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We were now going to ride towards clouds.

Neel Da’s Avenger with a tank view.

This is the road.

Riding ahead, there were two Land Rovers coming down with passengers. A small traffic jam as the road was just fit for one four wheel only.

The passengers were tourist and were surprised to see motorcycle riding towards this trekking route. They stopped to clicked pictures of our bikes.

They got more adventurous and sat on my parked bike to click pictures.

I allowed them to click but told them to be careful and advised not to fall with bike.
I also took picture of King of Sandakphu roads. These Land Rovers were made in England at Birmingham.

This is a view of trekking route.

I and Neel Da were stopping every now and then taking pictures of each other and the scenic beauty around.

I was happy to live my dream.

Now Lameydhura was 1 km ahead.

The distance between Chitrey and Lameydhura is about 3.5 km. The road was having lots of old green trees.

The road was having good forest cover.

There were two roads, one for us and other for trekkers. Some trekkers were also coming down. This picture is not taken by drone!

I had to keep riding with both legs down fearing a fall on this off road full of boulders.

We met some trekkers going down.

Road with lots of ascend.

There was short cut for trekkers in some places. Some trekkers on that separate trek route.

At 1.00pm we were nearing Lameydhura. This is first view of that.

Road condition was same towards Lameydhura also.

That is Neel Da’s Avenger posing on those off roads.

There were two eateries there.

We decided to have food here.

Few travelers were coming down on a Land Rover and they took break there. One gentleman came and watched my bike. He then asked me that “ARE YOU SAJAL SHETH ? I have read your travelogue on DEOMALI-Highest place of Odisha at BcmTouring and I can recognize you and your motorcycle”

I and Neel Da were surprised and I felt happy that at least writing travelogue made me famous J . If feels so good if someone recognize you at unknown place.
We took this picture for remembrance.

I told that gentleman to read my travelogue on Sandakphu & I will feature him also in a picture.

It was lunch time and I was having fear of loose motion, so I skipped lunch. But need Da had tasty noodles. I just tasted 2 -3 spoons full for taking medicine.

Neel Da is looking like a SWAT team member!

We also met one foreigner who as trekking at this senior age also. Only one word for him- Respect.

At 1.30pm we started riding again towards Meghma.

There was another eatery ahead.

The road looking back.

The road ahead.

Tonglu was 4 km ahead, Sandakphu 25 and Meghma 2 km from here.

There are no roads that would be more attractive and spectacular than those that have the mesmerizing and dangerous turns.

It was pleasure to see those trees.

I was riding carefully on those dangerous roads.

Some different roads.

Neel Da waiting for me on a curve for taking picture of me riding.

Between Lameydhura and Meghma, we came across a small but scenic lake.

Clouds around was making view more scenic.

Little easy road ahead.

View around was great with big mountains and clouds.

We could see a very small village ahead. It was Meghma.

Tonglu was 3 km and Meghma 1 km ahead.

We rode only 7 km from Manebhanjang !! We started at around 11am and now it was 2pm. We rode Seven km only in three hours!

Road ahead was little easy with little ascend.

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Can you see the roads in that mountain ahead of Meghma ?

Ascend again.

We were now riding with clouds.

This is view of mountain with trekking route.

Well written.

A view of Megma or Meghma at 9500 feet. Left side is Monastery and right side is SSB, Shashatra Seem Bal of India.

This Monastery is on Nepal side.

We registered our name and rode ahead. There were two roads ahead of Meghma. Both go to Tumbling. Left one goes via Nepal and right one via India and passes through Tonglu. I inquired about the road with locals.

Since we wanted to visit Tonglu also we took right side road which is ascending.
We started riding uphill, a view looking back.

This is view of trekking route.

Some dangerous turns, but concrete on turn made it safe.

But it was too steep.

Looking back at Meghma after a steep ascend ride.

See the road which I rode on left side.

We were now riding with clouds.

See the road from bottom right to top left, do you feel the danger?

A view behind.

Then I had my second fall on curve. Since my bike was tall and my legs were not touching ground on curves, I fell here. Neel Da had advantage of short bike. But it was a slow fall, hence no injury to me or bike.

Neel Da inspecting my bike after fall. We took a small break there.

I again started riding on steep off road, but carefully.

At 3 pm we reached Tonglu. Met this happy local gentleman and inquired about the road condition ahead.

He also took one picture of us together.

I must mention here that this ride of Sandakphu would not have been possible without support of Neel Dey. He stood by me everywhere. If he was riding ahead, he will keep an eye on me via rear view mirror and so will I.
We planned a strategy. One will ride two corners and wait for other rider, and then other rider will overtake and wait after riding two corners. This way we collaborated and made this ride slow but safe.

I will always give credit of my Sandakphu ride to Neel Day. As after withdrawal of Harsh from this ride, it might not have been possible for me to ride solo on these dangerous off roads.

You can ride solo to Ladakh & Zanskar, but it is not advisable to ride solo to Sandakphu.

We started our ride towards Tumling. It was 2 km ahead and Sandakphu 21 km ahead.

If you fall from this road towards right, God only know what will happen. We were at 10000 feet.

We were riding around cloud, entering and coming out of clouds.

Then we saw a small lake before Tumling.

It was not scenic but clouds around were making it look different.
I took some pictures there.

That’s Neel Da’s Avenger posing with lake.

Some flowers near one house.

Riding ahead I saw this stunning view.

This was stunning view of Tumling. It was a cover picture view with clouds crossing hill & some special light effect by God.

That is me posing with that spectacular view.

I reached Tumling at 3.40pm. There are two roads after Tumling. Left one goes via Joubari of Nepal and right one goes via Singalila National Park Check post. All left side houses are in Nepal and right side is India. The left road is in bad condition and right one is in better condition.

There were some lodges there.

We were at height of 9700 feet.

Neel Da arriving.

There was a tourist map of Mechi zone of Nepal.

Some flowers.

And the King was standing proudly.

We started riding towards Singalila National Park Check Post. At 3.50pm we reached there. The road hereafter is fully concrete up to Gairibash, but passes through dense forest.
It was 6 km ahead.

We stopped there and then a staff of National Park asked about entry ticket. We told that Manebhanjang office was closed, so he asked to buy entry ticket.

This is the entry ticket I bought showing Tumling check post stamp with date of
4th October, 2015. He did not charge us for camera.

We were riding on the best road after Chitrey. The road is on descend and is fully concrete road up to Gairibash. We rode slowly in this 6 km road to enjoy the beauty of dense forest. At 4.30pm we reached Gairibash. There is a SSB (Shashtra Seem Bal) check post there. After consulting with our SSB personnel at check post, we decided to end our day there.

One reason was it was at 8600 feet, which will help our body in acclimatization. It is better to stay at low height at night. We had reached 10000 feet today from 400 feet and now it is better to stay at 8600 feet.

Secondly there was a Government Trekkers hut with all facility including safe parking, cozy bed and food.

Reached at this Trekkers Hut at 5.20pm at booked a bed for Rs.110 only. Food cost extra.

There were no tourist except me and Neel Da that night at Hut.
We could see clear sky at night. I tried some flop photography of stars at night.

I had light dinner with loose motion medicines. Also took lukewarm water with lime after dinner. It was cold night and we used two three blankets.

Sandakphu was another 13 km ahead.

This was our ride map for the day.

Google GPS link:-

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Coming up….next…. Reaching SANDAKPHU.
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