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9. Day 7 = 2nd Oct., 2015

Around Sohra (Cherrapunjee) then to Barpeta Road.

Total km traveled 313. Ride time 6.00AM to 6.45 PM.
I rode around to Sohra (Cherrapunjee), covering Nohkalikai waterfall, EcoPark, Seven Sister Waterfall, Mawsmai caves & then ride to Barpeta Road

For this day, I wanted to visit Seven Sister Waterfall and Mawsmai caves, but Harsh wanted to visit cleanest village of Asia Mawlynnong. So we decided that after visiting Nohkalikai waterfall, I will stay till noon at Sohra & Harsh will move ahead.
At 6 am, Harsh was ready with luggage.

We rode together till Nohkalikai waterfall. At 6.20 am we were there. Nobody was there at that time. No tourist, no shops open & nobody to collect entry fee also.

I had dreamed to visiting Nohkalikai waterfall after my Ladakh ride of 2014.

Sun was rising and the waterfall area was half filled with morning sun rays.

Below the waterfall, there is a plunge pool formed with blue color water.

Nohkalikai waterfall is the tallest plunge waterfall in India and its height is 1115 feet.
It is 4th highest in India.

There is long view area for this waterfall with protective railing. But nobody was there except me and Harsh.

I took a picture of myself with Nohkalikai for remembrance.

My wish in my interview with The Times of India, was now fulfilled.

That is Harsh with Nohkalikai waterfall.

Some information about this waterfall.

I posed with my bike there.

One can get amazing view of mountains around there.

There is lush green area on top.

If you come here after 10 am, you will not see this place empty like this.

The name of this waterfall in local Khasi language means “jump of Ka Likai” in linked to a legend about local women Likai, who jumped off the cliff.

You cannot take you eyes off the pure blue water down there.

Then Harsh left and I was enjoying the beauty around. One hotel was open there and I ordered Chole Puri.

The hotel was having a balcony on waterfall side. I decided to have breakfast sitting there.

What a feeling to have breakfast with sound of water falling 1115 feet.

After that I started for Eco Park and reach there at 7.45 am.

This Eco Park is made in area just above Seven Sister waterfall. So one can see the waterfall from top.

This stream fall down to became seven sister waterfall.

Water was very less, but during peak monsoon view will be different.

There are seven of such water streams.

There are many view points with protective railing. The sound of falling water is soothing.

It was 8.00 am and there was nobody there. It seems all tourists visit these places in noon and evening only. The clouds had entered the Eco Park also that time.

Another view point.

Clouds were restricting the full view.

That is the view of Polo Orchid Resort from Eco Park. The road towards this resort offers good view of Eco Park and Seven Sister Waterfalls.

View of second water stream falling.

This is view opposite site.

There were eight such water streams there and all except one fall down the cliff. The one which does not fall down is called missing falls. Perhaps it mixed with another waterfall stream underground.

Barrages are created to store some water of water stream.

Some more water storages inside Eco Park.

This is guide map of Eco Park.

View points and ancient monoliths made by king.

Since nobody was around in that part at that time, I did't have to pay entry and camera fees also.
Finally at 8.20 am, I got full clear view of Seven Sister waterfall.

The view point on the way to Polo Orchid Resort.

View from that view point.

This is my bike posing with 5th highest waterfall of India.

Time for me to pose there.

I could see only 2-3 water streams falling at Seven Sister Waterfall. But during full monsoon, one can see all seven.

The top green area of the waterfall is Eco Park.

I posed again there with 1033 feet waterfall before leaving.

The Seven Sister Waterfall is called Nohsngithiang or Mawsmai waterfall also.

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At 8.40 am, I reached Mawsmai cave.

Saw some more monoliths there. In ancient times these monoliths were sign of Kings Area or kingdom.

The direction board towards Mawsmai waterfall.

I reached there too early. The entry board and guide map of cave.

No visitors were there at that time. So I had to pay Rs.60 as entry fee in stead of regular Rs.20. This was clearly mentioned in info board.

Some view inside cave.

My camera was unable to focus due to low light inside.

This is the exit of that cave.

After that I came to my home stay to pack my luggage and move towards Guwahati.
A view between mawsmai cave and my home stay at 9.30am.

Suddenly I was not feeling well and my stomach was upset. I went to toilet twice before leaving.

I paid charges to Mr. Haprit of By The Way home stay, and tied my entire luggage with bike. It was 11.15 am. This is picture of Mr.Haprit with my bike.

This is famous Ramkrishna Mission of Sohra.

At 11.50 am, I reached Orange Roots hotel and had light lunch. This hotel is owned by the son of Cherrapunjee Resort and serves Vegetarian food. It is just outside Sohra.
I also took medicines for controlling loose motion as my stomach was upset.

At 1.00pm, I reach Shillong. Today was 2nd October and there was some half marathon event under banner of Swachh Bharat.

At 1.20 pm, I reached Umiam Lake of Shillong. The view of lake was mesmerizing.

During morning, afternoon and evening the look of this lake and surrounding area are different.

Last view of the lake after Lahdung Dam.

After that I did not stop anywhere for pictures. After reaching Guwahati, I talked with Harsh and he was on outskirts of Guwahati after visiting visit cleanest village of Asia Mawlynnong.

I crossed Straight Bridge on Brahmaputra River. And waited for Harsh at a petrol pump at Kali Pahar area. Then together we rode till Barpeta Road, crossing Rangia, Nalbari, Pathsala & Howly.

We searched for some hotel with parking at Barpeta Road, & finally stayed at Hotel Queens Castle for Rs.500/=.

I had two dosas for dinner & Amul Taaja Milk and some bakery snacks.

This was our ride map for the day.

Google GPS link:-

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Coming up….next…. Barpeta Road to Siliguri via Buxa tiger reserve, JaldaparaNational Park, & my health problem
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You're fortunate to visit Sohra with clear sky. It's a scary experience when it rains.

Good that you had wonderful views there.

Waiting for the next. :)