S 3 | Sohra, Sandakphu & Sikkim


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Above picture and lines inspire me for Ladakh & Zanskar ride in 2014, and it continues to inspire me now also.

After that solo ride, an article cum interview was published in The Times of India. (web link )

Abstract of my interview on Ladakh & Zanskar , published in The Times of India , Mangalore and Bangalore edition on 27August , 2014. I had wished to ride to Gurudongmor Lake, Sikkim and Nohkalikai waterfall, Sohra(Cherrapunjee).

So that was the dream, and surprisingly somehow or otherwise the pictures and articles on Nohkalikai waterfall and GurudongmorLake used to come in front of me. Be it browsing on internet or in some discussion.

I went to Mumbai in March 2015 to attend a marriage of my cousin. Sudden I saw a very big hoarding at Mumbai Airport, near luggage collection area. It was a very big picture of Gurudongmor Lake of Sikkim.

I just stopped there and was fascinated to see its beauty.

I promised myself that this year, I will visit GurudongmorLake and I will click a picture of mine with my motorbike in front of this lake. I told this to my wife and my younger daughter. Clicked a picture of mine with that hoarding in background dreaming to make it real background someday.

And for that I started my research on the roads and other important places around. Posted itinerary help thread at travel portals. Seeked expert’s help there. I learned that Gurudongmor Lake is the second highest lake of India. And Tso Lhamo is Highest Lake of India. And it is only 8 km away from GurudongmorLake. I read many travelogue on different travel sites for gaining knowledge on Sikkim and Meghalaya.

Then one day, saw this picture of Zuluk.

(This is not my picture, credit to the google search or to the creator)

As a rider, I thought if I am going to North Sikkim , then I can also go to East Sikkim and ride to zig zag road of Zuluk. It will be fun riding on 16 km hanipin bend road.

I had rode to Khardung La & Marsimik La pass of Ladakh. While browsing on internet, I also saw two pictures on list of highest pass of World.

(Above two charts are not my pictures and credit goes to respective creator)

I found there is one Dongkha La or Donkia La or Donkha La pass at North Sikkim, which is near GurudongmorLake and it is supposed to in top 5 or 6 of world. I also found that it is controlled by Army along with TsoLhamoLake. No permission is given for both. I was disappointed to know that.

In a FB group, there was a discussion about most difficult road to ride in India. There I found about Sandakphu. I further searched about it and read many travelogue about Sandakphu.

I thought of taking the challenge of riding there.

And for that I had to be fit with lots of stamina. So I purchased one cycle in May 2015 and started riding around Cuttack. I could ride for 40 -45 km once in every week.

I rode to different scenic places and roads near Cuttack. Ride continues till mid September, 2015.

I also rode with group to gain speed.

I purchased a new motorcycle riding jacket at online offer.

I ride Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS and I have rode around 21000 km in it. Went to Ladakh in it, and my bike never gave me any trouble.

But in July, 2015 there was news , specially in social networks regarding breaking of pulsar’s alloy wheel and handle bar. Doubts were raised on quality of material and parts of Pulsar. Some pictures like this were published in many web automobile portals.

(Not my picture)

I was frightened. I started avoiding riding on my Pulsar 200 NS. While riding if any type of sound comes from bike, I used to stop and check alloys wheels and handle bar. My riding speed reduced due to fear.

I was thinking of postponing the dream ride of mine.

Could Pulsar be like this? The bike which took me to highest roads of the world without any trouble, became suddenly my less favorite.

My mind was reading and believing all this, But my heart was with my favorite Pulsar 200 NS only.

I was in total confusion. So I visited SaiBabaTemple to Seek Blessings and further Guidance.

And then my heart won. I decided to take my Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS to Sandakphu and give answer to all those bad rumors. I decided to ride on a trekking route. This will be the best answer to all those doubting my Pulsar‘s quality and capability.

Time was short I need to prepare fully for the ride. I went to My Expert Bajaj Pulsar mechanic SABBAS BHAI and get my bike fully checked up.

I re fitted my petrol carrier on one side also. This was needed for North Sikkim as after Mangan there will not be any petrol pump.

There might be snow at higher mountain places like Khatao , Zero Point and Gurudongmor road. So for that I fitted and tested coconut rope on both wheels. I knew there will be less chance of snow on road. But then I wanted to prepare for all eventualities also.

I read and knew about the bad road from Howrah to Siliguri route, specially Farraka road. I consulted Human GPRS Mr.H.V.Kumar Sir regarding route guidance from Cuttack to Sohra. He guided me with detailed route plan.

Harsh Singh Singhla of Cuttack rode with his RE Thunder Bird with me to all these places, except Sandakphu. So he was my co rider for Sohra and Sikkim from Cuttack.

We decided to take our bike via train up to Guwahati then continue our ride to save energy and time. We booked train ticket also. We also visited Puri station parcel office few days before to finalize booking and other thing as our train’s starting point was Puri.

But a day before , Puri parcel office contractor said that he cannot take our bike as there is booking of huge perishable goods at parcel office. So we cancelled our booking & decided to start our ride from Cuttack only.

I rode to Sandakphu with Neel Day of Siliguri, whom I met on a travel portal.

Regarding guidance on all these three places, I would like to thank and acknowledge to Sri. H.V.Kumar Sir , Anjan Sarma ji , Bhooter Raja ( Santanu Da ) , Soumen Bhowmick Da , Ramanito45 ji & Sanjoy Banerjee Da.

I also thank GOOGLE EARTH & GOOGLE MAPS, they are always helpful.

I collected all my luggage two days before ride. I packed all in a Viaterra Claw and a backpack. I carried all needed things. This is how it looked before and after packing.

Now I am ready for my dream ride to S 3 = Sohra, Sandakphu & Sikkim.

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