore to do that I realized in no time. At last, Anand picked up the call & soon turned out be helpless as he too dint had the measurement number of the required bearing.

With only Naseer in mind now, pleaded him to help me to the best briefing my entire journey. He told will try out & went in search of the bearing with his subordinate. Meanwhile I went to a restaurant nearby to have something solid but came out with less than half Rava Idli getting in :vom:. It was a confirmation that, without seeing my bike in condition, my body can’t accept anything solid for sure. Came back to showroom & was early waiting for Naseer’s arrival. After some time, he turned up with single bearing to check if it will fit fine to the shaft. He said if this fits fine, he will try another.

“Correct ide sir!!! (This is correct sir)” said his subordinate & my face glowed like a shining star. “Oh Man!!! What a relief...” :rolleyes:
“Sari! Hagadre innondu togondu bartivi” Naseer said & vanished again in his Bullet leaving me in doubt again.

This time, waiting was getting stretched longer & longer. Mean while I just checked if Bangalore showroom has any service of taking the vehicle from here but again I got negative response. My mental stability had reached to such an extent that I had lost the hopes of riding to Bangalore & was thinking of taking my bike in a carrier :(. After more than 2 hours, sipping 2 cups of coffee, Naseer turned up at around 5:15 PM with 2 bearings lathed inside the shaft which is what I required. He said he went somewhere else to get the second bearing as I wanted it at any cost. Along with 300 bux which I gave, I also wanted to give him ‘Jadoo Ki Jappi’ for helping me to the best :prayer:.


Bearing lathed inside the shaft!!!​
Came back to Chitradurga in same KSRTC Bangalore bus which doesn’t touch 60 kms/hr speed. But this time, with a confidence & hope of riding back to Bangalore. Handed the shaft with bearing lathed inside it to Sathish but she insisted to do tomorrow as it was almost dark. On my request, he sat in front of Gear Box to fix as much as he can today. Sathish, I & few of his friends nearby tried our best to fix the Gear Box till 10 but things dint work out as it should have been #-o.

“Fix madakke agattalva (Is it possible to fix)???” Asked in doubt again with fear attacking both my mind & heart.
“Tension togolbedri... Naale madhyanna olagade ready madtini nodi... aaramagi nidde madi!!! (Dont get tensed... See by tomorrow afternoon I will get it ready... sleep tension free)” were Satish’s confident statements.
With nothing else to take back, took his assurance & slept tight grabbing few banana’s!!! “Oh! Something solid went in at last”... :)


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Day–23 | Chitradurga–Bangalore | 21–Nov–2010 | 223 Kms | 6491 Kms

Woke up by 6:00 AM & straight away to garage with hope of Sathish being present & working on my bike. But the shutter was still down. Thought to get freshen up & pack the things as it would be easy to load if my bike gets proper, else it would be easier to load in parcel :(. After some time, again came out in search of Sathish & by now, the dude had already started his work with the shutter of his garage being half closed ;). Might be he himself couldn’t believe working so early.

He tried his best to fix the Gear Box properly with all the possible combinations but every effort was going in vein. As his efforts were going without use, my mind was gaining confidence to parcel the bike :cry:. After attempting it almost for 2 hrs, he told,

“Agilla andre DP hugugaranna karistini... avarella bullet mechanics!!! (If it’s not possible, then will call guys from DP.. they are all bullet mechanics)”

After few more fruitless attempts, he finally made a call to his friend who in turn knows a mechanic from DP. Well! DP is the only bullet mechanic shop in Chitradurga. The reason why I dint go to DP was, I got stuck with this problem on Friday & DP was closed on that day since its Muslim guys who work there. Hence I had ended up here.


Sathish trying his best to fix the things!​
“Naave hogi karibodalla??? (We ourselves can go & call them right)???” I asked with confusion.
“Illi hagella innondu mechanic angadige hogalla jana!!! Friends circle nalli irovaranna karibodu aste!!! (Here guys won’t come from one mechanic shop to another so easily!!! It’s only the people in our friend circle we can afford to call)”

Though Sathish had made a call to his friend to get mechanic from DP, he dint gave a break from his attempts. After some time, I could see that Sathish has put everything in my Gear Box.

“Enri!!! Kusidra??? (What boss!!! Did you fix it)” I asked curiously.
“Eno kudsidini, but test madbeku... (Somehow I have fixed it, but needs to be tested...)”
“Wow man!!! At last looks like will ride back home...” :cool:
It was a great sigh of relief to both of us as even Sathish was really fed up with this. Slowly one by one, all the parts got in & we had an initial test by rotating the chain & manually shifting the gear.


