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Behaviour on 120 plus speed - Not driven other Innova and Tavera but I feel very insecure in Scorpip at 120 plus. Have driven my WagonR on 145 but can never think of that with Scorpio.
Hey amit i really disagree with you over this point, I have never felt insecure with this speed in my mhawk,Mist silver 2WD, I have touched 155 on my odo.
I agree on one thing the service station of mahindra are really thieves, they just try to shave your money .


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Mukesh its good you didnt feel that way... I did and I still do... Drive my Accent very comfortably on high speeds but not the same with Scorpio somehow.


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Mukesh its good you didnt feel that way... I did and I still do... Drive my Accent very comfortably on high speeds but not the same with Scorpio somehow.
Hi amith what i feel is 2.6 is not equipped with ABS and Have you done wheel alignment of your car every 5000 kms you travel , these might be the reason the reason why you have felt uneasy with that speed.


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Torque, Why don't you just buy the Safari and be done with it!
Nobody is trying to change your mind about it. TEHO.

I suspect that you have probably owned neither yet.

What is most important is to be HAPPY with the ride that you have chosen!
I second you sir.I can very well understand the way Raj/yourself write here and someone shouting loud and foul.


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What? could be that the owners are just too lazy to post their views and reviews on the scorpio.

What? could be that the owners are less honest in publically expressing the problems with their vehicle...maybe to justify their purchase.

What? does not mean that Scorpio is any less or any more reliable than the Safari.

And I dont think Torque is trying to "convert" anyone and neither is Akshaye "scared" of anything. Torque is just stating his opinions for the safari just as you state it in favour of the Scorpio.
In plain terms what you saying is rediculous.


Hi Guys, brought a Scorpio A/T a few months back and am thrilled with it! It is by far the car with the most road presence at this price range. it has made my life easy on the roads from Delhi to Gurgaon and the occassional trip Delhi to Chandigarh.

I'm planning a trip to Leh this summer and hope to have report by end of Sep..



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Guys no tug of war between Scorpio & Safari.
Both have its own pro's & con's .
Both type of people love their cars.
So no further discussion.

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@ amit
i used to drive my first generation crde continuously at 140 km/hr while doing my mumbai bangalore runs, 1100 kms in 14-15 hours, all breaks and city traffic jams included and never felt underconfident about it. however while attempting the same speed in my uncles tower tail lamp crde i did feel that the steering was shaky but going to a really good wheel alignment fellow sorted the issue. in my case my ASC in mumbai and me have a very good rapport and they tend to my problems religiously
although i admit that i have to push/coax them into doing it at times

yes zooky this is a scorpio thread and lets try to keep it that way, there is a historical thread where there was a comparo among these cars/suv's long back please add your comments there
@sanjiv the scorpio a/t does make a lot of sense to me as well, hope you have a good time in it and it should do ladhak just fine.