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4. Day 2 = 27th Sept 2015

Burdwan to Raiganj.

Total km traveled 340. Ride time 6.10 AM to 7.00 PM.

We rode from Burdwan to Raiganj, crossing Bolpur, Ahmadpur, Sainthia, Rampurhat, Nakpur, Farakka & Malda.

Due to our bad experience at Medinipur – Burdwan road, we changed our original plan to ride via Mirzapur, Mangalkot, Kurmadanga, Majilishpur, Kuli, Panchgram, Nakpur ie via Badsahi road. Now we decided to ride via Bolpur, Ahmadpur, Sainthia, Rampurhat, Nakpur to ride via Farakka.

Human GPS H.V.Kumar Sir had advised us to ride via Dumka, Bhagalpur, Purnia road, but that was around 100 km extra and Dumka-Bhagalpur patch was also bad road, so we took Farakka route as we were riding bikes.
And we had one thought in mind that we should at least ride once at bad Farakka route also.

We got up early as we thought of reaching Siliguri by 7 PM. Luggage was loaded on bikes.

At 6.10 AM we were ready to ride.

We took a picture of us outside Hotel Barddhaman inn.

There was a surprise waiting for me. As I took my bike out of main stand, I came to know that Bike’s rear tyre was punctured. It was very to find puncture repair shop. But I was carrying tubeless tyre puncture repair kit. But it was very much inside of my main viaterra claw bag.

We found a puncture repair shop after half hour search, but he did not have the kit for tubeless tyre. I unhooked the entire luggage and took out my kit.

Then I fitted rubber on the kit.

For the second time, I was using the tubeless tyre repair kit of mine purchased before my Ladakh trip of last year. But I knew how to use it.

I was repairing and the air pressure show owner was looking and learning it.

And while I was repairing it, Royal Enfield Thunder Bird was standing and waiting ;)

RE was standing in pride and laughing on Pulsar. So one hour was wasted and we got delayed. But the same RE was reason for 2 days delay in our trip, which I will tell you in coming updates.

We reach Gushkhara at 7.45 AM and there we took our breakfast of hot n tasty puri-sabjee.

Then just after start of Bolpur, experience of bad state road started. We were also misguided and wasted 10-20 km between Bolpur and Ahmadpur. Single road was there up to Rampurhat via Sainthia. It was basically a village road.

We road calmly and near Morgram we joined NH 34 / 133A. This patch is under construction at many places.

But some parts are completed also. At 12.45 PM, I reached at a toll plaza of Baharampore- Farakka.

After 5 minutes Harsh came and he was very tired to ride on such bad road. We wanted to have lunch and some rest also.

After crossing Dhuliyan, we got separated due to rush of lots n lots trucks. We had decided to have lunch at Farakka. But due to bad dusty road we missed many Dhabas.

I crossed Farakka Barrage, I could not find Harsh anywhere. I started riding Malda. This is the worst road with lots and lots of trucks. In fact mentioning this, a road is offending any road. One has to choose between big and small potholes and ride. It was a nightmare due to traffic jam making it difficult for me.

I was also hungry. After crossing Farakka Barrage there were no dhabas open. But at around 2.50 pm, I found one roadside hotel/dhaba. I stopped there for lunch. Talked to Harsh and told about my location. He was 10 km behind me.

A family runs this hotel and I was served with roti and two sabjees.

I felt so relaxed after having my lunch at around 3 pm. I saw Harsh crossing that Dhaba, I shouted but due to trucks moving, he could not hear me or see me.

He reached Malda without having lunch. But then we met again after crossing Malda.

The road from Farakka Barrage to Malda is worst road to ride. In fact, if you want to take revenge on someone, then send him to ride or drive on this route. Those who have traveled in this patch will agree with me.

At around 4.10 pm, we had fruit juice at outskirts of Malda. Harsh has eventually skipped his lunch.

Then the road was mostly 4 lane, but under construction. There were many diversions. At around 7.00pm we saw Hotel Imperial at outskirts of Raiganj. It was already dark, so we decided to stay there for night. It was good decision as there is very little option for night stay at Dalkhola.

We took an A/c double bed room for Rs.700/=.

First Bolpur – Rampurhad road and then Farakka-Malda road scattered our plan to reach Siliguri. Tyre puncture added to our delay. In around11 hours, we could ride for 340 km only.

Bad road can seriously damage your plans.

We washed our bikes and there was lots of dust on bike.

I had fried rice, Manchurian and salt lime soda for dinner.

We went to sleep early so that we can start early.

This was our ride map for the day.

Click HERE for next update.

Coming up….next….Bangladesh Border, Fulbari…. & Raiganj to Alipurduar ride.
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Dear Members

Would one be able to visit "Gurudongmar Lake" in the 1st week of December?

I have heard and read online that shared packages for budget travellers to North Sikkim is available from local agents in Gangtok ? Would any share details regarding that?