S 3 | Sohra, Sandakphu & Sikkim


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Dear Members

Would one be able to visit "Gurudongmar Lake" in the 1st week of December?

I have heard and read online that shared packages for budget travellers to North Sikkim is available from local agents in Gangtok ? Would any share details regarding that?

@Cookie ji...you can go to Gurudongmar Lake in 1st week of December.
Regarding shared packages @BHOOTER RAJA will surely help. Otherwise just reach Gangtok, then on the spot you can find shared packages at local taxi stand

This is truly amazing. You look much more younger and fit than before, Sajal ji. Please keep posting....I am hooked.
Thanks @manucares ji ..... Do I really look younger and fit ? Credit goes to cycling :)

Great !
Great !
Great !
Great !
Great !
Thanks @adsatinder ji

Another beautiful update Sajal ji
Thanks @Neel The Striker ..Neel Da..... your photo is coming in next update...regarding our first meet :)


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Is Dongkha-La open for civilians ?
@Cookie ji
Both Dongkha La and Tso Lhamo Lake not open for civilians.

Actually I checked it out on gmap and found that it connects to Zero point located on other side.
Yes , you are correct. There is trek route from Zero point to Dongkha la and it extends to Tso Lhamo Lake also.

Could manage to start only today & instantly got hooked.
Truly magnetic.
Stunning pics & awesome log.
Thanks @subhankar paul ji.... :)
Just a start...best will come when I post main place's pictures . ie Sohra(Cherrapunjee) , Sandakphu and North & East Sikkim