Royal Rajasthan Ride and Little RoK for Bonus


The Turbocharger
Day 3 : 25 Dec 2011 Start

Route : Udaipur - Chiloda Circle - Gandhi Nagar - Sarkhej(Ahmadabad Ring Road) - Sanand - Viramgam - Dhrangadhra - Halvad
Udaipur, Rajasthan, India to Halvad, Gujarat, India - Google Maps

Since our plan was changed last evening. So the new destination for day 3 changes to Little RoK instead of Mt. Abu. We woke up pretty early and left the hotel at 6:15AM. Soon we are at the border of Rajasthan and Gujarat.

Rajasthan Ends here and Gujarat starts :)


We had our first cup of tea at the border.
Tea making in progress


at 10:30AM we reached Chiloda Circle. From here you can by-pass Ahmadabad city and turn right towards GandhiNagar to reach Ahmadabad Ring road.

I was working in Ahmadabad in 2007. My First Job:rolleyes:. SO I had to meet couple of friends there but the plan was to avoid Ahmadabad city.
So, I asked my frinds to come over to Sarkhej(which falls on Ahmadabad Ring Road). We had our lunch there. Since we are in Gujarat non-veg was not available :(



The Turbocharger
Day 3 : 25 Dec 2011 End

We took a big break at Sarkhej, nearly 2 hrs gossiping with friends. After 2:00PM we took the road towards Sanand.
I knew two entry point for the Little RoK 1. Halvad, 2.Zainabad. But we were not sure where to go. From Viramgam village you can go to either Halvad or Zainabad.
So we decided to reach Viramgam first and decide where to go next.

At Viramgam, we decided to go towards Halvad and make that as our entry point to Little RoK. So from there we took the road through Viramgam --> Malvad --> Dhrangadhra --> Halvad.
At 4:45PM we reached Halvad BY-pass and asked about stay option in Halvad. We came to know there are some lodges there inside the Halvad town.

Entry to Halvad Town

Soon we are at Pooja Guest House, Halvad. We got a nice room for Rs.200/- :), freshen up and moves to wards the market.


To our disappointment its a pure pandit village and we did not get any non-veg there as well, even no Egg :( .
There we interacted some local and asked how to cross the Rann. they said us from Halvad you have to go to around 20KM to the village Tikar, where the actual Rann starts.
we took an early dinner and retired for the day.

Total Distance Covered in Day3 : 410.4KM

Total Distance Covered : 410.4KM
Fooding Expense(for two) : Rs.320/-
Lodging Expense(for two) : Rs.200/-


The Turbocharger
Day 4 : 26 Dec 2011 Start

Route : Halvad - Jogad - Adesar - Santalpur - Radhanpur - Disa - Palanpur - Abu Road - Mt. Abu

Google map link below is from Adesar to Mt Abu. No Google Map route for Halvad to Adesar through Little RoK.

Adesar, Gujarat, India to Mt Abu, Rajasthan, India - Google Maps

We did not left our hotel early as we were not sure about the route. So, started little late so that we can ask someone on the road.
Left Halvad at 7:30AM towards the Tikar village which is around 20KM from Halvad.

Halvad Railway station

A cotton firm enroute to Tikar

Road from Halvad to Tikar

Spoted huts like this enroute. The owner was gone to Rann with some foreign tourist for Jeep Safari.

Instead of going towards Tikar we end up in another village named as Jogad before that. from Jogad also one can enter the Rann, if you don't wish to go till Tikar village.


People treated us a alien in Jogad village. You can spot mine and Ganesh's bike inside the crowd.

This road below will lead you to the Little RoK.