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Gaurav Chopra

zestbiker-if there is a SPIRIT,I ride it
Beautiful roads you feasted on Sajal ji-The NS200 , the 1100D and YOU must have had an awesome time.Would love to ride these roads myself.


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7. Day 5 = 30th Sept 2015

Guwahati to Sohra (Cherrapunjee) = PART - II.

Now I was riding on most beautiful and scenic road towards Cherrapunjee( Sohra )

The Landscape around was breathtaking

Those green mountains ….

Along with the beautiful roads…

I used to stop every now & then to capture the beauty.

Shadow of clouds were making mountains amazing.

There are mountains on left side of the road.

Stopping and looking at the good scenic points.

Imagine riding on mountain top road with scenic mountains view on left side.

More mountains

The journey from Shillong to Cherrapunjee is a great experience through some unique landscapes

And there was a lake also

I was riding at a height of 4500 feet and all big lush green mountains were on left side.

Just imagine how it will look in case of full rains

At 1.20 pm saw some houses on the right side of the road.

Shadow of cloud on vast landscape

Imagine staying in these houses with great landscape around.

Then comes the first big waterfall of Sohra (Cherrapunjee)….Wah Kaba Waterfall…

Here we can see the waterfall from top.

But from this view point one cannot see full waterfall.

This is the mountain top road in which I was riding. See the depth of mountains.

It was around 1.40 pm, and I was looking lunch. I saw this on right side of road.
The name was attractive and place was good. So I decided to have my lunch there.

I had Rice-Dal-Sanji for the lunch.

Moving ahead I was trying to find a place from where I can see Wah Kaba Waterfall from front. At 2.10 pm, found that place also.

There I met these young boys, they all asked me about my bike ride and gave me a round of applause after learning about my past rides . I clicked a picture with them.

It was best place to pose with Wah Kaba Waterfall.

This is another view of Wah Kaba Waterfall with big mountains around.

A close up picture of Wah Kaba Waterfall.

Suddenly saw clouds coming and covering the view of waterfall.

In this area, we need patience to see the beauty of the place.
Riding ahead saw a road going on right side with sign board of Dainthlen Waterfall.
I saw a small waterfall with clear water.

Water was so clear and one can wish having bath in that fresh water

I thought it to be Dainthlen waterfall. There was nobody around whom I can ask. So I moved ahead and then I saw this big water stream.

After crossing a bridge on that water stream, saw this on left side of road.

Saw a car with some boys on it parked ahead. I rode till the end of the cliff and parked my bike.

This was last off road, where I can take my bike.

Then I saw this magnificent waterfall …Dainthlen Waterfall.

View with my bike.

Another view.

Sound of falling water was soothing.

I walked ahead to get better view of waterfall from front.

See the clear water of this Dainthlen Waterfall.

Another view…Can you see my bike ?

There is protective railing for visitors.

But one has to cross this main water stream to see front view. I removed my shoes and crossed it.

That is the bridge you have to cross to reach here. Those boys having fun in water steam.

This is view of the area from the top of waterfall.

This waterfall has an interesting legend associated with it.

The waterfall derives its name from a Thlen (Khasi word for Python). As per the legend, people decided to rid themselves of evil, captured the Thlen and killed it at the wide flat rock over-looking the waterfall.Adjacent to the very spot where the Thlen was slaughtered lies the Dain-thlen Waterfalls.
This info board tells it all about it.

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This waterfall is 5 km inside from main road. Riding back saw some lush landscapes.

I have seen such landscapes in my south India ride also.

At 3.40pm reached Sohra main market.

So finally I reached Sohra from Cuttack, Odisha riding 1655 km.
One part of Dream was fulfilled.

Suddenly I got a call from Harsh, he told that he is only 10 km from Sohra and is reaching shortly….! I was surprised. I left at 6.10 am and reached Sohra at 3.40 pm and he is reaching in 15 minutes and that to after repairing his bike !
He reached Sohra Main Market at 3.55pm.
He told me that he did not get needed spare so he went to a welding garage and sprocket hub was welded with nuts. This was his last option and he started from Guwahati at 10 am after welding job done.
I was really very fast of Harsh, to reach so early. He also saw Elephant waterfall and Air Force museum on the way. In Shillong police caught him for not wearing helmet and fined Rs.400/=. After all this he reached Sohra just 15 minutes after me.

We had planed to stay with “By The Way” home stay. It was 2-3 km away from Main Market.
On the way saw this important info board. Clicked a picture here for memory and rememberance.

We stayed with “By The Way” home stay for Rs.250 per person. Owner’s name is Haprit (09856630274). You can his picture below.

We went to see seven sister waterfall, but there were too much clouds restricting its view. And at 5.30 pm there was dark. We met a die hard trekker from Delhi…Mr Chander. He shared the same room with us.
I had dinner of noodles.

In the night we listened to Haprit and his friend’s songs and went to sleep. His friend is a quarry worker but sings so well, that to all English songs. He also played guitar along with singing. Haprit and his friend circle are fans of “HARDCORE”.
This was our ride map for the day.

HERE for next update.

Coming up….next…. Around Sohra (Cherrapunjee), Kynrem Waterfall (7th Highest in India), Single & Double Decker Living root bridges, Seven Sister waterfall (5th Highest of India).
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