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2. My Past Rides.

I am riding since age of 16 .
So I have 33 years of riding experience. Done many small and big rides.
These are worth mentioning :-

1) Solo ride from Cuttack to Ranchi & back :- 3 days ride for 1095 km.

2) Distance Is Not A Measurement For True Love Of A Father :- 8 days solo ride from Cuttack to Manipal & back for 3865 km, just to meet my daughter = Travelogue Link

3) Solo maiden ride to Ladakh and Zanskar for 19 days for 3987 km = Dream > Explore > Discover =Zanskar & Ladakh Bike Ride, June 2014 = Travelogue Link

4) Solo ride to Demali -Highest peak of Odisha & Duduma - Three big waterfalls at one place - Three days ride for 1263 km = Travelogue Link

Also done many other rides around Odisha for 200 km to 700 km.

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coming up ...next....Day 1 = 26th Sept 2015 = Cuttack to Burdwan.
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3. Day 1 =26th Sept., 2015
Cuttack to Burdwan.

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Total km traveled 460. Ride time 6.20 AM to 6.00 PM.

We rode from Cuttack to Burdwan, crossing Bhadrak, Balasore, Jaleswar, Kharagpur, Medinipur, Chandrakona, Kamarpukur, Arambagh.

Excitement of riding to my dream places did not allow me to sleep fully. I woke up at 4 AM & was ready with the entire luggage tied up with my motorbike at 6.15 AM.

That’s me posing with my Bajaj Pulsar 200 Ns bike.

Although I had received detailed instruction from Human GPRS Sri H.V.Kumar Sir, regarding route to be taken, then also I did search Google Maps for route from Cuttack to Siliguri. For the first day we had target to ride up to Raghunathganj, West Bengal covering 591 km.

But the route of H.V.Kumar Sir and google map was different. The short route of google looked achievable as we were on bike. But this was our mistake. Google suggests us state road which was impossible to ride with high speed. After Medinipur, we took State Road which was single road with lots of potholes and took our time and energy. We could reach up to Burdwan only at 6 PM. Since we decided not to ride after sunset, we searched for a hotel for our night stay at Burdwan and could ride for 460 km for that day. I had noted down an offline map with two options from Burdwan to Farakka.

Bikers Brotherhood:-

Since last one year I was riding with xbhp: Bhubaneswar group riders for small and medium rides, in and around Odisha. They knew about our ride plan. Just to see us off and to wish us good luck, four riders woke up early in the morning and they rode with us for around 50 km. We rode together up to Deuli, a Buddhist site near Chandikhol.

They reached before us at the Jagatpur circle, our pre decided meeting point. Anupam Behera, group leader started 1 hour earlier, as he stays at Bhubaneswar. At 6.45 AM we all meet at Jagatpur circle, just outside Cuttack.

The riders in above picture are Vineet Agarwal, Harsh Singh Singla, Taufique Raja & Anupam Behera.

One can mark in above picture that Harsh, carried very less luggage on his Royal Enfield Thunder Bird 350.

Then we asked a local person to click a picture of all of us.

I salute this biking brotherhood. This gesture of our group riders encouraged me and Harsh a lot.

We started riding together. We decided to have breakfast together at Chandikhol.

Crossing Mahanadi River Bridge, we stopped to fill up petrol.

We reached Chandikhol quickly and another rider Kushal Kolli was waiting to meet us all. After breakfast we rode another 10-11 km and reached Deuli at around 8.20 AM. This is a Buddhist site just half km from Highway on a small mountain top. BrahmaniRiver was visible from top.

We are rode till top and clicked some pictures.

Harsh, Anupam , Vineet & Kushal in above picture.

Another picture with Harsh and Vineet.

From this point one can have a great view of River Brahmani. All bikes posing there.

At around 8.35 am we all parted, with me and Harsh moving towards Bhadrak. They all wished us good luck for the ride.

Before Jaleswar we topped up our petrol tank, as in West Bengal petrol is 7-8 % costly than Odisha. The road from Chandikhol to Medinipur was a four lane beautiful road. We took some short breaks also.

At 12.45 pm we reached near Kharagpur.

Harsh taking a selfie near one info board.

We took a short break here. Harsh click a picture of mine also at same place with some info board showing diversion to Mumbai and Kolkata.

At around 1.30 pm we were having yummy lunch at Medinipur.

Till now everything was as per schedule as there were good National Highway roads. After having lunch at Medinipur, we took right turn towards Keshpur. This was a state road up to Burdwan for around 130 km. And this road was not suggested by H.V.Kumar Sir. But as it was short by 50-60 km and google maps were suggesting it, we took this route.

This was our first mistake and we were punished for that. It was single road with ongoing repairs and new roads in many patches.

At around 3.15 pm we reach Khirpai. As the road was a dusty road RE ThunderBird’s chain became dry. Harsh stopped at a local mechanic shop to get his chain lubricated. While lubricating it that local mechanic pointed out that the sprocket is having only three nut bolts. But Harsh told that do not add any nut bolts as he got his bike fully checked before riding started. This was a big mistake of Harsh. And we got punished after Siliguri for overlooking this mechanics advice.

Village crowd gathered to see us there and they all posed with Harsh.

Anyway at around 6pm we reached Burdwan and since we had decided not to ride after sunset, we searched for a hotel for our night stay at Burdwan and could ride for 460 km for that day. We checked in at Hotel Barddhaman inn of G.T.Road and bargained a double bed non a/c room for Rs.550/=

After freshening up, we roamed in city. I saw battery operated rickshaw all over places there. It is a very nice local transport option with no sound and air pollution.

Me and Harsh sat on it and clicked picture for memory.

But in West Bengal, we found this battery operated rickshaw everywhere.

We decided to sleep early so that we can start early to reach Siliguri by evening.

This was our ride map for that day.

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Coming up …..next …Day 2= Burdwan to Raiganj.
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