Sandakphu, beyond the blacktop roads.


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Two road trips back to back, one to Sandakphu from 9 to 14 Dec 20, second after 2 days rest, Sikkim from 16 Dec to 27 Dec 20.
So to make it simple, i will make it 2 separate stories of the road trip, both amazing.
Do allow me to mention, that two road trips are gone by, and could not get time to make the logs here,
one was to 4 Wild Life Sanctuaries in MP, and another was a 19 day trip to Tirthan Valley,
hopefully one day i will get down to these two stories before they fade from my brain.

Let get to Sandakphu, it is a mystery trip. All Thar self drive.
You drive on Indian roads, and the homestay are on the edge of the road in Nepal.

Adhiraaj Singh, who runs Blacktop & Beyond called me, and asked me if I am interested
my reply,
give me 3 hours to pack, hahaha, he said your have one week. Even then i was ready.

Plan was to fly to Bagdogra, Spend the night in Siliguri, and start the trip,
the trip would end in Siliguri, and the guys would fly back,
i planned to stay back, and joint the Sikkim trip.

9 Dec 20 - Fly to Bagdogra
10 Dec 20 - Night halt Tumling
11 Dec20 - Night halt Sandakphu
12 Dec 20 - Drive towards Phalut as far as we would go and turn back and head for night halt at Tumling
13 Dec 20 - Night halt Mirik
14 Dec 20 - Drop of guys to airport at Bagdora, I would keep one Thar with me, and joint the Sikkim lot on 16 Dec 20.
Will keep Sikkim trip for the next log.

As i had the whole evening to myself, I headed off to Coronation bridge,
I had clicked it in 2003, so lets get it in 2020.





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I love that colour of the Teesta. In fact, I feel very much let down if the colour of a mountain river is different, whatever be the river.

And I'm amused to see the colour of coronation bridge. Last time I saw a photo of this bridge - perhaps in this forum - it was painted in pink. Do they paint it in such a way that the paint gets washed away after a few monsoons!