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16. Day 14 = 9th Oct., 2015

Mangan to Thangu.

Total km traveled 95. Ride time 7.30 am to 2.00 pm.
We rode to Thangu passing by Tung, Chungthang & Lachen.

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Today our target was to reach Thangu and visit ChoptaValley and acclimatize ourselves there as it was at 14000 feet. VisitGurudongmorLake directly is not advised as going from 4000 feet to 17000 feet in one day will not be good. Our body should acclimatize at 14000 feet, and then next day reaching 17000+ feet will create fewer problems at 17000 feet for us.

We got us early and were ready to leave at 6.40am after light breakfast. I wore Gum boots today as we had to cross mud and water streams ahead.

But a surprise was waiting for us. It was second puncture on rear tyre for this trip.
First one was at Burdwan, West Bengal on day 2 of the ride on 27th September.
Both flat tyres were on rear wheel only.

But on next building to Guddu’s Lodge there is one mechanic garage. Two brothers run this garage. One of them stays on basement of Lodge only. As his garage was not open as it was too early. We inquired and called him and requested to patch it.

I was having puncture kit in my luggage but I felt lazy to untie all the luggage again as the kit was in bottom of the claw bag. My chain was also loose, that also was to be repaired.

At 7.30am we were ready to leave. We were told that there was a big land slide near Tung few days before, so road will be slippery there. A View of this snow capped mountain at 7.45am.

After that mechanic’s tightening of chain, my bike was not running smoothly as it was running before. But there was no other option but to ride bike in that condition only.
There were many small waterfalls on the way, a prominent one on the way.

A Bridge on LachungRiver and the Toong/Tung check post is there just after it.

We showed our Restricted Area Permit and registered ourselves and gave a photocopy of Permit. An info board opposite that Tung/ Toong Check Post, showing road condition and distance of places ahead. It was 8.45am then.

The road towards Chungthang was scenic one with LachungRiver on right side.

The road with big cut rocks.

Roads with bridges and water streams.

A bridge with iron sheets and wood log.

At 9.35am we stopped to see a waterfall coming from a good height from a mountain.

We took some rest there.

A view of water stream on the way.

After crossing Chungthang, there was ascending mainly. Two roads are there ahead of Chungthag village. There is a right one toward Yumthang. And Thangu and Lachen are on left side road.

A view of a small village and mountains looking back.

Saw another waterfall with full force water coming down at 10.15am.

The bridge on that waterfall’s stream.

After taking this picture I came towards my bike and saw a butterfly sitting on my luggage’s cover.

Perhaps the butterfly was thinking that the smell and taste of the dust on that luggage dust cover is from Odisha and not from Sikkim!

At 10.30am saw another waterfall.

Some views on the way….

I could se a small village on the mountain ahead.

Then we crossed a road full of water.

It reminded me to my solo Zanskar ride, where I had to cross many water streams….some wild ones also.

A view of village houses.

At 10.45am saw another waterfall.

Some views on the way.

At 11.30am stopped to see ZemuChuRiver.

Again stopped after 10 minutes to see the view of road I rode.

And the mountains I left behind.

At 11.50am stopped again and took some rest after constantly riding on ascend.

There were some army trucks on the road then. I asked on of them to click for me.

View of small hut on mountain.

View of mountains on the way.

The road was semi off road with lots of dust on road. It will be difficult to ride on such road when it rains.

Some scenic mounts with clouds.

That is Lachen River again.

This road I rode.

And zoom view of the LachenRiver, which was making lots of sound. Of course very pleasant to hear.

View looking back on that dusty road at 12.35pm.

Crossing that river again.

And view of other side.

At 12.55pm saw a helipad on left side of road. We were nearing Thangu.

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