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Half of Sandakphu is in Nepal and rest in India.

The famous Sherpa Chalet Lodge there….but in Nepal side….showing PO MABU.

Opposite side of same is another building of same lodge which is in Indian side.
See the address there.

So left side of lodge building is in Nepal and right side after crossing road is in India.
We were not able to see snow capped mountains due to clouds.

This road goes to Nepal.

And this one is in India, from where we came riding.

This road goes to Phalut.

The clouds were moving and giving us view of snow capped mountains. Is that big one Kangchenjunga?

At 1.10pm we had lunch of Khichadi & papad.

After lunch, I took necessary medicines. It time to check up damages done to my bike by danger road of Sandakphu. Left view mirror broken due to third fall.

The left side foot rest of pierced inside my left shoes and a made a ventilation hole.

Scratches on bike’s body also.

Riding gloves scratched badly, but only a little scare was there on my left palm.
I thanked God for keeping me safe.

We inquired about the road condition to Phalut. Locals told us it was under repairs & no vehicles can go there. My petrol indicator was also showing less petrol in tank. So we decided not to go to Phalut and move around Sandakphu only.

This is famous Sherpa Chalet Lodge, run by Nepali brothers. They have also won annual contract to supply all things to SSB of India this year for around Rs.30 lacs. (as told to us by locals). This lodge can be seen from Kalaphokhari village onwards. This lodge has been a symbol of Sandakphu.

This is forest rest house, where we were denied our stay.

This is full Sandakphu village with most of the night stay lodges and hotels.

That is Neel Da posing before Forest Rest House.

We met a gentleman from Bangalore who came with his foreigner lady partner on trek. They were staying on this orange tent.

This is made in England Land Rover….kind of Sandakphu roads.

Inside view of Land Rover.

At around 4pm, clouds started moving and we could see some parts of snow capped Kangchenjunga range.

That is view of Darjeeling from Sandakphu.

Hello Harsh …..You must be enjoying your stay in Darjeeling…. I missed you at Sandakphu. Yes, if Harsh would have joined us then we would have become three musketeers of Sandakphu… .

Dear cloud, I pray to you….please move away and let me see Kangchenjunga please.

Sandakphu is part of SingalilaNational Park.

This is the road going towards Phalut.

The road goes via Sabargram to Phalut, which is at 11800 feet.

A 4x4 climbing up to Sandakphu…view from first floor of Sherpa Chalet Lodge.

The name Sandakphu or Sandakfu means “Height of the poison plants”. These are that poisonous flower plants…..by the way will eating this cure me?

My BSNL mobile was not able to connect and signal was very poor there. But Neel Da’s mobile was working at some places. He was having Aircel sim. I talked with my family and informed about my whereabouts and my achievement.

At 4.50pm, we got first view of KangchenjungaPeak. It is at 28169 feet.

Kangchenjunga is the third highest mountain in the WORLD and lies partly in Nepal and partly in Sikkim.

This is Padim mountain peak at 21950 feet.

It was 5.20pm and sun was setting down.

Last rays of sun kissing Kangchenjunga Mountain Range. From Sandakphu there are breathtaking views of the KangchenjungaRange.

What a view of sunset from 11929 feet at Sandakphu.

I was looking at sunset from highest place of West Bengal, Sandakphu…!

In this trip I visited highest place of Meghalaya on 30.9.2015 and today on 5.10.2015, I am at highest place of West Bengal! Thank you God for this.

Prayer flags at the dusk.

View at the end of twilight dusk at 5.30pm

Then at night we had Khichari and papad which costed Rs.150 per plate. Water bottle was Rs.40. Mobile charging Rs.50. There is no electricity at Sandakphu. All the needed water and food items are brought from Maneybhanjang via Land Rover and hence costly. The lady cook told us that she takes bath once a month due to water problem.

There is a trekkers hut at Sandakphu, where per bed charged are Rs.110 only & that is only economical thing at Sandakphu.

But for the combined view of Everest, Lhotse, Kangchenjunga, Makalu, Padim, Kabru, Jano, Simvo & three sisters mountains, all the trouble and cost is worth as you can see all these great mountain peaks at Sandakphu.

It was very cold at night and we went to sleep in our cozy bed in wooden room praying about a clear view sunrise.

This was our ride map for the day.

Google GPS link:-

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Coming up….next…. Great Sunrise at SANDAKPHU, EverestRange view, Ghoom & Siliguri.
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Plz Help Himabuj (Amit Tyagi) in Corona Fighting
T-Point at right bottom
How is this road made ?
or Lens Distortion ?

Suicide Point ?


@adsatinder ji.... no lens distortion..... see these two pics ... :)

Not a suicide point but definitely a take off place :):):):yawinkle:

This is Take-off Point for Heaven !

But I can't understand :
How they made this road ?

You cannot walk easily on this road and
You made a road by Road Roller ?
or even by concrete !
Only You can answer^ !