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To get that ... click the no of replies hyperlink next to the name of the thread in any view.

This gives you a popup window with the name of the members and the no of posts they have made in that thread.

Click your no of posts hyperlink next to your username on that list and what you will get is the list of the posts that you have made in that thread.

The maximum no of posts it will display is 500 for each thread.

If you have made more than 500 posts in a single thread and need to access older posts than you will have to manually search for the earlier posts through advanced search.
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Hi, May sound like a novice question but am not able to find out how to search this particular string
Like if I want to search for a particular search string like '17-55' or a '17-50' or '15-85' it always show me no matches but threads do exist. How do I make it happen
17-50 in the title
15-85 in the title

Please advise on the correct way

Yogesh Sarkar

- is considered as a separator and since there is minimum 3 character limit for search, you get zero results. Simple way to remedy that is by adding the company name eg. tamron 17-50 or lens at the end eg. 15-85 lens.

Alternatively you can use our Custom Google Search on the forum home, which will return more accurate results for such queries.