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With a heavy heart, I hate to inform you that my father Soumitra Basu (the "sou" in the username) has passed away on 10 March 2022 at 7:45 AM IST. He was diagnosed with stage IV metastatic lung cancer in June 2021. Since then, we have been fighting, here in Kolkata and then in Mohali, Punjab. However, he passed away of sceptic shock from pneumonia in Kolkata, his home town.

Although Dad's public life had almost ceased since last year, he was still optimistic about defeating cancer. He was a regular visitor of this forum, and I have often seen him dreaming of the mountains through others' travelogues.

We had never thought he would pass away so early, at just 53 years of age. It's really difficult to hold back the tears.

On a side note, I request the admins/moderators not to close this account as I ("rik" in the username) will still be lurking around here.
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subhankar paul

And miles to go before I sleep
Unbelievable tragedy!
Soumitra was a very good friend of mine. Many times we met to discuss our forthcoming tours .He helped me a lot with loads of information in planning my Menchukha trip . Due to Covid our interactions seized. Still I rang him number of times in this period but couldn't get any reply.
I can't find suitable words to console his wife Mou and son Rik .
Memoirs of a small trip to Singi with the family is coming back to my heartbroken condition.
R I P .

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Sandeep Kaul
Very sad to hear this. Words offer little solace but that's all we have! May you and your mother have the strength to get through this tough time. And, beyond as well

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Big Daddy

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A few years ago, my mother had died due to lung issues. This is the hardest time to cope for you. Make sure that you are aware of your surrounding when on road because the grief can cause accidents as well. I had broken my ankle by falling off stairs.