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Then I reached at place where a sign board showing Young Husband’s track.

The off road towards left of this info board might be going to Jelep La pass.

Clouds were moving fast and I could suddenly see some housed on the mountains.

It was 12.10 pm and I could know that this place is the Gold Course as the cloud moved and view was clear.

View was clearer now with the movement of clouds and there was more sunlight.

The left road goes to Jelep La mountain pass near border.

I could see full Gold Course now.

I was at World’s highest Golf Course at 13025 feet call Yak Gold Course of Kupup.

Golf is played here from May to December.

Some pictures around that Guinness record holder golf course.

My bike from Odisha parked at the starting point of this Guinness Record Holder Golf Course.

At 12.20pm we reached Kupup Police Station cum Check Post at 13900 feet. I showed them Permit papers, gave of photocopy there and stamped on original one.

Moving ahead we saw a lake.

It was in the shape of an elephant.

The landscape around was different. It looked like autumn season.

This lake is known as Bitang Cho or KupupLake.

Riding ahead we passed through lots of mist and cloud.

Visibility had decreased and we could hardly see for 100 feet around due to clouds and mist. We crossed Neo La pass.

There were two roads ahead, but there was nobody was there to ask about road to Zuluk. Harsh and me waited for few minutes and then decided to take left road. This was Tuk La pass.

This left road took us to OldBabaTemple.

It seems that this is the old BabaHarbhajanTemple.

There was a bunker there called Babaji Ka Bunker.

And a temple on upper side also.

It was 12.55pm and we had Prasad of fruits from temple. There were many tourists there, but less compared to new temple.

Now we will be riding parallel to Bhutan Border. The grass and leaves around were different in color. It seems like autumn season is still there.

We were riding with clouds and brown grass around.

We also saw few bunkers near the road.

There was nobody there. These were perhaps Eagle’s nest bunkers.

View of road looking behind.

We could hear sound of firing also, seems like army is doing routine practice nearby.

It was pleasure to look at the color of grass.

And it was looking great with the empty road.

We could see some houses in far.

The area was NathangValley with beautiful colors around.

With the movement of clouds we can see some mountains around.

View of road riding ahead.

We could see one or two houses around.

View on the left side.

We saw this info board at Laxman Chowk.


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Excellent as always...
Superb details..

Even i cant understand why those military personnel deny to visit such places.. happened twice during my last trip...