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I could see some army housed ahead.

There were lots of thick clouds on those mountains ahead.

At 1.15pm, I was nearing an army base.

I moved ahead and again stopped to see this river and bridge.

View with bridge was scenic one.

At 2.00pm we reached Thangu at 14000 feet. Weather was very cold there. We search for place to stay. There are only home stays there.

I saw a home stay with small parking. An old couple is owner of that. They have rooms on 1st floor. I went to see room suitable to us.

Suddenly I felt pressure of loose motion and requested them to use toilet as it was very urgent. We had skipped lunch, but then also my health was giving problem. I used to take suggested medicine on time, but was not giving me full relief.
We bargained for the room rent, and final rent was Rs.600 for a double bedroom with attached toilet.

View from our home stay.

After unloading luggage we went to show our Permit papers at police station of Thangu.
This is the view of that home stay.

And our parked vehicles there.

Some pictures of Thangu village and around.
View towards Lachen side road.

View towards GurudongmorLake side road.

There were so many prayer flags in the Thangu village.

Even the mountain was full of prayer flags.

View of starting point of Chopta Valley.

Then we went to sleep for some time as there was too much cold and our body need to acclimatize.
At 5pm we went inside the kitchen cum dinning room of that home stay. The fire was burning at kitchen and we just sit there to have some relief from cold weather.

That’s Harsh

This is SAJAL (me !)

View of sitting area cum dining space of that home stay.

View of kitchen of that home stay.

Our savior from cold weather ….. FIRE.

And yes…there is no electricity in ThanguVillage.
At 7.00pm we took our dinner. This is the “drink” of that old man of the home stay. He said this drink gives relief from cold weather.

A picture of owners of that home stay.

I took the suggested medicines for loose motion. We also took half tablet of DIAMOX as we will be going at 17000 feet on next day. It will help us in acclimatization.
We went to sleep early dreaming about GurudongmorLake.

This was my ride map for the day.

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Coming up….next…. Ride to Gurudongmor Lake, Cho Lhamo Lake & view of Donkhia La Pass.
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