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15. Day 13 = 8th Oct., 2015

Gangtok to Mangan.

Total km traveled 78. Ride time 1.00 pm to 5.15 pm.
We rode to Mangan passing Seven Sisters Waterfalls, RateChhu & DikChhuRiver.

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Today we did not want to get up early as our first main work i.e. Permit was to be given at 10 AM only. But excitement made us woke up early. We were ready at 9am and finished our breakfast. We washed our bikes and put oil on chain.

Our lodge was near Paljor Stadium, and there was a football match going on.

This stadium is having good view of surrounding mounts also.

We were doing time pass by shouting and encouraging local players.

I and Harsh were very happy that finally we will get Permit and re start riding.

This is happy Harsh.

And that’s me

In Gangtok you can also have a helicopter ride in morning time. But we did not have time.

We reach at Home Department of Government of Sikkim at Manan Bhawan at 9.55 am. To our surprise office was empty. Only 2-3 staffs of peon level were present. Riders from Kolkata, whom we met yesterday, also arrived. We all waited patiently.
At 10.30 am, the young lady who had taken all our papers arrived. First thing she did was logging in Face Book …!!

We all asked her about our final permit. She said that papers were forwarded to concern department head for signing after doing her work yesterday.
The concern office to sign and papers was absent till 11 am. She was also a lady. On enquiry we found that she has gone to attend “parent teacher meeting’….!

There are 80% lady staffs in Home Department and they were busy in FB or online shopping…! No body was giving proper answer to us. They were behaving like we have come begging for donation and were avoiding us. We were worried now.

We asked for help with higher officials. All said that the lady who signs will come late so we have to wait. It was 12 PM now and we were being harassed as if we had come from outside India.

Such a red tapism of Sikkim….! They just want tourist to stay in hotel and think that biker’s time is not at all important.

But God helps in many ways. There was a higher office (a true GentleMAN) who understood our problem and immediately called concern lady and asked her to sign from different officer(that was also a lady ! ) and not to waste our time. After this gentleMAN higher officer’s action, our file started moving. And that ‘Parent Teacher Meeting” lady office also arrived at last and signed. File moved to other tables and finally we got some covers at 12.50pm :-

There was this letter of approval inside. I had mentioned Cho Lhamo Lake in my list of places to visit, but I forgot to re check that in approval letter. I came to know only about this at 3rd mile check post.

I met a local travel agent who charges Rs.700/- for doing all these work of Permit. I took his phone number for future rider’s help.

I also met with other travel agent who forgot to give me his number. So a biker need not go personally to get all these permit.

Now we have to again go to Check post Branch of Office of ADG of Police, Gangtok to get Restricted Area Permit. This office is at start of M.G.Road and it opens at 7am to 10am daily. So this office was closed and alternatively we have to go to 3rd Mile Check Post, which is near Hanuman Tok.

We reached there at 2.10pm after picking our luggage from hotel. We also skipped our lunch fearing further delay would give 3rd Mile Check post police a reason to reject our permit and we will have to stay again in Gangtok for a night. This is picture of 3rd mile Check post.

There we produced our photographs & those letters from Home Department and our final permit was issued. Rs.20 was charged per person there.

We were told to make 8-10 photocopied of this final permit. It will be given at many check post on our way. This is how FINAL PERMIT looked (pictures taken after completion of ride, so all check post’s stamp is there).

The time of we riders is always very important and we cannot just sit and wait for Permit for two days. Sikkim Government & Police Department should understand this.

God save all travelers from this RED TAPISM and from those “Non-Working” lady staff and lady officers of Manan Bhawan.

This practice of excessive paperwork and tedious procedures to get final Restricted Area Permit is a big harassment to travelers and they should learn from Ladakh.

Ladakh has learned overtime & understood the importance of tourist and their time.

In Leh, I got ILP within 2 hours of applying and that to without any harassment.

There should be a single window clearance system in Sikkim. This will make tourist happy.

Current Procedure to get permit for bikers:-

To get permit you need photocopy of DL, few passport size photographs, RC or registration certificate of your bike, Address proof and a form in duplicated need to be filled up at Home Department (Google address of Home Department is 27.334961, 88.614417 ). If you are not riding your own bike, then carry an authorization letter in stamp paper from the owner.

