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sajal seth that was really courageous of you to ride along with tummy trouble. hats off to you mate:supz:=D>:prayer: for having taken beautiful snaps in poor health too. hope the medicines cured you quickly.


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11. Day 9 = 4th Oct., 2015

Siliguri to Gairibash.

Total km traveled 96. Ride time 7.10AM to 5.20 PM.
We rode to Gairibash passing Mirik, Pashupatinagar, Simana, Manebhanjang, Chitrey, Lameydhura, Meghma, Tonglu, &Tumling.

Sandakphu is one of those few places in India (if not the only one) from where you can have a panoramic view of 4 of the world's five highest peaks, namely Mt.Everest, Mt.Kanchendzonga, Mt.Makalu and Mt.Lhotse.

There is no metallic road past Chitrey or 3km past Manebhanjang. 28 km out of 31kms to Sandakphu is a stoned way where Land rovers ply!
During my planning of Sandakphu ride, I came across many travelogue and websites. I collected some maps and info data, & I want to share will you all for your future visit to Sandakphu. These are not mine, credit goes to respective owners.

Last night me and Neel Dey, decided to start at 6.30 am. I took only needed luggage in claw, keeping rest in backpack in store room of hotel. I woke up early to achieve a dream to ride bike up to Sandakphu.
I was ready at 6.30 am with all luggage tied up and was waiting for Neel to arrive.

But he arrived at 7.10 am and we started our ride towards Mirik via Matigara. We crossed Putinbari tea garden, Simulbari tea garden, Raki forest, Bamonpokhari forest, Marionbari tea garden, Balasan forest, Longview tea garden, crossed BalasonRiver, Gyabaree tea garden.
The road was nice with lots of greenery and tea gardens.

At around 8.25 am, I had my first fall of the ride. In fact this was my first fall among all my past rides. This was due to my mistake of pulling front disk brake on a slippery road.
My right leg guard and rear brake lever bent due to fall.

In the mean time we crossed Singbulli tea garden, Purba Phuguri and Paschim Phuguri tea garden. A picture of scenic tea estate roads.

At 9 am we reached Mirik at 4900 feet. I got my bike repaired at a welding garage.

Mirik is a picturesque tourist spot nestled in the serene hills. This is Sumendu or MirikLake, surrounded by a garden on one side and pine trees on the other side. It is linked together by an arching bridge called Indreni pull or Rainbow bridge.

Riding ahead there was great view of hills around.

We crossed Thurbo tea estate, Bukim tea garden, Okaity tea garden and Gopaldhara tea estate riding on beautiful road.

We reached Pashupatinagar at 10.00 am. We had breakfast here. We also entered Nepal from here to pose in front of this WELCOME TO NEPAL board.

Neel Da also posed here.

Our next target was Simana Basti. Road with big pine trees around was pleasure to ride.

There is a under construction downhill road towards Manebhanjang, by passing Simana. We took that short cut. This was our first view of Manebhanjang.

The mountains around were giving good view.

This is Nepal view with a road going towards it.

The short cut road was like off road with lots of descend.

Opps….I just passed a king…yes king of Sandakphu road.

We had to ride down carefully.

At 11 am we reached Manebhanjang.

There is another Kind of Sandakphu road…. A Land Rover with 4 wheel drive. …. It must be at least 50-60 years old.

At 11.10 am we reached Visitor’s Center of Singalila National Park. We wanted to register here and buy entry ticket but there was nobody here and office was closed.

The road towards Sandakphu starts in front of this office.

Some more maps and information about road to Sandakphu was there.

We were at 700 feet. Sandakphu was 31 km from here and was at 11929 feet. A big day for me & I posed with this info board.

This is Neel Day at same place.

We started riding on ascend; the road was good till Chitrey.

This was view of Manebhanjang after riding up.

I loved riding on these curves.

We reached Chitrey Monastery at 11.40 am.

Here again my health issue propped up. I had to go to toilet. The loose motions issue haunted me again here. But there was toilet near gate of Monastery. It took time as I had to remove all thermals and winter wear.

Neel Da was waiting there and taking pictures around.

At 12pm we were ready to leave.

A view of road ahead.

Riding ahead I saw lots of prayer flags in green patches.

Neel Da also arrived there.

I was looking like a Robocop with all the riding accessories.

Now the good road ended and riding will be a different game from here onward.

View looking back.

It was not easy to ride on these boulders off road. We had to be very careful riding on these.

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