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7. Day 5 = 30th Sept 2015

Guwahati to Sohra (Cherrapunjee) =

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Total km traveled 200. Main ride time 6.10AM to 3.45 PM.

We rode from Guwahati to Sohra (Cherrapunjee) , crossing Umling, Nongpoh, Mawlyngkhung – Umiam Barpani Lake, Shillong, Lum Manjen(Shillong Peak), Air Force Museum, Elephant Waterfall, Mawjrong, Wah Kaba Waterfall, Dainthlen Waterfall.

I got early to ride solo towards Sohra. Yesterday, it was decided that Harsh will get RE Thunder Bird repaired and then we will decide when to meet. Either at Guwahati after I finish Sohra ride or as per situation.

I was leaving Harsh at Guwahati. Harsh was sad about that, but quiet, as he cannot ride without repairing bike.
At 6.10 am, I was ready to ride towards Sohra. Before that I put oil on my bike’s chain to keep it lubricated.

Road was nearly empty, so I could ride fast. At 6.45 AM turned right towards Shillong after Jorabat. That was starting point of Meghalaya State.
Cherrapunjee was 127 km from here.

The Khashi hill road, i.e. hill road from Guwahati to Sohra, is among top best 10 hill roads of India.
Some images of those beautiful roads in the morning at around 7 am.

Every rider must ride once in this hill road.
Yet another one at around 7.30 AM

I could touch high speed of 70 km in these beautiful mountain roads.
At 8.10 AM, this was my first view of Umiam Barapani Lake after crossing Umling, Nongpoh & Mawlyngkhung.

Another view going further ahead.

There is a dam on that lake. From here UmiamRiver starts.
It is called Lahdung Dam.

My bike with lake view on that Lahdung Dam.

The road besides Umiam Lake is very beautiful green road.

Different view of Umiam Barapani Lake.

The road is uphill and the view gets better and better riding ahead.

It was 8.30 am in the morning and lake was looking amazing from Umiam Lake Viewpoint, little distance before Shillong.

Mist of the morning was adding to its beauty.

I am posting two pictures of Day 7 of my ride of 2nd Oct, 2015 to show you all how this Umiam Lake looks at afternoon at around 1.20 pm.
View from Umiam Lake View point:

Another view from Day 7

AT 8.55 am, I stopped to click this picture at a hoarding “Welcome to Shillong”.

I asked a gentleman to click a picture of mine for remembrance.

At 9.10 am, I had breakfast of Puri-sabji- samosa at a hotel roadside.

Just to mention that traffic police is very strict at Shillong, so obey traffic rules fully.

In many travelogues, I had read that there is a Shillong view point near main city and it is highest point of Meghalaya State.
I started riding toward that place.

Indian Air Force has its radar station here. One need to register oneself at Army entry check post, as this highest point is inside Army area. They took my Driving License and it was returned back after I left the area. Entry is free.
At 10.10 am reached Lum Manjen or Shillong View Point.

I requested a gentleman from Bangladesh, to click a picture of mine there.

Situated at and elevation of 6466 feet above sea level, it gives a scenic view.

Beautiful Landscape, Lush greenery and serene environment, all this is found here.

The picturesque landscape of Shillong earns it the name the ‘Scotland of the East

If you are here on a day when clouds do not play spoil sport, you will be able to view many things. That green patch might be SCA Cricket Ground or Garrison Ground.

An info board there tells everything.

It was 10.45 am; I left this beauty and started for next important place of Shillong.

The road down his was also scenic.

Next place was Air Force museum.

You need to register here also with Army with your id proof. My DL was kept at entrance and given back when I left the place. Entry is free.

Many fascinating models on display that showcase the history and development of the defense air crafts, to missiles, rockets and other warheads, theAir Force Museum is a fascinating place to learn about our air defense history.

Displaying miniature models of air crafts, uniforms and insignias of the various units and other paraphernalia that make up the Indian Air Force, this museum is a perfect place to spend a few hours learning about our valiant flying warriors. Also on display at the museum are pictures and photographs of the Indian AirForce in action during the wars with Pakistan and China.

Then on the way was Elephant waterfall, it was around 11.40 am. There is entry fee for camera and yourself.

Elephant Falls is a three Steps Waterfalls. Three steps in which the water falls earned it the name as Three Steps Waterfalls, which was later called as Elephant Falls by the British.

Above one is the first one. There are another two.

The detailed info board was there, about this waterfall.

View of first one with second one.

Second waterfall

And this is third one.

That’s myself with the third waterfall.

At 12.20 pm, I reached Umtyngar, from here the bifurcation road towards Sohra starts.

At 12.35 pm, I reached Duwan Sing Syiem Bridge & View Point.

View from that Duwan Sing Syiem View Point.

Duwan Sing Syiem Bridge is gateway to Sohra. And the most scenic route towards Sohra- Cherrapunjee starts from here.

An info board there shows many places of Sohra (Cherrapunjee)

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Coming up… next… in Part – II, scenic ride towards Sohra, Wah Kaba & Dainthlen Waterfall.
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