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17. Day 15 = 10th Oct., 2015

Thangu –Gurudongmar – Tso Lhamo- Mangan.

Total km traveled 176. Ride time 5.50 am to 6.00 pm.
We rode to Gurudongmar Lake, Tso Lhamo Lake & went down to Mangan.

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Today was the d-day. I was going to achieve another dream of mine….to visit Gurudongmar Lake. Posing with Gurudongmar picture at Mumbai Airport in March, 2015 will became a reality in October, 2015.

We did not take bath and used hot water for all other daily routine. We knew that we have to back by 12pm at last army check post after visiting Gurudongmar Lake. We left our entire luggage at home stay and took water bottle, camera pouch and mobile (No signal at Thangu & onwards). At 5.50am we left our Thangu home stay & started our ride in cold weather. Gurudongmar Lake is 33 km from Thangu.

At 6.00am Crossed Chopta Valley.

At 6.10 am we reached an army area.

Our riding gloves were unable to protect us from this extreme cold. Heat of silencer of RE bike also was not of any help. We stopped at an army canteen and purchased winter gloves from there. We had hot water and then we were riding in misty weather.

That is Harsh riding RE with green army winter gloves.

Water on road had become ice due to extreme cold weather.

The road was a dusty off road and barren area.

But there was a road construction unit nearby and road construction work was going on.

The landscape had changed from green to barren.

Instead of green, now we could see blue and brown only.

Moving ahead we saw another army settlement at 7.00am.

Landscape was different going ahead.

Some Army men were doing morning walk and jogging. We had a little chitchat with them and requested them to click one picture of ours.

The landscape and road condition reminded me of Ladakh.

It was fund to crack the ice and ride on it.

This was the last army check post with water steam flowing on one side.

And with snow capped mountains on the other side.

We reached at Check post and showed our Permit and id proof. They kept the original Permit and told us to come back before 12pm and take back Permit. There is a canteen opposite to it. The name of this canteen is “ Café 15 Thousand ”. We were at 15000 feet?

We ordered breakfast and tea/coffee. We also had hot water to drink. Today morning we forgot to take half diamox tablet. And effect of not taking it was on Harsh at Gurudongmar Lake at 17100 feet. There was a hot burner there, it was a great relief to sit near it.

It was 7.25am and sun rays were falling on road also, but we preferred sitting near hot burner. That is Harsh.

And this is myself at the dining area with lots of painting on wall.

There was a picture of Gurudongmar Lake there and some important information about that lake. We were only 16 km away from the Lake.

After crossing last check post the road is new one and a very best road of entire Mangan to Gurudongmar road patch.

The landscape had turned huge with vast view. This is left side view towards China side.

And this is right side view.

The road ahead looked like this.

There was light and shadow show due to cloud’s shadow on vast mountains. Can you see some houses on both corner of mountain? Crossing this will take you to China India border.

Riding ahead we saw this small lake on right side at 7.50am. Perhaps it is Sugu Cho.

View behind.

View ahead.

There was a big snow capped mountain on right side. And see the luggage on my bike…only two water bottles.

A zoom view of that tall mountain.

Riding ahead saw another vast mountain with many off road on it. All these roads are army roads which takes them to Indo China Border which may be three or four km from here. Can you see several black spots? Those are yaks grazing.

Shadow on vast mountains was giving an amazing view.

This was because there was nice sun light and some clouds on sky.

A truck was coming from behind with some construction workers. It means new road must be under construction ahead somewhere. This was first signal from God to me, which I understood later.

These are those yaks grazing which are nearer now. And behind you can see a military truck guarding the border off road to Indo China Border.

Another view.

View behind.

View from my left.

View ahead.

That small stone boundary area is for yaks near house of nomads.

Some close up views of a huge snow capped mountain which was shining due to sunlight.


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