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20. Day 18 = 13th Oct., 2015

Lungthung to Bhagalpur.

Total km traveled 419. Ride time 7.45 am to 8.00 pm.
We rode to Bhagalpur passing by Zuluk, Padamachen, Lingtham, Rongli, Rangpo, Sevoke, Siliguri, Dalkhola & Purnea.

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I woke up at 5.15 am and saw these outside my window. I was happy that no clouds were there outside.

It was too much cold outside; I closed my window and again went to sleep with 3 blankets. Again got up at 5.50 am and took my bike and started riding towards ascend. The weather was cold but view was clear with zero clouds.
My last mission of this mega ride was accomplished. I was now riding with full view of these zig zag roads of Zuluk.

First rays of sun were falling on mighty Kangchenjunga and it was a pleasant view for me.

View of my bike, Lungthung village and Kangchenjunga on sunrise.

I was more than happy to see the full view of all the zig zag bent road towards Zuluk.

It was a pleasure to my eyes to see this 16 km of serpentine road.

I could finally manage to ride my bike from Odisha to Zuluk.

Sun light was just starting to come and was falling on nearby mountain top.

The big mountain in left side might be in Bhutan as Zuluk roads are very near to Bhutan Border.

You can see the village down there is Zuluk and there is a military settlement on the mountain below.

Another view of Kangchenjunga riding further on ascends with Lungthung village.

View of my bike with those dream roads of Zuluk.

It was 6.00 am and view of Kangchenjunga was getting better with more sunlight. That green and blue house is the place where I spent last night.

View after riding further up.

At 6.15am I reached at Thambi View Point where I waited for one & half hour yesterday to get a clear view. A family was there who came from Lingtham via local cab. I requested cab owner to click few pictures of mine there.

He was king enough to click few from another angel also.

Yet another with Kangchenjunga in background.

What a view of these zig zag roads from Thambi View Point. This should be a dream road for any true rider.

It was a unique thrilling experience to see these unique geometrical curves. And riding on these should be more thrilling and experience of lifetime for any rider.

It must be a fun riding here during winter when there will be snow on both side of roads.

Such view is possible only from Thambi view point. This point is named after the Civil Engineer who constructed this amazing road and it honors the extra ordinary feat achieved by the Engineers and workers who constructed this road. And only on a clear day one can catch a glimpse of the zig zag road and Kangchenjunga both from one place at Thambi View Point.

View on my left.

View on my right.

I thanked God for this view.

My bike at Thambi View Point with road and Kangchenjunga. Now I went back to Lungthung’s home stay to get ready to ride to this road before clouds come in.

I had light breakfast and paid Rs.500 to the owner, tied luggage on bike and at 7.50 am I was on my way to Zuluk. There were few vehicles on the roads now. And sunlight was full.

I stopped at a point where Zuluk was still 11 km down via those zig zag roads.

View looking down from there.

Stopped again at 8.05 am and it was still way to ride down below.

Those big mountains on background are in Bhutan.

Left side Mountains are in Bhutan but right one are in India.

A red truck and another army trucks were also going down.

That is better view of Zuluk from there.

It was fun to watch those tiny looking vehicle moving on the road from there.

A picture with my bike also.

Just imagine how the road would have been made.

View of the mountain from there. Looks like an ordinary mountain. I rode via those roads, but view from top to bottom is better and not from below to top. That village on top is Lungthung.

After that I completed my ride to that 16 km zig zag serpentine road. I passed by Zuluk and Padamachen. There are some home stays there. If the view had clear like today on last evening then I must have stayed at Padamachen village or at Nimachen village. And Harsh must have stayed here somewhere yesterday.

There are actually 59 hair pin bend serpentine road up to Lingtham.
And This was my ride to old Silk Route.

My plan was to reach at Purnea and I would hate riding back via Malda-Farakka route due to its bad condition. As suggested by Human GPS HVKumar Sir we took Purnea – Bhagalpur – Dumka route.

Again I took a short break at 9.25am here.

There was a waterfall there.

Perhaps this was the last waterfall for this trip.

I reached Rongli at 9.55 am and deposited my original Permit paper at a police post.

But again at 10.15 am saw this waterfall. I had seen India’s 4th, 5th and 7th highest waterfall in this trip. But even small waterfall has its own charm.

The road from Rongli to Rangpo is very bad and is under construction. In between I changed my thermal dress to normal dress near one shed before Rangpo as in afternoon you don’t feel much cold.

At 11.55 am stopped for a break near river Teesta.

Ride after that was much easy and fast. At 12.30 pm I had lunch at Sevoke.
At 1.10pm I took a break at beautiful Sevoke to Siliguri road.

In Siliguri I met with Neel Dey to say goodbye. I also thanked him for his support during my Sandakphu ride.

At 4.15pm I took a short break at Surajpur toll gate. I talked with Harsh to know his where about. Surprisingly he was riding just 10 km before me. His bike got puncture and ultimately we decided to meet again near Purnea.

Then I crossed Dalkhola also.

Then I took this sunset picture on the way at 4.50pm.

Now we would be riding via Bihar, so I kept my camera inside main bag. After meeting Harsh at Purnea we decided to ride further up to Bhagalpur as the road from Dalkhola to Purnea was very nice.
But last 20 km road before Bhagalpur was very bad with lots & lots of trucks moving roughly.
We got some difficulty at Bhagalpur in searching for a hotel for night stay. But ultimately we stayed at Hotel Satyam at Jail Road, Bhagalpur for Rs.450/= for a double bed room. It was 8pm then.
We washed our bike and put oil in our bike’s chain. Whole night we could hear the sound of trucks moving as trucks are allowed to cross via Bhagalpur in night only.

I rode from 11200 feet to 140 feet today.

This was my ride map for the day.

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Coming up…. LAST ..… Bhagalpur to Cuttack riding 728 km in one day.
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Mr. Sajal,
This travelogue of yours is superb. It contains mesmerising pictures and detailed write up. And I salute you for the spirit of adventure that you have, and the determination to fulfill your dreams. Please continue your travels and post these story like travelogues which are so absorbing that I have read it twice. thanks for posting it.


Still Learning ©
Mr. Sajal,
This travelogue of yours is superb. It contains mesmerising pictures and detailed write up. And I salute you for the spirit of adventure that you have, and the determination to fulfill your dreams. Please continue your travels and post these story like travelogues which are so absorbing that I have read it twice. thanks for posting it.
Thank you @mountain_mad ji for the reading and appreciating it.
I am overwhelmed.