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Gurudongma rLake road is very near to Indo-China Border. So military presence and other infrastructure is must there.
Riding little ahead saw a Helipad on left side.

View of road ahead from there.

View of road I rode. I was getting great view due to good sunlight and shadow of clouds on mountains.

At 8.10 am I stopped again to drink water as it was needed for acclimatization. It is advisable to increase water intake as you are on high altitude. View of road I rode.

View of heavenly road ahead. I was riding at speed of 60+ on those nice new roads.

At 8.15 am, I saw an info board showing Gurudongmar Lake’s diversion.

This Google map picture shows that the straight road goes to military area and another road just before military area goes to Dongkha La (5th highest mountain pass of the world) and Tso Lhamo Lake (Highest Lake of India). So if you ride another 8 km then you can reach to Highest Lake of India, Tso Lhamo Lake.

This off road towards right goes to Gurudongmar Lake. But if you go straight you will reach restricted military area.

A scenic view behind from there.

There was a small lake on left side ahead.

A view of mountains with some roads on it, on the right side ahead.

At 8.25am I had reached Gurudongmar Lake.

View of glacier there. It is Gurudongmar East & Gurudongmar West peak at 22000 feet. There are another mountain peaks nearby known as Chombu peak and Sanglaphu peak at 20500 feet.

View of a big mountain near it on right side.

View of pristine Gurudongmar Lake with a path for ‘parikrama’.

View of mountain on left side with some prayer flags below.

This lake is sacred lake and Guru Padmasambhava had visited this in 8th century AD.

View on my back side. Prayer flags were everywhere.

And there is an info board showing details of this holy lake.

This was written in second last paragraph “This sacred Lake is said to have divine powers to fulfill the wishes of devotees who visit the Lake”. This was second signal from God to me. This also I understood after 90 minutes only.

This is a Sarwa Dharma Sthal means temple place for all religions. There is a Gurudwara there. Guru Nanak had also visited this place.

Many visitors offer prayers here.

A picture of mine near Gurudwara.

Some Buddhist Monks were also praying there.

This is me and Harsh at Gurudongmar Lake and we rode from Cuttack, Odisha to here on our motorbike. It was an achievement for us.

And yet another mission of mine was accomplished at Gurudongmar Lake.

It was 8.55am and I had one empty water bottle, in which I wanted to take back holy water of Gurudongmar Sagar Lake. There is a staircase going down to the Lake on right side. I went down and filled up the holy water of the lake for my family. It is said that many carry the water of this lake but lost the water while coming back to Thangu. Only if God wishes then only you can take back water from here.

There was a small ‘parikrama’ passage near the Lake.

Some tourists were placing stones on Lake’s bank as a prayer. I also did that.

A view of Gurudongmar East & West peak with the lake.

I wanted to take a picture of mine with all the mountains near the lake, as was there in MumbaiAirport picture. But without panoramic mode it looked like this.

Harsh took this panoramic mode picture on my mobile with all the mountains near Gurudongmar Lake.

And a dream was fulfilled.

Sudden we saw our bikes parked there were getting too much attention.

Those Buddhist Monks were sitting on our bikes and were clicking pictures on mobiles and tabs.

A monk on Harsh’s RE Thunder Bird.

Another monk posing with my Pulsar 200NS.

I thought that we all love motorbikes and love to click pictures with it on such important and rare places. But very few could take trouble to ride such a long distance to achieve this.

But we rode 3000 kms (2997 kms exactly) to reach Gurudongmar Lake and then clicking pictures with bike has its own joy and fulfillment. It is something that all cannot do. This was our 15th day since we left our home for this ride.

I was sitting and enjoying the place. Harsh told me that he was not feeling well. He was feeling some symptoms of AMS. So he said he is riding back to Check post near Café 15 Thousand, as going down from 17100 to 15000 feet will make him feel better.

It was 9.15 am then. Vehicles with tourists had all left. Only one vehicle was there carrying tourists. There was calm & peace there. Wind was moving very fast and clouds were also moving.

I could see the Gurudongmar East & West peak with glacier more clearly.

No tourists were there near Gurudwara.

Only my bike was parked near Gurudongmar Lake’s bank. I could feel some special and abnormal weather. Some kind of peace was there… & it was very divine. Atmosphere was heavenly.

I took some HDR pictures there.

It was 9.25 am and I decided to leave this heavenly lake. You must have marked in earlier pictures that my bike was parked with back on Gurudwara side. I tied the Bottle with holy water properly and was ready to leave.

But to my surprise bike was not starting. I had taken this bike to Marsimik La, Ladakh at 18953 feet (HighestPass of the World). But there also it did not give any starting trouble with very less oxygen at that level. I tried a lot but no result. I used choke but then also it did not start. I wasted some time in trying one thing or other, but got no result.

The driver of the last tourist vehicle came to me and said that he can push the bike and it can be push started in second gear. I said only if battery is dead or low then this trick will work. He then told to me that my bike and I was showing our back towards Gurudwara and it might not be starting for that. I laughed and said that ok I will change the position also. I changed my bike’s direction and suddenly it started! What is this? I was really surprised.

But it was a third signal from God to me, which I could only understand after half an hour.

I started riding on descend on that off road. When I was nearing the new tar road, I saw a biker on right side, trying to start his Bullet. This was forth and final signal from God to me.

A thought came to mind, that this rider must be going to Tso Lhamo Lake. I rode towards him after reaching the main road. I asked him that if he was riding to Tso Lhamo? I thought that his bike was having Sikkim number plate and he could have managed getting permission to visit it. He said that he is going to Tso Lhamo only. I said I will join you. He said that you don’t have permission and there will be army check post and they will stop you riding further.

I said still I want to ride with you, if they stop me I will ride back. But I want to try at least. So he said he is riding with another three riders and they have gone ahead.

And he gave me positive reply. His bike also started and I started riding with him with an unknown fear & excitement in mind.


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