Sandy - A photographer with a learner license !!!


@SandeepS : Picture looks nice to me. Use of empty roads (as leading lines) and a car pointing up the road adds direction to the image...
The pink spot looks like sun flare to me. That's pretty common with UWA lens. You will need to change your composition/ or use lens hood to get rid of lens flare...

Sky looks over exposed to me. You may try to bring down highlights in post processing.
Also cropping the right side of image, to remove other road will be good.
Thanks Ankur for valuable inputs....

I used basic 18-55mm IS basic lens for this pic, sorry forgot to mention in details :) Lens were not properly cleaned up and it ruined my shot by creating flares. Now, I have make it a habit to clean up lens after use.

Yes Ankur, I am not good at processing images. Hopefully, with time and feedback from friends like you will help me improving :)

Thanks a ton once again.

Best Regards