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18. Day 16 = 11th Oct., 2015

Mangan to Gangtok.

Total km traveled 76. Ride time 7.00 am to 10.30 am.
We rode to 3rd Mile Check Post, Gangtok…but due to permit issue stayed at Gangtok.

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Our plan was to get permit from 3rd Mile Check Post near Hanuman Tok, Gangtok on the basis of letter of Home Department as early as possible. We started at 7.00am from Mangan. We filled up our petrol tank at petrol pump of Mangan.

We wanted to cover Tsangu Lake, Nathula etc and night stay at NathangValley.

After Mangan there are two roads to reach Gangtok, one is via Dikchu and another via Phodong. We went via Phodong route.
At 7.50 am we reached reach here after taking breakfast.

The route is very scenic one and here are some pictures taken on the way to Gangtok.

It was morning time and the road was almost empty.

Saw some prayer flags on the way.

Morning time has its own beauty and same pictures clicked on morning and afternoon will have different effect.

Sky was clear with some thick clouds.

Some more prayer flags on the way.

We crossed some small waterfall also.

At 10 am we reach 3rd Mile Check Post and went to Police Counter downstairs, but it was empty! On inquiry we found that as it was Sunday, they give Restricted Area Permit only at M.G.Road. But this was not told to us on 8th October when we were there. We had also told them about our return plan, but they said that Restricted Area Permit will be given on day of travel only.

We went riding down to M.G.Road office but it was also closed as they keep it open up to 9.30am only on Sundays. We went to Sadar Police Station and requested to give us Permit so that we can ride to Nathula.

We knew that on Monday permit to Nathula is not given. We moved here and there and met many officers but nobody could help. We also met the two officers at M.G.Road office, who were in charge for that, but they were not in mood to cooperate. We told him about Nathula issue, but they said they will give us permit for Nathula even on Monday.

But only on next day we found that they lied to us about Nathula and did not gave us proper papers to visit Nathula.

We both were sad and at 11.30 am we went to Himakshi Lodge and took a room for Rs. 400. We decided to come again on tomorrow at M.G.Road office and another day of our ride was wasted.

The red tapism structure of Gangtok Government and Police Department does not support smoothness to tourist. It should have a one window clearance system.

After keeping our luggage we went to DPH Road to get some issue fixed for Harsh’s RE Thunder Bird.

After that we went to have lunch and at 1.55pm it started raining.

We came back to hotel and took some rest. It was raining till 4pm.

In the evening we just roamed here and there till dinner.

This was my ride map for the day.

Google GPS link:-

Click HERE for next update.

Coming up….next…. Ride to Lungthung via Tsangu Lake, World’s highest Golf Course at Kupup, Harbhajan Baba Bunker, NathangValley & Thambi view point.
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