Security checks to take longer due to terror attack intel

Yogesh Sarkar

For all those who are planning to travel during the coming holidays, it would be best to arrive a little early at the airports. Since after the intelligence report, airports have beefed up security and thus it will likely result in taking longer to check in and go through security check.


The Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) has sent an alert to all airports operators and airlines to maintain highest level of vigil in wake of feared terror attacks.

"New Year celebration functions are being held throughout the country. This is a vulnerable period. Number of instances have occurred in the past also when this period has been chosen by terrorists/antinational elements to perpetrate act of terrorism," says the alert sent by BCAS to aviation stakeholders and state police chiefs.

"During the year, Pak-based terrorist outfits have already shown their intentions to carry out attacks in the country. During 2017, IS inspired individuals have carried out gruesome attacks in other countries, targeting innocent civilians as well as police personnel. Perpetrators have initiated attacks by suicide bombing, using improvised explosive device-laden vehicle, stabbing, ramming vehicle into crowd and indiscriminate firing in crowded areas," the note issued with approval of BCAS chief Rajesh Kumar Chandra says.

With this alert, the BCAS has asked all agencies to "maintain maximum vigil in the run-up to/during the New Year celebrations."

It has asked for strengthening security measures by "immediately" taking these steps:

* Strict access control to regulate entry into terminal building, airside, all operational area and other aviation facilities;
* Intensive checking of vehicles entering car parking area to preclude possibility of car bomb attacks;
* Enhanced screening of passengers, staff and visitors including enhanced random screening at the main gate;
* Enhanced random check at the entry of terminal building including utilization of bomb disposal squad, dog Squad at the entry point.
* Increase in physical and electronics surveillance including behavior detection.
* Enhanced screening and protection of hold baggage, cargo, cargo terminal, catering, mails.
* Enhanced physical checking of hand baggage at pre embarkation security checks.
* Surveillance through CCTV as well as manual surveillance in and around the terminal building and operational areas;
* Quick reaction teams and perimeter patrolling to be strengthened.
* Manning of all cargo gates and vehicle entry gates will be strengthened with strong armed support. ¢Any other security measures based on the local intelligence inputs.

Source: ToI