Saach Pass – Sa(a)ch me Bahut Mushkil hai


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It was going to be a long and difficult day of driving, yet we could leave Dalhousie by 7.45 am. Again without breakfast which meant an additional break of at least 30 minutes. I would have preferred to leave by 7.00 am instead. I guess I was a little too hard on my fellow travelers. We stopped at a roadside dhaba for breakfast after driving for about half an hour. Roads were good so far.

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After breakfast, we encountered our first bad stretch of roads when we entered the Chamera Dam area. The bad stretch lasted only few kilometers. Thereafter we found metalled road all the way till Bairagarh.
@Alpha ji.
What an coincidence .
I too had breakfast at same dhaba , run by a lady .
breakfast dalhousie.jpeg

This is between Dahlhousie and Chamera Lake.
And I too had aluparatha with dahi :):-D:grin:



Going to Neverland
Congratulations Alok bhai for finally making it to the mighty Sach Pass.
And yes, it is damn difficult, but must not be so when you have a mighty 4x4 thar under your command.
Looking forward for the next update.
Thank you Satish. Finally the burden is off our minds :)
Even with Thar it was not easy in normal mode, we had to switch to 4X4 for a relaxed driving. Didn't want to push the old horse too much in 2WD and ultimately we did have a scare while we were returning back from Killar, which i will reflect upon in my later posts.