Scale model photography


Old school
Dang! How did I miss this thread. I have few scale models bikes and cars. (sadly gathering dust at my home)

Uploading a few,will update this post is shortly.
The line up: k'10 Gixxer,Daytona 675,NR750 (my fave) and the baddest mutha Kawasaki ZX12r
Dinky toys.jpg



Old school
Continued,will try to get better snaps in weeks time and upload the rest of my collection which includes McLaren SLR,Chevy Vette and a AR Brera

My all time fave, 2001 Kawa 12r.An absolute metalist bike.Spews attitude. They made unrestricted one for few years before the gentle agreement came in.
Kawa 12r.JPG

This toy cost me few hundred bucks,not bad for detailing
Kawa 12r 1.JPG

Daytona 600