Selling my STD CI 350. Newly painted with brand new petrol tank!


Dear All,

I stay in Thane, Maharashtra and I am planning to sell my 2008 make STD CI Bullet which I have maintained with utmost love and care. It is freshly painted in 2018 and a new tank installed on Dec 24 this year as the earlier one had a small leak.

I have done the oil changes and all services with a religious schedule. The bullet runs like a dream and will be an asset to anyone who buys it.

The only reason that I am selling it is I have a Classic 500 hundred and it has become more difficult to maintain two bikes. I chose to keep the Classic 500 as I do touring with my wife and hence need a powerful bike.

For city rides I use my STD CI 350 as there is no other bike that I think can run so relaxed in a city.

So if you want a really well maintained bike, ping me. I promise that you will fall in love with it once you ride it.

Key modifications:

1. Last of the heavy cranks that came stock from the factory.
2. RD handlebar
3. Indore silencer
4. Perfect seat (more perfected ;-))
5. Full body painting in 2018

and a brand new petrol tank in Dec 2019 for trouble free years ahead.

bullet 1.png

bullet 2.png

bullet 3.png

bullet 4.png

Supriy Fale