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A Discussion on Cliff Hanger Road by BCMTians :

A : Any one knows how long is the Cliff Hanger Section road between Gulabgarh and Keylong.
B : Cliff hanger is about 5 KMS long
Or lesser
A : It is only just about 1.1 to 1.4km long, but it feels linger cause of the apprehension, and that you are in 1st gear all the way on this section, so time gets distorted in the brain.


I confirmed it from my images and good measuring tool.



In another years time, the bypass to Cliff Hanger section will be complete, and unlikely any repair work or effort to keep cliff hanger open will be undertaken, so if you have not done it, do it now before the bypass road above it is ready.

when we were there, we had to halt for an hour, as the work was bing progressed on the upper bypass and rocks were rolling down, Finally after an hour, when it was safe they allowed us to go. and you can see marks of rubble of rock and road cutting going down the upper road visible on the left of the image, where they have reached and progressing

Everyone i asked all said it is around 5km, just shows how time can get distorted depending on situation.

You can see in the image where i have marked, the entire top part is done, now only linking to lower road is left, and yo can see the two z sections below the upper road

The problem is the unlike national highways, here the money is released bit by bit from year to year,

B : It has been going on since last many years but the upper road is nowhere complete each year they say say it would be completed next year

(B : RT)
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Are proper roads constructed or still under construction? In case the roads are constructed, there will be no point of going. Please guide
No road is constructed.
Water can go via Pipes underneath at places at some water crossings.
Still some water is flowing on way.
Check log of @nadz11 who went in September.
Link given in post^^
This is his link:

He encountered less water.
But this year rain is more than usual. Expect anything.


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Satinder Ji has given you the best option in Plan B. Follow this and you will enjoy a lot.

If you insist on doing Sach Pass and Cliffhanger section in a single day, then what you should do is start early from Bairagarh (around 6-6:30am)and don't stop for long to take pics or rest. The road diverts about 8kms before Killar and goes toward Kishtwar. You go and ride/drive the Cliffhanger section and halt at Gulabgarh (which is about 50) kms before Kishtwar. This can be does well before sunset if you don't waste time stopping for long.

Then next day do Gulabgarh-Kishtwar-Jammu and then Jammu to Amritsar.

Rest do some research by reading travel threads of people who have done this route and you will get the idea of the time taken and the road condition.


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And also, this social media made famous Cliffhanger section is only a small portion of the road and is really easy. On videos it looks very narrow due to distortion by Wide angle action cams. Take it easy and enjoy.