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Good that after all this effort, you could see Mt.K - it's like getting prasad after an arduous worship. Tremendous effort on your side. You documented it so well. =D>
Thank you @mousourik ji.


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Thank you @ravi200223 ji for lovely smileys

Great adventure on scary paths. Wonderful Achievement, you might have forgot all the falls.
Thank you @Shekar Reddy ji... After reaching Sandakphu, I forgot all the falls, but while coming down they were again remembered... :)


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13. Day 11 = 6th Oct., 2015

Sandakphu to Siliguri.

Total km traveled 120. Ride time 7.00 AM to 4.30 PM.

We rode to Siliguri passing Bikeybhanjyang, Kalapokhari, Kaiyankata, Meghma, Lameydhura, Chitrey, Manebhanjang, Simana, Ghoom & Kurseong.

We were praying for clear weather to see a combined view of Everest, Lhotse, Kangchenjunga, Makalu, Pandim, Kabru, Jano, Simvo & three Sisters mountains.

We got up at 5am and were happy to see a clear weather outside. We quickly moved towards view point at back side of Forest Rest House. There is another view point towards west side of Sandakphu, which is a small hill. But trekking there may take time and we did not want to miss any part of sunrise. And one can get good view of sun rising from 1st floor of Sherpa Chalet Lodge also.

This was majestic sleeping Buddha at 5.11am.

This was twilight before sunrise.

Towards left of Kangchenjunga, there were few big mountain peaks.

But there was very less light, so we concentrated on East side.

Different shades of mountains were mesmerizing.

The Dawn sky

We could not see the sun yet, but the first ray of rising sun was falling on Kangchenjunga.

Some more shades of mountains.

More and more part of sunrays was spreading on sleeping Buddha.

At 5.30am we could see some part of rising sun.

View without zoom.

And here comes our Sun God riding on 7 horses yoked chariot.

View of Kangchenjunga during sunrise, as seen from 1st floor of Sherpa Chalet Lodge.

Golden rays on “BODY” ie on Kabru & Kangchenjunga.

Rays on “FACE” ie on Jano.

Sun was coming out fast.

We started moving towards view point behind Forest Rest House.

Sun behind trees was looking great.

View of Kangchanjunga range of mountains….Jano, Kabru, Kangchenjunga, Simvo & Pandim.

View of Everest range of mountains…. Lhotse, Everest, Makalu & Three Sisters.

Better view of Everest at 5.45 am

Name of the mountain peaks explained in this picture.

(Not my picture)

Now was the time for Sandakphu to get golden sun ray. The mist on grass had become ice due to extreme cold. At first we were confused to see the grass and thought that there was snow fall in night.

Another clear view of Everest range.

It was 5.53am, there was sunlight everywhere. While coming back to PWD Guest House we could see people on that west side mountain of Sandakphu.

This is my Bike’s seat…dew frozen on seat.

At 7.00am we were ready to leave for Siliguri. Time to say goodbye to highest place of West Bengal.

I kept my bike’s fuel knob at reserve as there was less petrol and if bike suddenly comes to reserve mode then it may stop. I packed my camera and mobile inside Viaterra Claw, as I wanted to get down safely. All the pictures till Chitrey were taken by Neel Da only.
These are caretakers of Guest House.

We had proved that bikes can reach Sandakphu also. Only guts needed.

The distance from Sandakphu to Bikeybhanjyan is around 4km, but it took 40 minutes to us. The point where I fell down yesterday also passed & my hands were shivering due to fear. But by the Grace of God coming down did not have any fall.

Last clear view of Sandakphu while coming down.

At 8.20am we crossed Kalapokhari. I am sharing this Hotel’s info for future travelers. Note that the mobile number is of Nepal.

We took some rest at Kaiyankata at 9am, as there was good sunlight which was helping us from cold weather.

We had taken forest route from Kalapokhari, in between we were stopped by SSB. But as we were on bike, they let us pass using forest route, but they don’t allow Land Rovers to pass using forest route.
You can see a Land Rover coming down from Kalapokhari using normal route in back.

At 9.25am we reached Gairibash. The SSB people were happy to see us back. They said your bikes have given good support to you. Otherwise they have seen bikes coming down on Land Rover because of tough off road, without reaching Sandakphu.
I and Neel Da were happy for our achievement. I asked SSB man to click a picture of us.

This was view of Kangchenjunga range just after Gairibash.


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Now there were two routes available to us to reach Meghma. We decided to go via Nepal roads. The two Land Rovers went ahead of us.

The road to the right goes via Gurasai of Nepal.

Now we were riding in Nepal.

The roads are in very bad condition with lots of descend and big boulders.

There was lots of greenery around.

We came crossing those buildings of Nepal. There are many new hotels coming up at Nepal side.

Lots of descend on bad road. We came riding down slowly. A picture of mine on that descend.

The road we rode.

A Chorten with prayer flags on the way.

At 10.45 am we reached Meghma. SSB’s D’Company is guarding there.

I skipped lunch due to loose motion problem.
Some scenic route between Lamaydhura and Chitrey.

At 12.15 pm we reached Chitrey Monastery. We removed our inner thermal cloths as weather was not cold as it was there in morning.

At 12.35pm we reached Manebhanjang’s check post.
My mission was accomplished. My dream of riding to Sandakphu on bike was fulfilled.

View of Manebhanjang with lots of buildings.

I filled up my petrol at Sukhia Pokhari and we were then riding towards Ghoom.
At 1.40pm we reach Ghoom Station. It is highest railway station in India at 7407 feet.

It was fun to ride on road beside railway tracks from Ghoom to Kurseong. After that the descend to Matigara of Siliguri via many tea estates…viz Castleton tea garden, Rohini tea garden & Selim hill tea garden.

That is me riding bike on descend.

Plains are of far were also visible from those tea gardens.

The road of LamaGumbaForest & Simulbari Tea Garden was very beautiful.

We reached Siliguri at 4.30pm. I checked in same Hotel Arya, where I had kept my extra luggage. I was hungry but not eating due to fear of loose motions. I ate curd and rice only as late lunch.

Neel Da had this road report on our three day trip.

I talked with my family members to inform my where about. Also talked to Harsh over phone and told him about my health problem as it was 4th day since my stomach was upset. If this problem continues, then I will have to stop my ride and go back to home via train or flight. Neel Da took me to another Doctor in evening. He was Dr. A.N.Ray, after checking me he changed medicines and advised me to continue my ride.

I took rice & curd at dinner. Put oil on bike’s chain.
It was decided that I will meet Harsh at Gangtok tomorrow.
We will have to apply for ILP before 11am tomorrow so that we can reach up to Mangan. From there we can proceed towards North Sikkim.

This was our ride map for the day.

Google GPS link:-

Click HERE for next update.

Coming up….next…. Red Tape of Gangtok Govt, M.G.Marg & meeting a Guinness Record try rider.
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