This Form will be given in Home Department, Government of Sikkim, Manan Bhawan’s Basement, Gangtok-737101. Please mention extra total number of days in that application form as your trip may be delayed due to land slide or other uncertain reasons. I mean to say that you add 2-3 days with your planned days.

Apply on day 1 and you will get it on day 2 afternoon.
After processing they will give you 6-7 letter of approval in covers.
No charges for this.

Carry this to Police Office counter at Starting point of M.G.Road, behind Sikkim Tourist office Google address is 27.330183, 88.612437 ) .

But this counter is open from 7am to 10am only.

After 10 am but before 1pm, you will have to ride to 3rd Mile Check Post (google Address 27.345453, 88.634807 ) near Hanuman Tok, on the road towards Nathula/Tsango Lake.

Here you need to pay Rs.20 per person.

On Sundays you will get permit from M.G.Road counter only between 7am to 9.30am and 3rd Mile counter is closed on Sundays. Nathula is closed on Mondays for tourists.

Then you will get restricted area permit, which is final paper. You need to take 8-10 photocopies of this final permit. Do make photocopies in Gangtok only otherwise you will be charged heavily in mountain areas for photocopy.

These photocopies will be taken by each check post on the way. Original one will be stamped and handed over to you at each check post.

That’s it ;)

Now back to riding story.
Anyway after getting final permit we started riding towards Mangan.

The road was beautiful with many small waterfalls and lots of greenery around.

That is Harsh riding his RE Thunder Bird on RateChhuRiverBridge at around 2.55pm.

Then I came across a broken info board, with details of places ahead with distance.

View of some scenic mountains on the way.

The wooden bridge of Dik Chhu River.

Captured this cloud and sun view on my mobile.

Reached famous seven sisters waterfalls at 3.45pm.

This waterfall comes down in seven steps hence called seven sisters waterfall.

Mangan was still 37 km away. I clicked some more scenic mountains on the way.
That river is TeestaRiver.

Some more pictures looking back from there.

A view of road.

At 5.15pm we reached Mangan. We first went to Police Station of Mangan and submitted our permit letter to SP. As District Collector(DC) office was closed he also took permit letter of DC. This SP of Mangan was also a helpful officer. He chatted with us about our ride and suggested us few hotels for night stay.

We stayed at Hotel Guddu / Guddu’s Cheng Lodge for Rs.400/= after bargain. Harsh was very good at bargain for getting hotel rooms.

Mangan is a small place with few eating options. After unloading our luggage at Hotel we filled up our petrol tank as there will be no petrol pumps after Mangan.

I had taken an extra jerry can to carry extra 5 liters of petrol. But it would be needed if we go to both Gurudongmor side and Yumthang side.

We had taken permission for Zero point, Yumthang, Yumesamdong also, but due to delay for Permitted we decided not to visit this side. We decided to visit Gurudongmor side only.

This was because if we visit Yumthang side then we will be back to Gangtok on Monday 12th of October and on Mondays Nathula is closed for tourists. I had visited Yumthang, Khatao, Zero point twice earlier. So we decided to drop it from our list and move towards Gurudongmor side only. This way we can reach Gangtok on Sunday morning on 11th October and visit Nathula on our way to Zuluk.

At around 7.15pm we searched a good place to eat our dinner. We wanted to eat roti which was not available so Harsh brought bread and toasted it himself.

This was our dinner after skipping lunch. I was too much hungry and ate all these.

I had studied this map before start of this ride at Cuttack. I am sharing that here for future traveler’s help as gives details of distance from NJP and Gangtok also.

(not my picture)

Also sharing this Lachen Tourist map, picture of which I took on 10th October at Lachen while riding back.

Both this will give you proper idea about the places ahead.

I washed my bike and put oil on chain.
Before sleeping I took bath in hot water at hotel. Mangan is at 4200 feet. I took the suggested medicines for loose motion. We also started taking half tablet of DIAMOX as we will be staying at 14000 feet on next day at Thangu. It will help us in acclimatization.

This was my ride map for the day.

Google GPS link:-

Click HERE for next update.

Coming up….next…. Ride to Thangu.
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