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21. Day 19 = 14th Oct., 2015

Bhagalpur to Cuttack.

Total km traveled 728. Ride time 6.30 am to 12.30 am of 15th October, 2015.
We rode to Cuttack passing by Dumka, Fetehpur, Murgabani, Nala, Asansol, Raniganj, Bankura, Bishnupur, Midnapur, Kharagpur, Balasore & Bhadrak.

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We started our ride at 6.30am. There was huge traffic jam all over Bhagalpur due to trucks. All those trucks moving via Bhagalpur at night were standing in long queue. But two wheeler has its own advantage. We maneuver and somehow crossed Bhagalpur.
At 6.55am took a small break here, Dumka was still 114 km away.

Then the nightmare of bad to very bad road started with many trucks on the road. In this road cyclist are the kings. Even a truck will not dare to overtake him and cyclist will ride in the middle of the road!
We crossed a patch of bad road for around 55 km along with lots of dust and traffic nuisance. Some trucks were broke down in the middle of road also. I took this picture at 7.55am.

At 8.20am we stopped at a village for breakfast.
There were many shops selling sprouts. Different geographical areas have different eating habits and cultures.

I had Pakouda-Bhel and Harsh had Puri-Bhaji.

At 9.30 we were on little good tar road with Dumka still 54 km away.

Riding in Bhagalpur to Dumka road was very tiring. We took a break again at 10.00 am.

Green paddy fields and a small mountain was there to my right. Such little scenic things makes ride enjoyable.

At 10.30 am we reached near Dumka. Now we had to ride towards Asansol. The route we wanted to take was via Jhamtada. We took right road at this junction.

This road was single road with many roads under construction. We were riding in Jharkhand. At 11.50 am we reached Murgabani via Fatehpur.

We took a break at Murgabani junction.

Locals there suggested us to take route via Nala as we can reach Asansol faster and the road is also new one. So we did not ride via Jhamtada and went via Nala towards Asansol. It was 61 km from there.

We crossed Asansol and took a lunch break at 1.30 pm at Jaswal Dhaba.

This Jaswal Dhaba is just outside Asansol and they serve very good food.
I had Butter Naan and Paneer.

Then we decided to take Midnapur route. It was via Raniganj. So we decided to inquire at the junction and then move towards that road otherwise we can take straight route via Kolkata.
While I was filling up petrol, Harsh went ahead and I could not contact him as his mobile was not reachable.
The info board just before Raniganj junction.

After crossing junction I could not find Harsh so I waited for 10 minutes. I inquired about road condition & started riding towards Midnapur. I saw this info board at 2.15 pm, mentioning Balasore 280 km ahead.

At 2.55pm, I took a break near Mejia thermal power station.

I crossed Bankura and took a break at 4.00pm near a green paddy field. The road was good one till now with thick clouds on sky.

Sun was setting down and I had around one & half hours daytime ride left. I decided to reach up to Midnapur at least by the end of day.

I crossed Bishnupur and took a break at 5.05pm.

Kharagpur was 44 km from there.

After riding for 5 minutes saw the sunset.

It was very pleasant to see this sunset.

I thanked Sun God for this.
My dream of riding to Sikkim, Sandakphu and Cherrapunjee(Sohra) was completed even at this age.

After crossing Midnapur, I decided to ride straight to Cuttack as the road was very good between Kharagpur to Cuttack. I again tried contacting Harsh and told him about this decision. He was only 20 km behind me.
After crossing Kharagpur bypass I met Harsh again.
I talked with my wife and told her about this decision of not staying for night and riding straight to Cuttack. I told her that I can reach Cuttack by 11.30pm as the road is nearly empty one and there are many reflectors on both side of road. She advised me to ride close by Harsh and ride safely.

We were riding side by side and head light of both bikes was making ride easy for us.
We crossed Balasore. We also took some breaks to take rest for few minutes in between at some villages of Dhabas. Just before Bhadrak we were on a break near a Dhaba. I had kept my helmet on petrol tank. But suddenly my helmet fell down and my visor broke down.

On my Ladakh trip my helmet visor also broke down at Ragdum before Zanskar. I have this bad habit of not keeping helmet at safe place while taking short breaks.
Somehow I managed to ride then also with broken visor.
I was tired to ride for so many hours, but a happiness and achievement was making me ride.
At 12.26am I reached home. It was 15th October mathematically. Before that, after entering Cuttack, Harsh also went towards his home after wishing me goodbye. After reaching my home I rang up Harsh and found that he also reached home safely.

My family was very happy to see me after 19 days.
And this ride was completed.

This was my ride map for the day.

I had completed total 4464 km in this ride. And I rode for 728 km for today, which was highest for me for a day. This also includes bad road from Bhagalpur to Dumka, where I could ride at 20km speed only. I rode for 18 hours including breaks.
Earlier while riding towards Manipal, Karnataka I had rode for 660 km for a day.

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" LET YOUR MIND TRAVEL FIRST , BODY WILL FOLLOW "---Keeping this in my mind , I have written this travelogue and uploaded more than 1200 photos. So that you all can travel by mind first, then physically start traveling.

What Next ?


My advice to all riders:-

Never ride faster than your guardian angel can fly.

There is always someone who cares for you without your knowledge.:goodman:
While riding keep your family members and friends in mind, & do not take unnecessary risk. [-X
Ride with proper protective riding gears. [-o<

Thanks you all for encouraging and appreciating me.
=D> GOD BLESS you ALL. Keep Riding and RIDE SAFE.[-o<

:supz: \\:D/ :prayer: :prayer: \\:D/ :supz:
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amazing. simply wow. Finished it in two nights. Though tomorrow 7AM I have to get up for office but here I am finishing it at 2AM. I have one more soul to get help on planning my Sikkim Trip. Kudos


Still Learning ©
wow an epic has just concluded. hats off to you mate.=D>:prayer::supz:
Thank you @smoothwanderer ji

amazing. simply wow. Finished it in two nights. Though tomorrow 7AM I have to get up for office but here I am finishing it at 2AM. I have one more soul to get help on planning my Sikkim Trip. Kudos
Thank you @anupamtiwari ji for reading full travelogue and that to at 2 am in night !!
My updates of mine are posted after 1 am !
I will be happy to help for your Sikkim trip.

travelogue of the year
Thank you @ravi200223 ji.... your travelogue is better qualifier for that.