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14. Day 12 = 7th Oct., 2015

Siliguri to Gangtok.

Total km traveled 150. Ride time 6.15 AM to 11.00 AM.
I rode to Gangtok passing Sevoke, Melli, Rangpo & Singtam.

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I need to get Permit to visit North and East Sikkim. Previously, if you apply for Permit before 11am then you can get it on same day. So me and Harsh decided to meet directly at Home Department at Manan Bhawan, Gangtok.

I was given brief details of getting Permit by Neel Dey last night.

Started at 6.15am from Siliguri & had breakfast on the way.

Road from Siliguri to Gangtok is very beautiful and it goes along river Teesta. Some view of Teesta on the way…

I reached at 10.30am at Home Department of Gangtok. I met Harsh there only. Harsh had already searched for a hotel at Gangtok near Paljor Stadium.

We applied for Permit with all the needed papers and we were informed that it will be given to us at 10AM next day only.

They said that the procedure has changed now. After getting Permit from Home Department, we have to again go to Check post Branch of Office of ADG of Police, Gangtok to get Restricted Area Permit. This office is at start of M.G.Road and it opens at 7am to 10am daily.

We saw two bikers waiting there and it was already 12pm and they applied for permit yesterday. So second day of those riders was also wasted in Permit work only. So we requested them to give us permit same day only.

There were many riders from Kolkata also. We all were trying to get Permit on same day. But Home Department lady start who receives permit application said that she will get it ready at 10am next day only.

The time of we riders was very important as we cannot just sit and wait for Permit for two days. We tried to meet higher authority (a lady) to get Permit on same day at least by evening. But she also said they have instruction to issue Permit on next day morning only.

This was wastage of time for us. But then also we accept it as we need to get Permit to visit East and North Sikkim.
But we all were still waiting there and requesting them to give Permit today itself.

There we met a unique rider. He is Mr. Krishnanu Kona. He is on Guinness World Record Official Attempt for 50,000 KM in India.

While talking with him I found that he also rides Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS and He also uses Viaterra Claw bag. And his bike is of black color like me.
So many similarities!

I told him to show is bike, which was parked at Manan Bhawan.

We talked a lot about his ride and his experience. We took a picture together for good memories.

He was telling me that look at my luggage for 3 months and your luggage for 19 days. I was carrying too much.

It was 1.00pm and we all riders decided to come back on next day morning only. So this was RED TAPE of Home Department of Government of Sikkim, which does not understand the importance of time of travelers. We felt like losers and cursing them. This is that Manan Bhawan. God save all travelers from this RED TAPISM.

This practice of excessive paperwork and tedious procedures to get final Restricted Area Permit is big harassment to travelers.

All riders were unhappy and in bad mood now. Harsh also felt same.

But finally we thought that at least we can start at 10.30 am next day and reach Mangan or Thangu. We can take rest for half day and recharge our self.

We reached at the YMCA associate hotel, which was near Paljor Stadium.

The name was Himakshi Lodge and it is owned by a lady. Harsh booked a double bed room for Rs.400/= after some bargaining.

After unloading our luggage at lodge we went for lunch. We decided to go by one bike only. I took my bike and Harsh was pillion. We went to Aggarwal’s for lunch. This fast food restaurant is opposite taxi stand near Dominos.

But another problem was waiting for us there. Traffic police stopped us and asked for bike’s paper as he saw the bike was from outside Sikkim. I showed him insurance, Registration, PUC and license. But he insisted on original registration papers. I told him that it is at hotel and I am carrying photocopy. But he wanted to harass us somehow. He asked so many questions and just wasted our time. Lastly he took my license and told me that my pillion is not wearing helmet. He issued one seizure memo to us.

We went to Lodge and brought original registration papers of bike. He told us to visit police control room and pay fine there. This control room is at start of M.G.Road near Tourist office. The police officer in charge there was very good man. He heard all the matter and told that he will charge minimum as we are their guests. He finally fined Rs.300 and told me to deposit in State Bank of Sikkim. I went to Bank and deposited Rs.300 in specific account.

This is the final receipt which I showed to seizing traffic police and got my license back.

The other traffic police who met us there told us that some police have agenda to harass travelers. If he was there, then he would not have done that to tourist who are guest and source of income for the state.

Then we went searching for Bajaj Service Station as I needed left side rear view mirror, which was broken on the way to Sandakphu. We met Krishnanu Kona there again, he was getting his bike serviced. I could get pulsar 150’s rear view mirror there and fitted it on my bike. Harsh also did some repairs in his bike.
Then we went to see Banjhakri Fall which was near, but it was closed.

At around 6.30pm we three were roaming at M.G.Road. No vehicle is allowed in this road & it is a walk only street. We parked our bike near police control room.
This is famous Mahatma Gandhiji statue at the start.

This is Harsh & me, clicked by Krishnanu.

We took our dinner there & roamed on M.G.Road up to 8pm.

Before sleeping, I took the suggested medicines. And hoped our Permit will be ready at 10AM next day.

This was my ride map for the day.

Google GPS link:-

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Coming up….next…. delay by Red Tape mechanism of Home Dept and Police Dept of Sikkim, Seven Sister Waterfall, & Mangan.


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Awesome Narration and mesmerizing Captures. Kudos Dada..........
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Sajal ji.. What a trip. Fantastic pictures. Again SALUTING YOUR SPIRIT.
Just a silly question North sikkim or ladhakh which region is difficult to ride?
Thank you @manoj_ctc01 ji...
I have a third answer... Sandakphu is THE most difficult one to ride.
But among only two....Ladakh

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Out standing and Salute to your guts. I know many who lives in planes will not dare to travel by Land Rovers also. Beautiful views of Himalayas.
Thank you @Shekar Reddy ji... for the appreciation


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