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We started climbing foot steps to reach back to top. This time I kept my camera inside back pack and just concentrated on trek.
Many village children were coming down after attending school. These children trek up and down daily just to go to school. Salute to them.

Cycling and other preparation of mine helped me here. I reached top at 12.45 pm. In last steep steps I used to climb 20 steps and rest for 15 seconds and again repeating that. All my water in bottle was finished.

Then we went to see Laitkynsew view point.

one can see Bangladesh plain from here.

View was good, but my camera could not capture it fully.
A direction board for Laitkynsew view point.

I saw at least four Bangladeshi telecom tower signals on my mobile.

We saw direction board of Cherrapunjee Holiday Resort and decided to have lunch there. The owner of that resort had a little talk with us about our ride. He told us that he used to work at Odisha and used to ride on different placed of Odisha during that period. He also recommended us to have food at his son’s Orange Roots hotel, which is just before Sohra.

He also gave us a map.

I had Roti, Potato mash and Dal for lunch. It was very tasty.

After food we started riding towards Kynrem Waterfall. The descend road was very bad with lots of big pebbles. At 3.00pm we saw a waterfall but it was not that big.

Cloud were also coming from Bangladesh side, we feared that our waterfall view will be disturbed.

But that was not Kynrem waterfall.
Riding further ahead suddenly see this big waterfall.

This was the Kynrem waterfall.

It was looking majestic. But clouds were coming fast to obstruct the view.

This is only waterfall in Sohra (Cherrapunjee) will can be seen from bottom to top.
All other waterfall here can be seen from top side only.

Kynrem waterfall is the 7th Highest waterfall of India.

It is 1000 feet waterfall

Posed here with a picture with 7th Highest Waterfall of India.

Another view after riding near to it.

That’s tired me with my bike & waterfall in background.

Another view.

This waterfall has two big parts. One is the top one.

And bottom second one.

There was view point there. I told Harsh to go there and click one picture of mine with waterfall. Can you find me somewhere?

I am here!

Meghalaya Tourism Department’s info board.

Now we were confirmed that it was Kynrem waterfall for sure.

Harsh found an angle to click me with bike and waterfall in visible frame.

It was 4.10 pm now and clouds started moving fast towards mountains from Bangladesh side.
Our next target was seven sister waterfall. Riding ahead, at 4.30pm we could see this view of Bangladesh plains.

My camera was unable to capture it, due to low light and clouds around.

At 5.00 pm were in front of Seven Sister waterfall. This waterfall is called Nohsngithiang or Mawsmai waterfall also.

But clouds were obstructing the view.
I tried to click a picture using my mobile.

Suddenly the area was full of clouds only. Visibility reduced for that.
After all we were all Cherrapunjee …..one of the wettest place of earth.

Waited long, but could not get clear view due to clouds and dark after sunset.

we came back to “By The Way” home stay. These are some useful maps given by the owner to us.

I had dinner at Gemi’s Restaurant. It was soup and rice-dal.
I was not in good mood due to clouds at Seven Sister waterfall. I will have to visit it again tomorrow for better view.

This was our ride map for the day.

Google GPS link:

ps. Bhai logo ko mere saath din bhar ghumane ka maza aaya ki nahi ? ;)

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Coming up….next…. Nohkalikai Waterfall ( 4th Highest in India), Seven Sister waterfall (5th Highest of India), Mawsmai cave, EcoPark….& Ride to Barpeta Road
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Still Learning ©


Still Learning ©
Excellent Sajal Bhai
Bravo... !!
I have seen the pictures of Harprit's colorful scooter earlier
Lucky you Sajal bhai atleast able to see water falls.. the day i visited it was completely cloudy the entire day which was so frustrating
Thanks @sanuroxz Bhai... That scooter is a rare one ;)
And his name is Haprit and not HARPRIT ...ha ha ...punjabi munda nahi hai ...

The Eco part you visited is the point where Seven Sister waterfall 's water starts falling for over 1000 feet