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The road towards right was going to GnathangValley or NathangValley. Some pictures on the way to valley.

At 1.45pm we reached Gnathang village.

The village is surrounded by beautiful mountains.

As per our original plan we planned to stay overnight here. We looked around for home stay and lodge. But all were asking too much. Harsh bargained with a home stay room for Rs.500 a night including food. But as Harsh unloaded the luggage, the lady owner said she will charge Rs.500 per person and hence Rs.1000 in total.
This made Harsh unhappy and we decided to stay at Zuluk or Lungthung.

We restarted riding back to Laxman chowk for Zuluk. Some pictures of GnathangValley.

And we also saw a small lake there. It was IndiaLake or Kalpokhari.

There were few clouds on road now onwards and visibility had increased.

We could also see some patches of sun light also.

The mountain road was giving good view around with less cloud.

The place would look good if less cloud were there.

We passed by a South Indian Army base and had some hot drinking water there.
Riding ahead this was our first view of the serpentine road.

We were very much exited to see these roads. The zig zag road to Zuluk!

This is Lungthung village along with serpentine road.

But the thick clouds below were obstructing the full view.

With the fast movement of clouds there was more obstruction and light also decreased.

More n more clouds kept coming.

At 2.45pm we reached Thambi View Point.

I stopped there to see the view from there. But Harsh moved ahead as he could not see this sign board. I shouted and blow horn many times but he moved ahead.

Towards right side i.e. west side I could see blue sky and so I stopped there hoping that cloud would move and I will get clear view of Zuluk Road.

I was at 11200 feet and weather was very cold. I saw a shed nearby and went inside to protect myself from cold wind.

After waiting for around half hour it was more cloudy weather there.

And the visibility of that zig zag serpentine road also decreased very much.

But the air was flowing from west to east and the view of sky at west side was giving me hope of clear view in some time.

At around 3.40pm I could see some part of the Zuluk roads.

One or two army vehicle passed from there and there was nobody there. Only me, clouds and cold wind. This must be road less traveled!

It was 4.15 pm and I had already waited for one & half hours for good clear view. I decided to stay overnight at Lungthung. I tried to contact Harsh but his mobile was not reachable. I contacted my wife at Cuttack and told her about my decision to stay at Lungthung in stead of Zuluk. The mobile signals were there at Thambi View Point, but not at Lungthung.

I rode back and searched for a home stay. I finalized a home stay called Lungthung Eco Retreat at Rs.500 a night including dinner and breakfast.

I also parked my bike at a shed and that green house was my room for the night.

After getting in the room I got little clearer view of Zuluk but I was not satisfied as I had rode more than 3250 kms to reach here and to see the zig zag Zuluk serpentine roads.

With the movement of clouds I could see some mountains at far, those must be in Bhutan.

View on west side where one can see KanchenjungaMountain also in a clear day.

West side view at 4.55 pm with floating clouds.

This was east side view with lots of thick clouds below.

View at 5.15 pm from my room window.

Only an army vehicle passed by there.

At 7.15 pm I had dinner of rice, dal, sabjee & pickle.

At around 8.00 pm that the view of Zuluk was clear and I could see lots of lights down. I tried to click some pictures in manual mode, but due to cold shivering weather and without tripod all were waste.

I went to sleep with three blankets and requesting God for clear weather for tomorrow.

This was my ride map for the day.

Google GPS link:-

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Coming up….next…. Zuluk-16km of Zig Zag serpentine road with 32 blind hair pin bands & Ride to Bhagalpur.
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