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19. Day 17 = 12th Oct., 2015

Gangtok to Lungthung.

Total km traveled 101. Ride time 7.15 am to 4.00 pm.
We rode to Lungthung passing by Manju Lake, Tsangu Lake, Elephant Lake, World’s Highest Golf Course at Kupup, Harbhajan Baba Bunker, Nathang Valley & Thambi View Point.

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After getting ready at 7.15am we reached M.G. Road office of Police Check Post for getting our Restricted Area Permit. The same officer who denied us Permit yesterday was sitting at the counter. He immediately gave us Permit paper after taking official charges. We reminded him that we will visit Nathula first then move towards Zuluk.
He gave us this Permit paper.

(picture of Permit is taken after finish of ride)

We made sure that Nathula was written on it as it was Monday and visit to Nathula is not allowed on Mondays. We also asked him that this is final papers? And we did few photocopies of it.

Then after having breakfast we started towards 3rd mile check post. Showed them our permit papers and gave one photocopy and they stamped on original.

At 9.00 am took a short break and took this picture of road which is called Jawaharlal Nehru Road.

The road was very good one with very less traffic.

Riding ahead saw this board of BRO, which was very inspiring.

At 9.35 am we reached Tsomgo Lake at 12300 feet.

It was morning time and there were no tourists around.

It was a cloudy day with lots of cloud around lake area.

An info board was there showing important tourist information.

There is a under construction rope way.

There was a big yak waiting for tourists. I click a picture with it.

This Yak was decorated to attract tourists for a joy ride.

That’s me with Tsomgo or Changu Lake in background.

The calm lake.

There is view point on opposite side.

Bikes from Odisha posing with big tourist board near lake.

Riding ahead, I reached a point where Tsomgo Lake was looking different from little height.

In sunlight these lake should look blue but due to clouds and fog around it was looking calm and less blue.

I request Bro personnel there to click a picture of mine there.

At 10.10 am took a break near this info board showing Nathula still 7km ahead.

In another few minutes reached a small lake called Manju Lake at 13615 feet.
Nathula still shows 7.5km ahead!

I reached Sherathang. I saw a building for acclimatization of Kailash Mansarovar Yatris at 13500 feet.

Sherathang is a town near Nathula Pass & it is site for excise, Customs and checking trade between India and China. Same way corresponding location in China is Ringingang.

View of Manju Lake is good after passing Sherathang.

It seems like a man made lake.

An info board of Sherathang market, Indo-China Trade Centre.

Then I reached check post towards Nathula. Harsh was already waiting there. We showed them our Restricted Area Permit with Nathula clearly written there.
But to our surprise they said that this is NOT the Nathula Permit. For visiting Nathula there is different form of Permit. We were shocked!
We argued showing our permit and Home Department letter, both mentioned word Nathula clearly.

Check post officer told us that we missed a check post near Sherathang. We can try permit for Nathula there. I rode back 6 km again and reached the Check Post. They informed me that M.G. Road Check Post had not given us complete permit.
For Nathula a different permit letter is issued which was not given to us.
I was shocked with this bad intention of police offer who issued us permit.
Another example how Police Department of Sikkim, harasses tourists specially bikers.

After wasting some time in trying for Nathula Permit, I decided to leave for Zuluk and visit Nathula next time. This is the board which was there opposite that check post.

At 11.15am riding near this sign board showing Chinese were observing this road.

On the way I saw many military area and they were practicing guns and rocket launchers near road. But they told not to click it.

The road with lots of cloud and mist on sky.

Then riding towards Baba Dham temple, I saw a big lake on right side. This is Hangu Lake.

At first I thought it to be Menmecho Lake, but it was not.

The road besides that Hangu Lake.

Then I passed near Sherthang war memorial

At 11.25am I reach Baba Harbhajan Singh Shrine at 12651 feet.

The area was crowded with tourists with lots of vehicle parked there.

The board showing history of this shrine.

This is main temple with statue of Baba Harbhajan Singh.

There is a café opposite it called café 13 thousand.

I was not sure about the availability of food ahead, so I ate heavy food like samosha etc there with hot coffee.
Some pictures showing details of our National Flag and Yak Golf Course inside that café.

Riding ahead towards Kupup, I saw a lake on my right. It was Menmecho Lake which is famous for trout fish.

The road behind.

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