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T-Point at right bottom
How is this road made ?
or Lens Distortion ?

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Suicide Point ?

@adsatinder ji.... no lens distortion..... see these two pics ... :)


Not a suicide point but definitely a take off place :) :) :) :yawinkle:

Superb stuffs Sajal bhai
Hats off
Thank you @sanuroxz bhai..

Sajal sir...excellent..mindblowing...what a man you are!!!
Thank you @harpra ji....for the appreciation.


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12. Day 10 = 5th Oct., 2015

Gairibash to Sandakphu.

Total km traveled 14. Ride time 7.00AM to 12.30 PM.
We rode to Sandakphu passing Kaiyankata, KalaPokhari, Bikeybhanjyang.

I woke up early after dreaming about Sandakphu in early morning. I wanted to see sunrise, but from Gairibash it is not properly visible. Mist had made my bike wet and just wiping it made bike look clean. View of my bike at 5.45 AM outside trekkers hut.

We had occupied a big room at Trekkers Hut. In peak season in case of over crowd, trekkers do sleep on floor, as per the lady caretaker.

After having light breakfast, we were ready to leave at 7.00 am. I had the needed medicines on time.

But my bike’s petrol indicator was showing less than half tank of petrol left. I had not topped up petrol at Mirik, thinking that with full tank bike’s weight will increase. With 10 liter petrol I can easily ride 220+ kms. But riding on 1st gear was consuming lots of fuel. This was my mistake.

The farewell view of the Trekkers Hut.

I started riding first. The road was steep ascend. I did not find Neel Da coming, so I stopped.

Neel Da came and told me that he registered at the Shasatra Seem Bal check post as I did not hear their call and rode ahead. He had to enter both bike and other details there.
Today it was a sunny day with lots of sunlight.

We followed yesterday policy of overtaking and stopping and every alternative turn.

We continued riding carefully. Some stretches were bad also.

But the turning was a concrete road, helping us on turn.

That cemented pillar on left is boundary mark between Nepal and India.

View of mountains on Nepal side.

We had to ride 14 km for today, so we were stopping every now & then. We were enjoying the view around and clicking lots of pictures.

At 8.25am we reached Kaiyankata.

Kalapokhari is another 4km ahead. There are two roads from here. One goes via mountain and other one via jungle road.
That Land Rover stopped and told us to go via jungle route.

Kaiyankata from Neel Da’s camera.

Going via forest route, at 9.00am we got first view of Sandakphu.

We saw a SSB post also from far.

Sandakphu was visible, but too far. We could see that danger mountain road from far.

At 9.10am we reached Kalaphokhari.

That’s me posing at Kalaphokhari. This place is a 10000 feet above sea level.

Since there as barricade at beginning and end of forest rode, we crossed it from side.

Lots of prayer flags at Kalaphokhari.

All the scenic mountains were on Nepal side.

The road which bifurcated at Kaiyankata, was again joining back at start of Kalapokhari.

A Land Rover is moving on road between greenery.

At 9.20 we reach Kalapokhari village. This is at 10196 feet.

Looking back at Kalapokhari

Nepal View

The road ahead was not good one.

My bike posing with green Kalaphokhari village on background.

Some worse road ahead.

The road was giving great view of Nepal side on left.
I posed there with beautiful mountains of Nepal on background.

Looking at Kalaphokhari village.

View of Sandakphu and the last tough road was becoming more n more clear with beautiful sunshine.

At 9.52am we crossed Bikeybhanjyang.

The road from Bikeybhanjyang to Sandakphu is the toughest one.

At some place we felt like climbing a tilted wall.

Now we need real skill and endurance.

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