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Look at the right side and feel ascend of road.

Neel Da riding with skill on a tilted wall type road.

More n more ascend.

I read somewhere that roads to Lahaul Spiti are most treacherous road, but I don’t think Roads to Sandakphu are less tough.

Riding on trekking route with lots of ascend is not easy.

The road was so much steep that we were riding with both legs down only to keep balance.

You need to be mentally strong to ride here.

Some trekkers were getting down. They were surprised to see two bikes riding on a trekking route.

They must be thinking about our madness.

And after a break the ride continues. Just imagine if one will fall here then he will just go tumbling down.

Now we could see the Indian side mountains, or more specifically opposite of Nepal side mountains.

Road to Sandakhpu is meant for trekking or for 4x4 vehicles only. But we climbed it with 1 wheel power only.

The sun rays shining on my left rear view mirror in above picture were giving me some signals, which I did not catch that time.

First view of snow capped mountains.

And the bad off road continues.

My both legs were not touching the ground, especially at ascend.

More view of snow capped mountains, is this Kangchenjunga?

It was 10.30am and Sandakphu was just 1 km ahead.

More steep road.

If you are tough, then the road to Sandakphu is tougher. Some are of 40 degree inclined.
See the ascend on right side road.

We were taking more n more rest as this steep road could burn our clutch plate. But for this 4x4 Mahindra Vehicle this was nothing. It was going non stop.

The last simple road before the great ascends of Sandakphu.

See how that Mahindra 4x4 is climbing the last steep road. We could hear loud engine sound from it.

Neel Da went first on that steep road.

The last 1km of Sandakphu road is not for ordinary rider. Now I understood why people say that you can see your nose tip at some placed at Sandakphu trek.

That road was damaged at turnings, making it more difficult. At one place Neel Da’s bike was unable to climb and even after applying breaks it was sleeping down. As Avenger bike is short in height, he did not fell down. I immediately parked my bike at a safe place and kept one stone behind his rear wheel. Pushing little could make bike go riding up again.

We came from this way.

The road was too much tough to ride. My bike’s height was a disadvantage here. My legs were not touching ground and making tougher for me. One mistake and you will go tumbling down.

Stopping and taking pictures was now also difficult as no safe place anywhere to park the bike.

But at 10.55am, we fine one safe place and took a break. It was needed to keep our bike safe from engine heat.

View of snow capped mountains becoming clearer.

This is view of Kalaphokhari village from there.

From here I decided to ride first and Neel Da will follow. I was over confident.

At around 11.05 am I fell down on ascend. The fall was a big one.

This was due to power loss of bike and wrong selection of bolder to ride on by me. Power loss may have happed due to steep ascend the petrol could not flow to carburetor from petrol tank.
The foot rest of left side pierced inside my left shoes. Riding gloves scratched badly.
Left rear view mirror broken. Leg guard was bended.
But due to Grace of God, I was safe. Only little scare was there on my left palm. My leg came out of shoes so leg was not damaged due to piercing of footrest into shoes.

But Neel Da was very prompt. He immediately came and lift me up. It took 5-10 minutes to keep bike in proper safe place. There was no other person to help us.

This third fall of mine was damaging one. It swayed & wavered our determination. Neel Da asked me that shall we pull out and go back? He was concern about my health.

I could see Sandakhpu from there. How can I pull out just when the target is only half km away? No doubt road is tough but we are not giving up. We will fight and achieve Sandakphu.

(Picture owner AmitMathur)

After some discussion, we decided to ride ahead after taking some rest. I decided that on steep ascends; I will get down from bike and walk with my bike in first gear.
But I did that for a few meters only.

At 12.15pm, we reached Sandakphu. We wanted to stay at forest rest house, but the caretaker did not allowed us. So we stayed at PWD rest house for Rs.500/=.

So finally overcoming all the troubles we made it.

That is SSB check post with India’s flag flying.

I had achieved a dream that day…..riding bike up to Sandakphu was accomplished.

The view of PWD guest house’s room.

And the dining area. We ordered food and moved around Sandakphu.


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