Seeking Himachal Itinerary Advice for 5-Day Adventure


New Member
Hello everyone,

My friends and I are planning a 5-day trip to Himachal. I need help deciding on the itinerary.

For the first two days, we plan to explore Bir-Billing, including paragliding and trekking.

However, we're not sure where to go after exploring Bir Billing for these two days. Can you suggest some places for the next two to three days?

We're looking for serene places with beautiful scenic views and fun activities, as we'll already be doing adventurous stuff in Bir-Billing.

Thanks in advance!


Rahul Kulshrestha
I think it will be a great idea to enter from una then go to dharamshala do some treks. After that you can move to bir billing for the thrill of para gliding. Then back to home either via mandi swarghat or via una..