Things looks to be in place...​
The unit test resulted positive which we celebrated with me sponsoring a cup of coffee to Sathish & his helping hands :partyman:. Meanwhile, DP mechanic turned up & after his inspection, he told there was some minor adjustment & he has corrected it boosting some more confidence in me. While DP mechanic was about to leave, Sathish whispered me to give him 100 bux & I did accordingly thanking him a lot. Was wondering whether I paid 100 bux for his inspection or boosting my confidence :confused:.

With Gear Box completely fixed, Sathish took a break to get other customers minor issues rectified. After a small break from my bullet, he got back again & fixed the Clutch Box as well. Now with everything fixed as it should have been, it was time for some real time testing. Not only myself & Sathish, but all the nearby localities were very curious to see my bullet moving ahead.
Sathish kick started my machine, applied first gear,

“Dugh dugh dugh.....” flew away in no time =D>=D>=D>....
“Hurry!!! My machine is back in shape...” I just couldn’t believe it in my eyes. Localities were about to dance I guess :supz:. They were very happy as me for sure. Sathish came back after 10 mins & told he has tested till 4th gear & everything is fine.


Test ride of the fix done!​
“Nodona naanu ondu round hogi bartini!!! (Let’s see I will go for a round!!!)” I said & flew away. “That’s great.. Simply great!!!” I said to myself & went to refill the fuel. But after that, bike was not starting at all. Pushed it back to Satish’s garage as fuel station was hardly 50 mtrs from garage.

“Gaadi start agta illa!!! (Bike is not starting!!!)” I said bit worried :(.
“Spark plug hogirbeku... Nangu ondsala off aithu (Spark plug might have gone.. Even for me it got off once)”... “Nan hatra extra spark plug ide (I have extra spark plug)” & gave him the spare one I had in my spare parts cover.
“Yenella hidkondidhira???(What others things you have)” Satish asked inquisitively.
“Tubes, Puncture Kit, Clutch & Throttle cable, Spark Plug, Head light bulb, Chain link lock, Kick spring” I said glancing at my spare parts cover.
“Parvagilla full prepare aage hogtira bidi!!! (No worries!!! You go completely prepared)” He patted the preparations I make before every trip :cool:.
With everything in place after 2 days, I asked him “Yestaithu heli!!! (Tell me how much)”... “Saavirada munnooru kodi!!! (give thousand three hundred)”... “Ri yen heltidira??? (Boss what you are telling)” “saavirada ainnooru kelona anta idde aadru kedimene keltidini (Thought of asking 1500 but then decided to ask less)”

After few more confirmations, I handed him 1300 bux as he had done it successfully & more over he had got my hope back. While we were on our negotiation, localities were closing eyeing my wallet & his mouth. Might be they were betting against us.

Got back to lodge, loaded my bike & after settling the lodge bill, bid byes to Chitradurga by sharp 2:05 PM. Rode at 70’s till Sira & from there was constantly at 90’s. Gave my first stop at NICE Road & that too just for a photo of my bike with road as background.


Snap to end the Journey!!!​
At last, made it to my home by sharp 5:10 PM. Yes! In 3 hrs 5 mins, had covered 216 kms by nonstop riding :ctf2:. Before getting down from bike, looked at the mirror & said,
“Krishna!!! You just ROCK boy!!!” After parking the bike, said “I Love You!!! Get ready for the next run...” eyeing at my machine :-({|=.


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Kids from bro’s drawing class came out to see how a biker would look & after a glance at me & bull, their mouth had taken a shape of egg :shock:. Bro, sis-in-law & 8 months old Sathvik came out to greet me. After looking at Sathvik, for a moment forgot that I had just returned from a long ride \\:D/. Called up parents to inform my safe arrival back home.

Me: “Dad your son & his bike has successfully made it to Bangalore”
Dad: “When did you reach??? Howz the bike now???”
Me: “Just now... It’s perfect!!!”
Dad: “Now take rest! Wait will give to mom...”
Me: “I have reached home safely...”
Mom: “Reached safely na???”
Me: “Yes!”
Mom: “What was the problem in bike??”
Me: “Bearing inside the gear box had worn out & got it replaced!!!”
Mom: “Ok take rest & don’t roam around now!!!”

Had hot water bath & did nothing except resting & playing with Sathvik whole evening. Home food tastes super excellent if one has it after a long time & same happened with me :rolleyes:. The dinner tasted exceptional. With tired me lied on bed & before I could close the account, entire trip splashed in front of me.
Royal Rajasthan.jpg

Somewhere in mid of deep sleep, my mind quoted “Congrats Krishna! That’s an epic voyage you had. But mind you!!! You have not unplugged LADAKH yet!!!” :rock::rock::rock:.......

So the journey will continue again....