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My Nokia N82 loaded with features such as GPS, 5MP camera with Xenon Flash etc didn't even last a year. It died in horrible crash slipping out of my jacket pocket at about 100 kmph as I helplessly watched my 20k investment blow to smithereens taking with it my memories and passwords in multimedia. As if to mourn the loss, I went phone-less for nearly 3 months wondering Next is what?. Having lost 2 expensive phones earlier, I began to suspect if my possessions are jinxed as I chanced up this tough new phone from Samsung:

Well, Next happens to be my new Samsung B2100 loaded with useful features that competitors would find difficult to include for as little as Rs.6000. Its Water, sand and dust proof, has a host of nowadays mandatory features such as a 1.3 MP camera with video recording, 8 GB expandable memory, Bluetooth, MP3 Player, FM Radio with recording, voice recorder, 65k colors LCD, Java apps, GPRS/EDGE, LED flashlight, 1000 mAH battery with a claimed 9.5H talktime and 28 days standby. With all this for a price tag of Rs.6,000, I really couldn't ask for more.

The phone conforms to IP57 standard of the IEC 60529. What that means is the following:

The degrees of protection are most commonly expressed as "IP" followed by two numbers, e.g. IP57, where the numbers define the degree of protection.

IP First number - Protection against solid objects

0   No special protection
1   Protected against solid objects up to 50mm, e.g. accidental touch by hands
2   Protected against solid objects up to 12mm, e.g. fingers
3   Protected against solid objects over 2.5mm (tools and wires)
4   Protected against solid objects over 1mm (tools, wire, and small wires)
5   Protected against dust limited ingress (no harmful deposit)
6   Totally protected against dust

IP Second number - Protection against liquids

0   No protection
1   Protection against dripping water or condensation
2   Protection against water spray 15 degree from vertical
3   Protection against water spray 60 degree from vertical
4   Protection against water spray from all directions
5   Protection against low pressure jets of water
6   Protected against low pressure water jets and heavy seas
7   Protection against the effects of immersion (6 inches to 3.3 feet)
8   Protected against immersion under pressure
[Courtesy: SonimXP3]

Check out this review:
[ame=""]YouTube - Samsung B2100 Review[/ame]

Next is trying some underwater photography :)

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I have always disliked the Nokia N Series phones. Most resemble a packet of butter, and I have always preferred the E series.