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Hi raj this is mukesh , can ya giv me details of how u r music system is working of VLX mhawk as even i m having same ,N jus wanted to know u r reviews, of the speakers amplifier n sub u hav fitted, how is the music quality n bass n all those things .can ya reply pls


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Hello Yaj This is mukesh here, I wanted to know the basic warranty of VLX Scorpio is it 2 years or 1 year, my vehicle was purchased on 10/11/08, Now it has clocked 9k, And even if i buy extended warranty for how much yerars its valid, And does it covers all the parts of scorpio


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hi raj and anupji ! NIP from tbhp here ;) nice to see you guys are very active here as well. I am an oldish member here, but was not active. nice to see healthy scorpio discussions here. bring it on ! is there an 'All BCMT Scorpio owners pics' thread here !? :D


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Scorpio One of the finest Indian products ever.

I am a Scorpio owner and i have to say that i am totally and completely satisfied with this product. This car which comes in the SUV section in the Indian market has great potential in it and has satisfied me to the core. The Scorpio has a great turning radius which outclasses the innova, safari, and other such car in this category. The body is strong and not delicate and is a much more reliable car than many others available in the Indian market today. Coming to the fuel consumption part, i have to say that it gives u a better mileage seeing the conditions of the roads today here in India. The Scorpio has a great engine and so a good pick up. The run it has on highways is also tremendous. In terms of other vehicles as far as the speed part is concerned these vehicles have a weak link, that is when they touch a speed of more than 120 Km/ph they tend to shake or vibrate a lot which is not the case here with the Scorpio. With a Scorpio when driving in a highway and in times of overtaking, you dont have to think twice to do that mannouvre as it takes on the road in a smooth and efficient way unlike the innova which is a bulky car and the driver faces difficulties in doing such mannouvres. When in times of an accident (major or minor) the Scorpio tends to have a lot of safety measures plus it has a strong body unlike innova and tavera which even with a small hit gives an impression of a huge damage to the car's outer body as its very delicate, but for Scorpio that is not the case and i have also experienced the way the service stations act in times of servicing your car and they are really helpful and fast and they are not like the other service stations which sometimes mistreat their customers by wasting their precious time and money. The price of a Scorpio is also reasonable comparing the same with an innova or tavera as the Scorpio gives you a better performance meter reading than the others and these cars also cost a lot as compared to a Scorpio. Mahindra is following one important rule in customer satisfaction by giving them good treatment and also by leading them in the right way.

To conclude this review of mine the scorpio is worth every penny you spend and gives you a smile with satisfaction.


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Santosh, you are gushing!! :shock:
I quite disagree with a lot of what you have said here.
The Innova and the Tavera are the most reliable.
They both return a better fuel mileage than the Scorpio!
The most car-like to drive is the Innova. It is also almost as peppy as the Scropio.

After sales service is far better at Toyota and Chevrolet!

Where does that leave the Scorpio?
Here: It is a great car that will put a smile on your face. Good value for money.
Let's leave it at that and not start gushing like fan-boys! :)


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I am a satisfied owner of the Scorpio but your statement has many flaws:

1. Outclasses Innova - In terms of Comfort - Noway so pls elaborate.
2. Outclasses Safari - Very debatable.
3. Reliable - Yes.
4. Behaviour on 120 plus speed - Not driven other Innova and Tavera but I feel very insecure in Scorpip at 120 plus. Have driven my WagonR on 145 but can never think of that with Scorpio.
5. Innova isnt bulky.
6. Accident Bheaviour - Scorpio is much more prone to going turtle and overturning than an Innova and Tavera. Ever since I have read about such incidences, I am quite afraid in cornering.
7. Mahindra Service - You are the firrst one to praise it and believe me on it. Its the worst I have ever seen. They are simply thieves.

The major advantage of Scorpio over Innova and Tavera is that it comes in 4 X 4 (alas very few actually buy it).
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