Sandakphu, beyond the blacktop roads.


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You better use a lot of horn,

the crossing space is very limited,
so either you find space to tuck in somewhere to let the other guy pass
or hope the other guy has heard your horn and tucks in.

Don't act smart and continue and then get stuck on the very very tight bend which is even more steep.



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As you go higher and higher,
it just get worse.
so you have to use the other lever once you in 1st gear, and push it all the way forward,
to get traction on the wheels, and plenty of torque from the engine,
or you will get tuck.



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And once you reach Sandakphu,
if you think the worst is over,
things again,
go further up to Phalut,

This video is on the way back from Phlut to Sandakphu.