Rupin Valley to Supin Valley & Baraadsar Lake trek : Dec 2010


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Announcing next trek of INMANTEC Adventure club, with the itinerary below

Dec 17 : Delhi-Dehradun-Netwar
Dec 18: Netwar to Dhaula (1,500m), 10km drive and trek to Bitri (2,500m), 2km/6hrs;
Dec 19: Trek from Bitri (2,500m) to Masundha Dhar (3,600m), 16km/8hrs;
Dec 20: Trek from Masundha Dhar (3,600m) to Dhalka Dhar (3,500m), 5km/4hrs;
Dec 21: Trek from Dhalka Dhar (3,500m) to Dev Bhasa (3,650m), 4km/4hrs;
Dec 22: Trek from Dev Bhasa (3,650m) to Baraadsar Ridge (4,400m) and return to meadow below Dev Bhasa (3,250m), 12km/9hrs;
Dec 23: Trek through Rehla, Phitari to Dhara (2,000m) at the confluence of the Obra and Supin, 15km/7hrs;
Dec 24: Dhara (2,000m) to Jakhol, the road head (2,200m), 5km/3hrs. Drive another 22km to Netwar.
Dec 25 : Netwar-Dehradun-Delhi
Dec 26 : Buffer

10 Days Ex-Delhi !!

Our Guide/agency has done the same itinerary twice & one of his trek reports with Mr Maninder Kohli has featured in Outlook traveler too !!

Costing would be approx 13K per person, ex-Delhi !! This is rough estimate, depending on my past experiences !! May vary as per group size !!

This would be a tough trek in December to do !!

A Glimpse of the lake & trek route (from Sept 2008 & Sept 2009)

Last Village, Bitri :
500 (20).JPG

Camp site Mansudhadhar:
500 (41).JPG

Swargarohini :
500 (44).JPG

Walk to Dev Bhasa :
500 (71).JPG

Baraadsar Ridge :
500 (117).JPG

Lake :
Picture 039.JPG

Picture 041.JPG

Snow fields near lake :

Slope down to Lake :

The pics are clicked by Mr Maninder Kohli & our guide Chain Singh !!
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where eagles dare

this gonna be something out of this world trek, scaling 4400 mtrs in December will be just like Alaska i guess,
best of luck and lots of wishes Amit babu :D


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Thanks a lot Deepak & Tilak !!

Tilak, I am not very sure whether we'd be able to cross the Baraadsar Ridge, it totally depends on the snowfall this year end !! However, we'd sure be able to cross over from Rupin to Supin Valley !! Baraadsar would be an added adventure !! :)

where eagles dare

i can understand how tough it gonna be bhai, but hats off to you for planning such tough trek... by hardship from you ppl, we will be able to see nature in its purest form :D
snowfall will definitely play a crucial part in your itinerary... am also praying for my winter trek to Nandikund :)