Shanti Guest House - Leh

Changspa road is very near by which offers various cuisines. If you are not feeling sick then you can surely walk there and have your meal. We did it almost every day and only had meal at Shanti GH once in our 2-3 days stay. The price is going higher I shall say :(


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Just now i called 01982-253084 from my mobile ( my Hindi is not that good :( and the lady she does not know English :rolleyes: but some how i managed to book.

double bed Rs.800 and triple bed Rs.1000 without food.

I have booked on 26th april 2012

If the main market is 1.5 km does they have any drop facilities ?

Yogesh Sarkar

As far as I know, no drop facilities are available. Having said that, it isn't all that far away from Changspa road where there are plenty of eateries and cyber cafes.


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The Changspa road is not much of an accent from leh market. You can always climb and walk down!!!! If you don't wish to, as Yogesh said, there are plenty of eating option there as well.

PS. My personal favorite is fort road
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If the main market is 1.5 km does they have any drop facilities ?
In january it was impossible to walk over Changspa road due to snow/ice all over.

Also not a very well lit lane, so walking is little scary at night, keep a good torch with you. Specially between the small bridge and Shanti Guest house section